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Tuesday 20 August 2019

✉ The Origins of "Rescued" - Miriam Newman

Today author takes over our blog to tell us about her non-fiction tale, Rescued (, DCL Publications, LLC, 38 pages).

"The joy of a rescue dog that rescues the the lady who rescued her. Very touching! [...] Great book, fast read, highly recommend." ~ Denise Pattison, Amazon Reviewer

"'Rescued' is a beautiful, well-written real-life story, honest both in the words and the emotions behind them. I believe that most pet owners will find the story's message familiar and lovable."
~ Roberta Stuemke, Amazon Reviewer

"Rescued is based on a true story. This is a wonderful tribute to a beloved rescued pup. [...] This is such a fabulous heartwarming and delightful tale."
~ Amy C, Amazon Reviewer

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The Origins of "Rescued"

by Miriam Newman

Rescued” is my first venture into non-fiction.  The true story of the dog that became my guide in the world of animal rescue, it was written as a tribute to her and also a fundraiser for one of my favorite rescues, Home Free.

Dancer was a little forty-five pound pit bull mix that came into my life just when I needed her.  And she needed me, oh, how that dog needed me.  She was an emotional vampire.  She wrecked the house, her crate, my car—you name it, she destroyed it.  I have said I felt like I was flattened under my house with only the red striped legs and black shoes from The Wizard of Oz sticking out.  But what a dog.  She was needy, but she was brave.  She was stubborn, yet she was soulful.  I was never quite sure whether there was a dog or a human in there.  I loved her to the bone.

I have fostered and adopted many dogs since Dancer and, through that effort, made some of the best and truest friends anyone could ever want. 

One little dog did all that.  I really had to write her story.  And now I have many animal friends keeping me company as I continue writing romance.  The longer the book, the better they like it, because I’m in one place for a long, long time.  And sometimes there is even food!  LOL.

Here is Dancer, who started it all:

And below is is Tia, who posed for my cover because Dancer’s original pictures were too old and grainy for cover art.

All proceeds to be donated to Home Free Animal Rescue, Red Bank, NJ.

Available NOW!

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Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thanks for hosting!

Miriam Newman said...

Good morning and thanks for hosting me. I am really touched by the pictures of my two beloved dogs.

Pamela Seres said...

Thank you for hosting such an amazing DCL author. Her love of animals and those she helps is amazing!

Sue M Van said...

Hi Miriam. I have to tell you that this dog, Dancer, is a carbon copy of a dog I rescued from Hurricane Katrina. Her name is Katie and she lives with my daughter now. I wish I could post a picture of her here but I don't see a way to do that. If you are interested, please message me at and I will send you pictures of our rescue.

Miriam Newman said...

What great news and what a wonderful thing to take a Katrina dog. I have seen a few Doppelgangers of Dancer including my dog Tia when she was younger and I know how much that resemblance can grab your heartstrings!