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Thursday 13 August 2015

☀☄ The Wraith of Carter’s Mill: The Curse of the Carter Women [1-4] - C. Evenfall

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for The Wraith of Carter’s Mill, a paranormal collection by (, internet marketing KY, LLC, 437 pages).

This is the fourth book in the The Curse of the Carter Women series.

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Check out the book's synopsis and full details of each novella in the series.

Author C. Evenfall will be awarding a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate, and 5 Signed Paperback Copies of The Wraith of Carter’s Mill to randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.   Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read interviews (ℚ), reviews (✍) and guest blog posts (✉); also the more comments you leave the higher your chances of being a winner.

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The Wraith of Carter’s Mill chronicles five generations of women from the turn of the century to present day. It depicts in startling detail the result of an old curse and the wraith that haunts the family.

This anthology contains the three original novellas, Sensitives, The Guardians and The Forgotten, which tell the tale while, and a new fourth shocking segment, Carter’s Mill, which provides the back-story. It reveals the shameful truth behind a century of sorrow and the curse of revenge that plagues the Carter women.

Zeb, the Carter family patriarch, is a hard, callous man. He runs his thriving sawmill, farm and family with an iron fist. When he commits an incredible act of cruelty, he ignorantly brings a terrible curse down upon all his kin. Martha Thompsons’ prophecy proves true as the family falls into ruin, and the women pay the price.

Almost a century after Zeb’s death, a Carter daughter is born with notable yet uncanny gifts. It will be up to Shyanne to unearth a long buried family secret and set an old wrong back to rights. Will she find a way to lift the curse and banish the accursed wraith that haunts her? If she fails, she risks losing her own little girl to the dark entity forever.

A small North Carolina community, where everyone knows everyone sets the perfect stage for this suspenseful drama. Rich in history and southern culture, The Wraith of Carter’s Mill harkens back to a time when life was simpler, and superstition was part of everyday living.

The Wraith of Carter’s Mill 
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The Series: The Curse of the Carter Women

C. Evenfall's paranormal series, The Wraith of Carter's Mill, comprises four novellas. The series contains all the elements of a classic ghost story using rich characters with paranormal abilities. A definite touch of "Southern history" is woven throughout the series, which focuses on generations of the Carter Family women.

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Sensitives [1]

Libby Carter Martin struggled her entire adult life to put her childhood and a dark past behind her. After a decade, a sudden death takes her and her daughter, Shyanne, back to her childhood home. Shyanne does not want to go and resists, imploring her mother not to force her. When Libby insists, Shyanne demands that her imaginary playmate make the trip with the rest of the family. Libby soon learns that a harmless childish notion is much more than it seems.

As Libby unburies certain truths about her family, she comes to realize that she possesses certain bizarre abilities that she does not understand. Even more shocking is the insight that her young daughter has gifts that surpass her own. The dark entity that has haunted Libby’s family for a century manifests itself to Shyanne terrifies Libby.

With the help of Old Isaiah, Libby uncovers long-buried, sinister secrets and overcomes a gripping fear that has held her back her entire life. If she does not unlock the powers inside herself, she could lose Shyanne to the dark man forever. [Published 14 August 2014, 75 pages]

The Guardians [2]

Shyanne learned in her teens that like the living, the dead would stop talking to you if you ignore them long enough. After the death of her parents, that is precisely what she did. What good was a gift that allowed the dead to speak with her if her own parents could not? For a year after the accident, she waited, waited for one of them to come to her like the others did, longing for just one more chance to tell them that she loved them. They never came.

By high school graduation she had given up all hope of seeing them again and in the place of that missing hope, resentment filled the void. Every time she saw a spirit or heard a voice, she shut it off, refusing it entry like any unwelcome visitor. By the time she finished her first year of college, spirit sighting’s were rare, and if she did see one, it usually lurked at a distance, watching her warily until it evaporated. Shyanne was determined to keep it that way.

An incident during her second year at college reveals her secret to an onlooker. Years later, someone who has witnessed her ability to see and speak to the dead, seeks Shyanne out. She must decide whether to use her gifts to help a haunted family. Shyanne must rely upon spectral Guardians to lead her in the right direction, or risk opening the door to a dark entity that has plagued her family for a century. [Published 31 August 2014, 81 pages]

The Forgotten [3]

Shyanne has gone home, and her life is happier than she ever imagined it could be. The family home, restored to its original state, brings Shyanne closer to her roots. Everything changes when her eight-year-old daughter, Melody begins to exhibit strange behaviors. When Melody slips into a strange coma, Shyanne is not convinced the problem is medical.

Visions, dreams and clues from her guardians, take Shyanne deep in the woods to long forgotten Carter’s Mill. Shyanne loses all concept of time and is unaware that she is assumed missing. A search party led by her husband turns up nothing. Drake Monroe will not give up. He is determined to do everything he can to keep his family together.

Meanwhile, Shyanne’s family history unravels. She finally faces the dark entity that has plagued the Carter women for generations. Can she break the curse that threatens to destroy her family before it is too late? Will she fade into the forgotten history of Carter’s Mill? [Published 27 October 2014, 64 pages]

About the Author

C. Evenfall grew up on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. In many ways, her community was isolated from the outside world, and time simply stood still. The old ways of “doing things” surrounded her, and she was both fascinated by the rich history and influenced by it.

As with any such place, the area was rich with ghost lore and old tales of “people done wrong.”

C. Evenfall, a child seen and not heard, hovered as close as she dared, listening to the old stories when the adults got together talking about old times. She also spent many nights with the sheet pulled over her head in childish fright.

A paranormal encounter when she was just six years old, experienced by two other people at the same time, convinced her that ghosts really did exist. C. Evenfall has been seeking answers ever since. Her fascination with the unexplainable, coupled with her love of history and southern culture and the role women play in both, have inspired her to write The Wraith of Carter’s Mill, a series of novellas. Each inspired by tales from her childhood and the family members who passed them down.

Life has taken her many places, but today, C. Evenfall resides with her husband in the same fishing village where she grew up. Together they enjoy hiking, camping, gardening and the outdoors in general. She forgives his skeptics’ dismissal of things that go bump in the night and loves him dearly in spite of it. They complement one another perfectly.

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