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Friday 14 August 2015

☀☄ The Ryo Myths[1-3] - Perrin Pring

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for The Ryo Myths, a sci-fi / fantasy series by , published by Netherworld books/Glastonbury Publishing.

Below you can find full details of each of the three novels in the series, with book trailers, synopsis and excerpts.
We also have a Q&A with the author, Perrin Pring.

Perrin Pring will be awarding a $20 Amazon/BN gift card to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.   Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read other excerpts (☀), interviews (ℚ), reviews (✍) and guest blog posts (✉).

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The Series: The Ryo Myths

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An Appointment At The Edge Of Forever [1]

Filion felt safe in his role as a Dream Searcher. He was paid to venture into other’s dreams and exert influence over individuals whom he would never meet in the flesh.

But that was until he received The Summoning. Filion has been called to track down and protect Ryo, the last of the Chozen. She is the only hope of preventing a tide of evil driven by the Afortiori and the prospect of universal slavery if they aren’t stopped.

Time is ticking and Filion has no idea of how to find Ryo let alone how to protect her, yet destinies of planets rest in her hands. Enlisting the help of a rag-tag band of mercenaries, Filion will set out to search the wastes for Ryo. Together they will confront an evil whose power they just might have fatally underestimated. [Published 26 November 2013, 252 pages]


The universe, as we know it, was created as a result of an exercise of thought. In another dimension, far away from here, there is a race of beings known as the Eoan. The Eoan world is nothing more than clouds of raw elements, those elements constantly crashing into one another. The Eoan are the energy that propels these clouds.

Do not assume, however, that the Eoan are a primitive race. It was the Eoans that created our universe. They sought a challenge. They sought to create something merely because they willed it to be so, and from their will our universe was born, but this was only the first step.

A universe without life is barren. Each Eoan took it upon itself to create a world within the universe. There were no set parameters as to what each Eoan could or could not will into existence. The only limits were each Eoan’s imagination. Planets, bacteria, plants and animals followed.

Eventually, the Eoans created free will, and then the Eoans were faced with a dilemma. We would call it a ‘moral’ dilemma, but the Eoans wouldn’t go so far. Did they want to continue to craft and manipulate a universe whose inhabitants were able to think, create, and destroy on their own? Some Eoans fervently believed that our universe was theirs – that the Eoans could do what they wanted because they had made us. But a growing number of Eoans were developing a sort of conscience themselves, which was a surprise. To suddenly feel responsibility and guilt, as muted as it was, was a violent shift for some of the Eoans.

Consequently, the Eoans split. A small faction, the self proclaimed Afortiori, believed that they had the right to continue to manipulate our universe as they pleased. The majority did not believe this. The Eoans and Afortiori went to war.

This war never ended.

Tomorrow Is Too Late [2]

I was a natural flier, I could take a punch, and I was smarter than most. Within five years I was a full-fledged pilot. On my last assignment, I was Master Pilot Eri Everfar, commanding pilot of a class B Federal war ship, the Seeker, and that’s where I met him, Drakier Lu...

Filion and his new friends have escaped Bok and are stuck in an asteroid field that isn’t supposed to exist. They’ve almost run out of fuel, their water supply is seriously depleted, all of their food has been destroyed, and the girl they’d just risked everything to save, Ryo, is dead.

Captain Eri’s former lover, Drakier Lu, has been promoted to Master Commander of the entire Federal Fleet, and his assignment is to find and capture the Dark Horse. Captain Eri has been identified as a Tiori, and she and her associates have just become the Federation’s most wanted. Things aren’t what they seem though, and the line between good and evil blurs as the players’ true motivations come to light.

Filion and the crew return, traveling the galaxy and dodging the Federation and the Tioris, all the while searching for a rogue planet that may or may not be harboring the one person who can save them all… [Published 18 August 2014, 292 pages]


This was the last thing she needed right now. Captain Eri sat on the bridge, her focus on the minefield of asteroids surrounding her ship. She jabbed at the keyboard on the Dark Horse’s control panel. They’d cleared Bok’s atmosphere nearly ten hours ago, and according to her maps, they weren’t near an asteroid belt now. This didn’t make any sense. These asteroids hadn’t been here a week ago when they’d passed through this exact bit of space. What was going on?

