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Tuesday 6 August 2019

☀ The King’s Prerogative: Craig Dunlop [1] - Iain Colvin

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Scotland, 1983.

Craig Dunlop is bored. Bored of his job, his town, his life.

After a family bereavement, Craig inherits an old heirloom; a wallet given to his grandfather during the war by none other than the deputy leader of Nazi Germany, Rudolf Hess.

The wallet has hidden a secret for forty years, and when Craig stumbles upon it, a chain of events is set in motion that lead to him becoming a hunted man.

Finding himself in a race to unravel a mystery that could shake the very foundations of the British establishment, Craig must find answers before the police catch up with him, or worse still, he is made to disappear forever, along with the secret of The King’s Prerogative.

About the Author

Born and raised in Glasgow, despite now residing in Edinburgh, Iain Colvin will always consider himself a Glaswegian.

He started his career by working at his local bank in Stranraer. He now works full time as an IT specialist in Edinburgh.

He is a father to four children, whom help to remind him of what is important in life and helped him while he was writing this novel.

Outside of work and family, he enjoys watching football (yes, Scottish football!), and has been trying to play more tennis. He is also very competitive when it comes to the local pub quiz and if you’re buying, he’ll have an IPA or a glass of chilled Chenin Blanc, please.

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Unknown said...

I have read this book and loved it ! A great storyline and loved the factual elements interlaced with an excellent story line . Best book I've read for ages .

Angelina said...

This book is absolutely brilliant. Keeps you in suspense the whole way through. Well written, fact mixed fiction. Exciting and thrilling read. Look forward to more books from this Author