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Tuesday 13 August 2019

✉ Character Creation - C.C. Bolick

Today author takes over our blog to tell us about 'Character Creation'.  Her latest novel is Fear Justice (, Dirt Road Books, 267 pages), a Young Adult Urban Fantasy, book one of The Fear Chronicles series.

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Character Creation

by C.C. Bolick

I don’t typically create the main characters in my books.  They show themselves to me in a dream or through one of those rare flashes when I least expect.  When I see this character, I immediately jot down every detail.  I always have a backlog of characters waiting for me to write their stories.

If this sounds creepy, I apologize.  My books are usually written from a first-person POV and, before I can write a character’s story, I must understand them.  At least I must meet someone before I can write her story.  I say her because most of my main characters are female.  Writing from a male POV isn’t the easiest for me, but I’m working on stretching my boundaries.

The point is how these characters are real to me.  Their voices resonate with joy and angst.  I hear their conversations inside my head.

Yes, I hear voices and I’m not crazy.  Or maybe I am and don’t realize it.

After dreaming up a character, the hardest part for me is figuring out the perfect name.  I consult Internet lists of names and old phone books.  When I say the name a dozen times and it feels right, I move to my detailed list of traits and include anything I like/dislike about them.  Special abilities, physical traits, and flaws are decided.  Most importantly, I must know their motivation.

Once I have motivation, my character is born.

This process can be applied to other main characters and even secondary characters.  Usually I create the secondary characters to interact with and exploit the main characters.  This is how everyone’s motivations become clear throughout the story.  I want to know what each character plans to achieve before the book is over.  Who hates who?  Who wants to blow up the planet?  How much tension can I create between each character?  By this point, I already know the book’s overall arc, but I use this additional information to construct the arcs for each chapter.

On an 18” x 24” drawing pad, I make a map with all of my characters.  I’m a visual person and it helps to see everyone at once.  Do I have too many characters?  Not enough?  Are any of the names phonetically too close for comfort?

Once the characters are on paper, the story is ready to write.

Fear Justice
ONLY 0.99 until 31 October 2019!

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Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thank you for hosting

C.C. Bolick said...

Thanks so much for hosting this stop of my tour!

Anonymous said...

Inspiration is pretty cool and mysterious!


Kim said...

I like the cover of Fear Justice. Did you have any input into making it?

C.C. Bolick said...

My designer did a great job - Rena and her power look just how I'd pictured. I was thrilled to see the finished cover.

C.C. Bolick said...

Thanks for the comment Trix!