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Saturday 8 August 2015

☀ The Last War: The Noukari Trilogy [1] - Alex Davis

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for The Last War, a Sci-Fi Space Opera by (, Tickety Boo Press Ltd, 205 pages).

This is the fist book in the The Noukari Trilogy.

PREVIEW: Read the Prologue with Amazon Look Inside. The Last War is FREE on Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owner's Lending Library.

Check out the book's synopsis and the excerpt below, and then find out more about Alex Davis and The Last War in our Author Q&A.

Follow the tour to read other excerpts (☀), interviews (ℚ), reviews (✍) and guest blog posts (✉).

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Born from the genius of the Animex, the aliens of the Noukari seek to gain a foothold on a savage planet. But the greatest danger to their existence lies within them – a powerful gift of telepathy.

As the tension grows between idolatry and admiration of their creators, and the Noukari come to understand the latent powers within their own minds, a species created for peace are about to succumb to brutal violence.

In a galaxy torn by conflict, will the first battle between the Noukari also be their last war?

"The Last War is a remarkable study of reason and faith, morality and practicality, pragmatism and idealism. With sharp, unfussy prose, Alex Davis draws the reader into an endearing nascent civilisation, and then takes it apart before our eyes. Unpredictable, challenging and rewarding." Gav Thorpe, New York Times Bestselling author of Angels of Darkness Deliverance Lost.

Teaser: Excerpt

'I have no intention of harming your temple, Re'Nuck. I have come to harm you.'

Apius can feel his own face grow pale, the threat of violence meted by Asha this morning about to come to an unlikely conclusion. He can feel his body tense, but does now know if it is in readiness to run or fight back. How would he even fight back? The wooden rake may not be much of a weapon, but it is more than he can bring to bear. He tries to stutter a reply of some kind as Asha mounts the steps to the altar itself. One of his braver followers, a man he cannot name, leaps up behind Asha and tries to launch a crude attack of his own. Apius never finds out what his intention was, because she turns quickly and lashes out the rake. The clash sends shivers through the Re'Nuck, and the would-be attacker falls by the wayside, knocked silly by the force and hatred behind the blow.

'Do something, brothers and sisters! Take this despoiler away!' Apius finally wrenches from his throat, but the words bring no action. Asha turns to the timid flock, knowing they will do nothing. Many are still transfixed by the prone form lying on the floor, a livid bruise rising on the face. They have never seen an act of violence before, and Asha finds herself delighted by their fear. With a wolfish smile, she says, 'I suggest you leave now. This is between me and your precious leader.'

Apius dives to the floor, as though the altar can offer him some protection. There are only one way out of the temple, and the front door is blocked by Asha's coiled form – and Apius can hardly believe the sight of his followers leaving him behind! They are afraid, he tries to tell himself, they have no experience of such things. They must be forgiven. I will forgive them. If I survive this, he adds morbidly.

She continues her climb of the stairs to the altar, amused at the sight of the Re'Nuck cowering without the strength of numbers to fall back on.

'It is no use trying to hide, Re'Nuck. You would give yourself more honour in facing me.'

Apius gathers all his courage to stand before the feral, aggressive spirit of the Noukari given flesh. Swathed in mud, ready to explode into violence, Asha makes a sight to chill the strongest of their number.

'Thank you, Re'Nuck. At least now you may die with some dignity. Your death will mean the death of your religion, and all the darkness it brings.'

'Animexianism will survive. Someone will step into my place.'

'From among your loyal followers? Those who fled at the first risk to themselves? They are unwilling to put themselves in the line of danger for their precious gods.'

'You speak of darkness, but you are about to commit the darkest of all acts.'

'Do not moralize with me, Apius. My act is the lesser of two darknesses. I have no doubt of that.'

The Last War - available NOW!

UK: purchase from purchase from Tickety Boo Press
US: purchase from purchase from Barnes & Noble find on Goodreads

About the Author

Alex Davis is an author, editor, publisher, creative writing tutor and events organiser based in Derby.

Alex graduated in 2003 in Creative Writing and European Studies, and since that time has been involved in writing in a wide range of capacities. He spent three years as Literature Development Officer for Derby City Council, working on running writing activities in the area (including five years of the Alt.Fiction event) and support local authors, before two years working as Desk Editor at Black Library and Solaris at Games Workshop, gaining a valuable education in publishing and working on a number of New York Bestselling titles in SF, Fantasy and Horror.

More recently, he’s been freelancing, which has taken in not only developing his own writing, but also starting a small independent press based in Derby, Boo Books, with the aim of promoting great local talent. Their latest release is The Electric, available in paperback for the first time. For more information, visit Boo Books.

Alongside that he’s been a creative writing tutor, with over 20 successful courses under his belt, a copy-editor and proofreader for a host of publishers, an event organiser (continuing his SFF interest with Derby’s Edge-Lit event) and lots of things beside. He works a lot of odd hours, and spends many of those he’s not working looking after his 3-year-old daughter Betsy.

His début novel, THE LAST WAR, is available from Tickety Boo Press and is the opener in a science-fiction trilogy following the aliens of the Noukari as they try to establish themselves in a savage universe. He’s also an active short story writer and poet, with about 40 pieces published in a range of magazines to date.

When not doing all that, Alex is a big fan of horror films, rap and metal music and cartoons (particularly animated comedy) and generally likes things that push the envelope a bit. Or push the envelope quite a long way.

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