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Saturday 6 June 2015

ℚ Kittens Can Kill: Pru Marlowe Pet Noir [5] - Clea Simon

Today's quick round of Q&As is with cat lover and author Clea Simon to chat about the Pru Marlowe series and "Kittens Can Kill" (, Poisoned Pen Press), a murder mystery where the only witness is a kitten!

"With a clever plot that keeps the reader guessing — and a deeper look into Pru’s inner life and demons — “Kittens Can Kill” shines as the best installment yet in Simon’s entertaining and thoughtful series." - Jay Strafford, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Perhaps what makes this series so compelling is how grounded it feels in reality. Despite the fact that, yes, Pru can “speak” to animals, they never break their own very non-human thought patterns and much of the difficulty occurs with Pru’s inability to immediately interpret their communications." - Cynthia Chow, Kings River Life.

"Kittens Can Kill is a thoroughly enjoyable, fast-paced and well-plotted mystery." - The Conscious Cat.

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Welcome to BooksChatter Clea, and thank you for chatting to us during your promotional tour for your new novel "Kittens Can Kill".
What was the inspiration behind it?

"My latest book, “Kittens Can Kill,” came about in a very simple way - I often start my work with just an image or a problem, and in this case, it was:  What would happen if there was a murder, and the only living witness was a kitten?  How would that kitten give us clues?  What would he know, and how would he communicate that?"
How much of you is reflected in the Pru Marlowe series, and how?
"I think there’s some of me in all my characters - particularly the snarky cat, Wallis, though she has more comebacks than I ever do.  But even my villains - I mean, I have to understand how a crime happened, so a little bit I have to be like the person who did it."
The first thing that draws me to a book is its cover.  That beautiful white kitten offset against the blue is very striking, and he matches perfectly your little furry witness in the book.
"Credit for my cover goes to my publisher, Poisoned Pen Press.  They ask me for suggestions, but then they just run with it."
I think you all did a great job.

Why should we read your book and what makes the Pru Marlowe series unique?

"I love my characters - the bad-girl pet psychic Pru Marlowe and her curmudgeonly cat Wallis. I think you will too."
Pru is indeed a complex character, with quite a few demons, and she is very grateful for Wallis, who looks after her - despite popular belief cats are very caring, especially in our time of need.
Can you tell us something quirky about the book?

"Pru understands what animals think. Wallis thinks she’s pretty clueless, though."
That seems very true to life!  As any cat owner could attest, our feline companions always do know better, especially the females... And although we cannot quite understand them like Pru does, I know that mine have trained me throughout the years so that I am now quite fluent in cattish - I am sure you are too.   ;-)

Who would you recommend "Kittens Can Kill" and the Pru Marlowe series to and what should readers be aware of (any warnings or disclaimers)?

"My books aren’t cutesy-cozy, but they are pretty cozy - a lot of attitude but little overt violence. "
What do you like to write about?  Do you stick to a particular genre or do you like to explore different ones?
"I often think about writing darker, but whenever I try to write something, it ends up having a cat in it!"
I can completely sympathise with that!
What is your writing process?

"I make myself write a certain number of words everyday.  Even if those words don’t end up in the next book, it’s a good exercise."
What is in store next?
"I am working on the next Pru Marlowe book, to be called “When Bunnies Go Bad."
Once again many thanks for joining us and all of us at BooksChatter wish you a wonderful tour!

Kittens Can Kill is available NOW!

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Omnimystery News said...

Terrific interview! Thanks so much for introducing us to Clea Simon, and her pet noir mysteries.

BooksChatter said...

Thank you Lance.

Clea Simon said...

Thanks so much for hosting me! I really enjoy being able to chat with readers and I'm enjoying your blog. - Clea