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Monday 10 August 2015

ℚ Willing Servants - Eric Turowski

Today we have the pleasure of meeting up with author to talk about Willing Servants (, Forsaken, 315 pages), a horror novel.

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Hello Eric!  Welcome to BooksChatter.

What was the inspiration for Willing Servants?

"My books are usually a confluence of ideas. “Willing Servants” came about from real estate law in California, i.e., that an agent must disclose when a house is haunted. The book was written before the paranormal TV craze, back when those interested in such phenomenon were forced to do actual research, and I came across a passage in a book that warned about coming in contact with demons. Those two ideas collided and became my first novel."
How much of yourself is reflected in this book, and how?
"This was my first novel, and I tried to reflect as little of myself as possible.  But writing is all about filtering experiences into something entertaining.  Things creep in subconsciously, so much so that my father thinks the book is about him.  I don’t see it, but if he does, there’s your subconscious raising its ugly head."
The first thing that draws me to a book is its cover.  Can you tell us about your cover for Willing Servants - why you chose that concept and who the artist is.
"Brenda Gonet has done both of my Booktrope covers.  All I did was give her some general idea about the content of the book, and magic happened.  You pretty much instantly get a sense of “Willing Servants” from that screaming face."
Why should we read Willing Servants and what sets it apart from the rest?  What makes your book unique?
"I wrote this book during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and I often describe it as the scariest book written in thirty days.

I wanted to write something as frightening as Blatty’s “The Exorcist,” and I think I succeeded. In addition to the scares, there are solid characters and a strong plot. It’s just an overall great horror novel."
Can you tell us something quirky about Willing Servants, its story and characters?
"Bradford, the cop character, was loosely based on a cop I knew at the time.  He was tickled pink when the book was first released. He died soon after, so I’m glad he got to see how he inspired me.

The Singleton family came to me subconsciously. One day a few months after the book was first published, I was driving around a part of town I rarely visit when I saw a sign for Singleton Street. Aha! "
Who would you recommend Willing Servants to and what should readers be aware of (any warnings or disclaimers)?
"This is a book for horror readers. You love horror?  This is horror.

I’ve been told by two people (including Katy, the proofreader) that it induces nightmares. There are sections that are gory and extreme.  There are sections that are just plain frightening. Even the horror fans who have read it don’t recommend it for bedtime reading.

For some people, including myself, this is exactly the kind of book I look for."
Sounds good to me.  That is exactly my kind of book!
If you could / wished to turn Willing Servants into a movie, who would be your dream team?

"I really wouldn’t want “Willing Servants” to be made into a movie.  Sure, the money would be great, but I write novels to be simply novels.

If someone were to put it on film, I would only hope they would cast unknown actors and use the actual locations in the book; Oakland, California, and the Rust Belt."
What do you like to write and read about?  Do you stick to a particular genre or do you like to explore different ones?
"I stick to horror themes, but I have a humorous, chick lit series, “Inhuman Interest (Story by Tess Cooper) is the first; a historical, hardboiled detective series, “Darker Angels” is the first (probably out next year), and some stand-alone thrillers. “The Hatching” should be out October-ish.

I do like to read horror and horror thrillers, but they just aren’t out there. Or, perhaps they just aren’t marketed well enough for me to find them. Mostly, I read mysteries and straight thrillers, and undefinable stuff like Tim Powers and Neal Stephenson. "
What is your writing process?
"Pretty straightforward. I sit down and write.  From “Willing Servants,” I learned to have at least some idea of the ending before getting started.  I might have a tiny sketch of an outline with maybe a half page of notes at the bottom of my working manuscript, and I just write."
What is in store next?
"“The Hatching” will be next out, hopefully by mid-October.

“Man Bites Dog (Story by Tess Cooper)” maybe early next year.

“Darker Angels,” “jumbie” probably later next year, with additional series books to follow."
Thank you for chatting to us and have a great tour!

Willing Servants - available NOW!

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