“They’re getting more concentrated,” Captain Eri breathed.

She was right. Not only were large chunks of rock and ice hurtling past them, but now small bits of rock and debris pelted the ship as well, the black nothingness of space becoming ever more thick and hazy. Then suddenly, the horizon cleared. The dusty mist, the asteroids, all of it was gone.

“What the…” Red said.

The ship started to shake.

“We’re being pulled…” Captain Eri said, as the ship bucked beneath them.

Wiq stared out the window. With each new bump a colorful cloud enveloped them. It was like they were skipping across a planet’s outer atmosphere…

Wiq jerked her eyes from the explosions of color and concentrated beyond them. She focused on the blackness, and then she saw it.

“This is no regular asteroid field,” she breathed.

“Oh Gods,” Captain Eri said, her eyes dilating. “That’s a planet.”

The Degrees Of Destiny [3]

When I was on Lamu, I inhaled an Afortiori's vileness. That blackness will be what allows me to win. I will use their own evil against them. Because of this I am tainted. I am but a degree different from what I fight, but in that degree, hangs the balance between universal slavery and Free Will.

Having fled from Lamu only moments before its destruction, Filion and his friends find themselves hiding in the shadows as the Federation and the Afortiori mobilize against their worst enemy, The Etulosba and its crew. The Etulosba, Ryo, plans for her final battle. She was engineered to fight for Free Will, but to win that war, she will have to become what no Chozen was meant to be - an Afortiori. Caught in Ryo's wake, Captain Eri is torn between leading her crew and confronting Drakier Lu, her former lover and torturer. Will she be able to overcome what he did to her, or will she fail, thereby becoming what he made her and letting down Ryo, her crew, and ultimately, the universe? Filion and the crew return in the final installment of The Ryo Myths. Join them as they begin a journey that not all of them will survive. [Published 9 April 2015, 314 pages]


Initially, she’d thought the energy transfer had been temporary. Then she’d tortured Teeive instead of killing him, and now she realized the true cost of what she’d done. Some of his energy lived on inside of her. She hadn’t foreseen that. Inhaling Teeive’s energy had been like filling a suitcase with sand. She’d dumped out most of the sand, but grains of it remained, and they were expanding. She could feel the cold, calculating, psychopathic tendrils of Afortiori vile spreading and threatening to overtake her body. It wasn’t a battle she was sure she could win, but it might be what won her the war.

“I held that evil inside of me,” Ryo continued. “It powered me. I became high on its force. Then it left but not all of it. Some of it still lives within me.” She stood and faced Wiq. “I cannot fight this war without it.” She stood and faced Wiq. “I cannot fight this war without it. That blackness will be what allows me to win. I will use their own evil against them. Because of this I am tainted. I am but a degree different from what I fight, but in that degree, hangs the balance between universal slavery and Free Will. You and I, we have fought over Free Will, we have fought for Free Will, but we have never had Free Will. Captain Eri must exercise her Free Will because to me, she is everything that those words mean. If she does that, I can stay on the side of the right. I can fight this blackness and use it to save her. If she denies it though, or if she dies…”

Ryo looked at her hands. They flashed and became translucent. Wiq could see Ryo’s veins. As Wiq watched, a shadow spread through Ryo’s blood, darkening it to black.

“This vileness inside of me is not static. It pushes. It grows. I fight it, but I’m fighting on all fronts. She is my hope. She is my faith. She is what keeps this blackness at bay. She must not fail, or we all die.”

The Ryo Myths - available NOW!

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About the Author

Perrin is the author of The Ryo Myths, a sci-fi/fantasy trilogy that has been heralded to engage both nerds and non-nerds alike.

Check out her books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

When not writing, Perrin enjoys drinking coffee and swimming, although usually not at the same time.

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