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Thursday 25 June 2015

☀☄ Between Two Worlds - Christy Santo

Welcome to the Virtual Book Tour for Between Two Worlds (available , 63 pages) a sci-fi time travel novella by author Christy Santo.

Check out the book's synopsis, trailer and excerpt, and find out about author Christy Santo.  You can also read an extended excerpt on Amazon.

The author is giving away 25 eBook copies during the tour!  All you have to do is comment on our post!  Do follow all of the tour stops to read more excerpts, reviews, as well as author and character interviews.

Synopsis | Trailer | Teaser | About the Author | Tour Stops & Giveaway | Author Q&A


Rebecca dreams her present time and lives her past.

It is 2006 and Indiana University graduate student Rebecca Harrison attends a Halloween party.  Unknown to her she will have her world turned upside down when she leaves it.  An unexpected accident rips her from 2006 Indiana and abandons her in 1983 Fanwood, New Jersey her hometown.

She struggles to relive the past and exist as another woman with the same name and birthday as her.

Can she find a way to return to her present time or will her past become her future?

Teaser: Excerpt

This night I dream just like the night before. Once again, I see myself in a hospital bed. The traction is present, and so is the swelling, but this time I notice it is down. My mom sits nearby in a chair with Pastor Tommy sitting next to her. I can tell mom is quite upset but her tone of voice is surprisingly controlled as she speaks with the Pastor.

“I know it was an accident. The young man was preoccupied when he exited the dorm house, but I wish he had chosen to look up to see if he was alone. He knew there was a party on the other side of the house, and people would be coming and going. Knowing this, how could he not have checked? It wouldn't have taken much time - mere seconds to see Rebecca was on the stairs,” my mom says angrily.

“Yes, it wouldn't have taken long, but in hindsight, many of us don't consider looking ahead as we head out the door. This time this act led to an unfortunate accident. Rebecca got lucky he immediately called for help,” says Pastor Tommy in his comforting Georgian drawl.

“At least she is alive, thank goodness.” My mom pauses several moments before saying, "There is so much swelling, and her neck bones - who knows if she will keep the movement in her legs. The surgeon told me the swelling has to go down before he can do surgery. For days it has been waiting and more waiting!” New tears form and drop from her eyes. Seconds later the hospital room fades, and I awake to the alarm clock going off.

Between Two Worlds - available NOW!

UK: purchase from US: purchase from find on Goodreads

About the Author

Christy Santo was born and raised in Fanwood, New Jersey.

She has lived in Bloomington, IN since 2002 and runs her family's Internet retail business.

Between Two Worlds, is her second book and she is currently working on a third book.

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Giveaway and Tour Stops

The author is giving away 25 eBook copies during the tour!
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