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Tuesday 25 August 2015

☀ Savage Magic: Shifty Magic [3] - Judy Teel

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for Savage Magic, New Adult Urban Fantasy by (, Judy Teel, 240 pages).

This is the third book in the Shifty Magic series.

Book One, Shifty Magic is FREE to download on all platforms.
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PREVIEW: Read the first chapter of Savage Magic with Amazon Look Inside.

Check out the book's synopsis and the excerpt below, as well as details of the whole series.  Don't miss out our Q&A with author Judy Teel.

Judy Teel will be awarding a $20 Amazon/BN gift card to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.   Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read other excerpts (☀), interviews (ℚ), reviews (✍) and guest blog posts (✉).

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A deadly disease from an unknown origin…

Addison Kittner and ex-FBI agent Cooper Daine arrive at Bone Clan expecting a warm welcome. Instead they’re imprisoned and placed under quarantine, where they discover that the werewolf mountain Clans are being decimated by a deadly plague which can’t be cured.

An old obligation that changes everything…

With only a few days to live, Cooper’s brother, Alpha of Bone Clan, asks Cooper to fulfill his promise, one that’s crucial to their Clan’s survival. But if he does, Cooper risks loosing Addison. Forever.

An ancient creature bred for genocide…

Determined to stop the plague and cure Cooper’s brother, Addison defies Clan law and sneaks away to an ancient ruin which might hold the key. There she discovers an unexpected link to her past and inadvertently calls forth an immortal monster that will destroy the paranormal races protecting humanity if it can’t be stopped.

But as Cooper and Addison battle to stop the annihilation of the Clans and the forces trying to tear their bond apart, something even more powerful and deadly gathers just out of sight…

And prepares to strike.

Teaser: Excerpt

Directly across from us, the gates of Hell rose up — the doorway to Cooper’s hometown, so to speak.

Thirty-foot high stone walls stretched to the right and left until they curved out of sight. Standing between were the gates, made entirely of bones. Thick bones of varying prehistoric-level sizes that looked like they’d come from animals that had died out thousands of years ago, if they had ever existed outside of a fantasy book.

Two nasty looking Weres stood on guard duty, a female who looked like she ate scrap metal and pooped nails, and a bald guy who was built like a professional wrestler, or maybe a bull. His shaved head was covered with tribal tattoos that ran down his neck and over his arms to his wrists and he glowered at me as he stepped aside to let us pass.

Huge and sweeping, the Bone Clan fortress looked like it was designed to withstand a lifetime of sieges without batting an eye. And it was nothing compared to the sheer face of the mountain at its back and the three tiers carved into it.

“Welcome to Cha’dana.” Bald Guy shoved me in the middle of the back, forcing me to stumble forward. “Keep moving.”

The wind swept down from the cliff and rushed over us, sending a chill of apprehension across my skin. At least twelve times the height of the tallest building I’d ever seen in the city, the stronghold was beautiful, inspiring and terrifying all at the same time.

So much for finding safe haven with Cooper’s Clan.

Savage Magic - available NOW!

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The Series: Shifty Magic

Click on the book cover to Look Inside the book on Amazon and read an excerpt.

Shifty Magic [1]


Hunting a serial killer in a paranormal dystopian world.…

Abandoned at birth, Addison Kittner's been on her own since she was a kid--ever since the paranormal terrorists attacked cities around the world. Battling creatures that go bump in the night nearly destroyed human society. Good thing not all paranormals were evil and the terrorists were eventually stopped. Bad thing? Nothing would ever be the same again.

Now Addison makes her living as a private investigator and bounty hunter. One night she comes across a girl about to be killed by three rogue vampires. Addison kicks some vamp butt and saves the girl, but one of the vamps escapes. Just her luck, he turns up dead the next morning, inspiring the vampire leaders to put pressure on her to solve the case or take the rap. As if that wasn't bad enough, her ex-lover, werewolf FBI agent, Cooper Daine, approaches her and gives her an offer she can't refuse...a paycheck. Mixing business with lust is never a good idea, but neither is starving, so she accepts.

But as the body count builds, Addison finds herself embroiled in an ever deepening and dangerous mystery. One that leads her to something frighteningly personal. Her unknown heritage. [Published 11 May 2013 by Judy P. Mills, 254 pages]

Undercover Magic [2]

**FREE when you sign up to Judy Teel's Newsletter**

A ruthless drug dealer that must be stopped.…

Abandoned at birth, Addison Kittner's been on her own since she was a kid--ever since the paranormal terrorists attacked cities around the world. Battling creatures that go bump in the night nearly destroyed human society. Good thing not all paranormals were evil and the terrorists were eventually stopped. Bad thing? Nothing would ever be the same again.

For one, highly addictive drugs can be made from vampire venom now that the truth is out. Add in a little magic and the drug becomes irresistible. Addison's partner and on-the-sly boyfriend, werewolf FBI agent Cooper Daine, has been trying to find out who's behind this new threat to humanity. But when he gets too close to the truth, he finds himself falsely accused of taking bribes from the very drug cartel he hunts.

Addison knows he's innocent, but the FBI have other ideas and suddenly she finds herself in their sights. When they come knocking on her door and decide breaking it down is more effective, she does what any smart ex-street kid would, she runs. Next thing she knows, someone's trying to assassinate Cooper, Lord Bellmonte is threatening to hurt her friends if she doesn't find out who's making the drug, and talented kid practitioners are disappearing from their school without a trace.

As the lies pile up, one thing becomes clear--the mastermind behind the drugs is someone more powerful and evil than anything she's ever come up against. Addison doesn't stand a chance of winning. Not without giving up the one thing she treasures most--

Her humanity. [Published 10 December 2013 by Judy P. Mills, 208 pages]

Secret Magic [Shifty Magic Novella Series]

…some destinies can’t be changed.

How it all began — Addison and Cooper’s first case.

With the ink on her PI license barely dry, Addison takes on an unusual kidnapping case and finds herself caught in a dangerous tangle of lies and betrayals that challenge her very human skill set. High on that list of problems – dealing with the suspicious and annoyingly confident paranormal FBI agent, Cooper Daine. [Published: COMING SOON!]

About the Author

Judy Teel was born in Virginia and moved to North Carolina just before middle school. She's a fiction author and novelist writing in the dystopian urban fantasy genre. Her stories deliver mystery with some thriller elements, a kick-butt heroine with a large dash of snark in her, a bit more than a touch of romance with a guy that makes readers' hearts beat a little faster, and a wild ride full of action and emotion from start to finish.

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