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Saturday, 1 August 2015

☀ The Daughters Lem - Nila Aamoth

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for The Daughters Lem a biographical historical memoir by (, Booktrope Editions, 286 pages).

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The Daughters of Lem witnessed and survived the tragic event that forever transformed them.

Orphaned, frightened, fiercely independent, the four sisters fought defiantly to raise themselves. But Lucille, Louise, and Nell Rose could not defeat the notion of a Lem bad seed; they chose to remain childless.

Only Dorothy sought to achieve what she perceived to be a “normal” life as a wife and mother. In the process, she discovered her power as an independent woman. Her own three offspring became a new generation of the Daughters of Lem, and fortunate participants in their mother’s improbably joyful journey.

Teaser: Excerpt


Charlie’s death had been sudden, implausible, shocking, and, Louise was convinced, murder.

You just don’t take a raucous, ribald (Louise allowed herself a brief private smile), and robust man to the hospital for minor surgery and bring him home in a box.

No, some grievous error had been made, and everyone on the hospital staff was in on the cover-up. The nurses had been sympathetic at first, but when Louise, who was certainly not as hysterical as they suggested, pushed for answers, they hid behind the white coat of silence. They defended the doctors, those sonsa-bitches, and of course the doctors said they had done all that was humanly possible and cited unforeseen complications. HA! Charlie had been drinking like that for years and never had one single complication. They would say anything before they would admit they had screwed up.

Those sonsa-bitches.

“Charlie, Charlie, the love of my life. The only man who understood my secrets.”

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About the Author

Nila Knack Aamoth wrote her first story at age four, and never stopped plying the pencil, the typewriter, and finally the computer keyboard.

She began her journalism career in Houston, Texas, and owned two community newspapers in Michigan. For 25 years, she was editor and publisher of The Penasee Globe. "I figured my thoughts were more valuable than the traditional penny, so I called my weekly column A Nickel's Worth," she likes to joke. Those mostly light-hearted musings won her numerous state and national writing awards. Her insightful editorials, both humorous and serious, won the Michigan Press Association award for "Best Editorial" two years running.

"I believed I could write about anything," she says. "But writing the incredible story of my own family was almost too heart-wrenching. I think I've finally grown up!"

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