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Monday, 3 August 2015

☀ Seduced by the Moon: Wolf Moons [5] - Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for Seduced By The Moon, a Paranormal Romance by (, Harlequin / Mills & Boon, 304 pages).

This is the eight book in the Wolf Moons series, which comprises five novels and three novellas.

PREVIEW: Read the first two chapters with Amazon Look Inside

"It takes talent to keep creating heroes I instantly adore, and Linda Thomas-Sundstrom once again proves she has this skill. Linda Thomas-Sundstrom has written an outstanding paranormal novel. SEDUCED BY THE MOON has exceptional characters, fervent passion and back-to-back secrets... that are startlingly imaginative." - CataRomance

"Linda Thomas-Sundstrom magically found a way to bring love, suspense, passion and danger into one dynamic paranormal story...I couldn't put the book down...This book has it all." Fictionalromance - praise for Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

"Thomas-Sundstrom combines interesting mythology and great characters to make a solid read." - Romantic Times Book Reviews

Check out the book's synopsis and teaser below, as well as details of the whole series.

Author Linda Thomas-Sundstrom will be awarding a $25 Amazon/BN gift card to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.   Please do take part and comment on our post.

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Can blood ties be stronger than the passions that rule the heart?

Skylar Donovan has come to her late father’s Colorado cabin to find answers to explain his death. Instead she meets a handsome forest ranger with a dark side. A stranger who is willing to protect her from an unknown assailant. A stranger who also appears in her dreams as something other than a man. He’s werewolf, and he satisfies Skylar Donovan like no mere man ever has.

Gavin Harris was bitten by a monster in the hills he has sworn to protect and now searches for that beast. But his deadly mission unites him with a beautiful blonde bent on a search of her own. Neither is safe from the evil they’re stalking—but the forbidden lust that burns between them might be the greatest danger of all.


“Does the approach of a full moon make animals restless? I think I hear them at night,” Skylar said.

Now she was pushing things. She was an idiot.

Gavin came closer than she should have allowed and faced her squarely. He smiled, but with an expression of sadness. Heartbreaking sadness.


Whatever she had expected, it hadn’t been that.

As he slowly moved toward her, she felt every inch he traveled as if the air between them had been compressed. When he stopped, they were nearly chest to chest, and she had to look up to see his face.

Liquid lava coursed through her veins. She was hot enough to be combustible and was breathing hard … all these reactions serving to confirm that she hadn’t been wrong about one thing. Something was going on between them on a crazy personal level. Their chemistry had been instantaneous and impossible to ignore.

Animal magnetism taken to extremes.

Lust at first sight.

Dreams trespassing into the realm of reality.

Seduced By The Moon - available NOW!

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The Series: Wolf Moons

All books in the series are stand alone. In the USA they are published by Harlequin; in the UK by Mills & Boon as Kindle ebooks. Click on the book cover to Look Inside the book on and read an excerpt.

Blackout [0.5]

Nocturne Bite novella *included as bonus material in the back of the Red Wolf paperback*. Available from Mills & Boon as kindle e-book.

It’s called the Blackout–the initial trauma when the beast within awakens for the first time.

Dylan Landau experienced it six months ago when he transformed into a werewolf. Since then, he has wandered the streets of Miami alone, trying to hide his wolf form. . . until the night he sees cop Dana Delmonico undergo her own painful change.

Now Dylan can’t stop thinking about Dana–and she can’t fight her attraction to Dylan. Because when both their inner beasts are aroused, there can be no stopping them... [Published 1 August 2009, 59 pages]

Red Wolf [1]


Tory understands exactly what kind of monster is stalking the moonlit streets. She, too, is a werewolf and is ready to bring the rogue shifter to justice. What she isn’t prepared for is Adam Scott, the sexy detective whose investigation crosses paths with her own – a human who inexplicably stirs her senses.

Adam is searching for a killer, not a lover, but with one look at the flame-haired beauty, he is ensnared. When one steamy night ignites their animal passion, there is no denying their desire. But could their passion turn them into their target’s prey? [Published 1 October 2010, 368 pages]

Wolf Bait [1.5]

Nocturne Bite novella * included as bonus material as the first story in the Wolf Trap paperback*

Psychiatrist Jenna James loved Matt Wilson since her first day of work at Fairview Hospital.

Though Matt left to become a detective for Miami P. D. , they still carried on a red-hot affair. . . until Matt suddenly became unreachable three months ago. So when a young woman is brought to the hospital exhibiting frightening physical changes, Jenna calls Matt–just to see him again, even if he can't help her patient.

But Matt does know what's wrong the woman. She's been bitten by a werewolf. . . just as he was three months ago. Matt's willing to help the girl deal with her transition, though doing so will expose his own beastly secret. . . and may cost him Jenna's love. [Published 1 June 2009, 51 pages]

Wolf Trap [2]

A hunt for a rogue werewolf stirs passion in the hearts of two rebels...

When a full moon awakens the beast within Parker Madison, he is hell-bent on finding explanations for his new Otherworld form and his insatiable lust. On the prowl, he discovers a woman in trouble - one who stirs his darker desires.

After a sexy stranger rescues her from a brutal attack, Chloe Tyler can't stop dreaming about him - - especially when his touch fills her with the most intense desire she's ever known. But her nightmares are all too real. A rogue werewolf's bite has changed her life forever and the one who turned her hunts her still. Will her dream man comes to her rescue again? [Published 1 November 2010, 368 pages]

Moon Marked [2.5]

Nocturne Bite, ebook novella

In the secret war between humans and werewolves, Jonathan Baird and Nikki Reese were natural enemies.

Born with the genetic gifts needed to join the secret society of hunters, Nikki had been raised to see all Lycans as her enemy...even if hunting them brought on a powerful craving for sexual release. It was that craving that drew werewolf Jonathan to Nikki. Though he also sought the rogue creatures that threatened the secrecy of his people's existence, his organization sent him to watch her...but he lusted after her, too.

When a hunt goes bad and Nikki is infected with the Lycan virus, Jonathan couldn't resist coming to her aid, igniting an insatiable desire between them. Will their passion bring together the two rivals, or will old loyalties die hard? [Published 1 June 2010, 52 pages]

Wolf Born [3]

One fateful night…

Called to the scene of a double murder, police officer Colton Killion finds a vicious vampire attack has decimated his family and the trauma transforms him into a rare ghost wolf. Now he’s on a mission to restore justice and the last thing he needs is a distraction – especially when it comes in the lithe, female form of Lycan Rosalind Kirk. But the attack also infused Rosalind with the spirit of a Banshee… and now only Colton can protect her.

When evil strikes again, Rosalind and Colton must risk everything by crossing a forbidden line… [Published 1 February 2015, 304 pages]

Wolf Hunter [4]

Sworn enemies fated to be supernatural lovers…

Few know about the race of Lycans hidden within Miami’s underground – and those who do seek to destroy them. Cameron Mitchell has sworn to protect his kind… but one beautiful woman may be his undoing.

Born into a family of wolf hunters, Abby Stark has never confronted a Lycan until Cameron steps out of the shadows. Abby burns with the need to be possessed, but she knows her father’s war against Cameron’s kind means they have no future. Coupling with a were is not her destiny… but walking away is proving impossible. [Published 1 May 2015, 304 pages]

About the Author

Linda is the author of contemporary, paranormal romance, and urban fantasy books for Kensington, Amazon Montlake, GothicScapes, Harlequin Nocturne, and Harlequin Desire.  She loves more than anything to write, and has a resident Muse who loudly sings all these stories to her.

Linda swears that all of her books come loaded with good karma for the readers, for helping to support her writing dreams.

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