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Thursday 6 October 2016

☀☄ The Truth She Knew: The Truth [1] - J.A. Owenby

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for The Truth She Knew, a Contemporary New Adult novel by (, J.A. Owenby, 304 pages).

This is the first book in The Truth series.

Don't miss our interview with author J.A. Owenby.

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis and excerpt below. Read the first seven chapters with Amazon Look Inside.

Author J.A. Owenby will be awarding a $25 Amazon gift card to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.   Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read other excerpts (☀), interviews (ℚ), reviews (✍) and guest blog posts (✉).

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Mama didn’t want me. In fact, she would’ve traded my soul back for someone different if God would’ve let her, but he didn’t, so she was stuck with me.

For eighteen-year-old Lacey, life at home is a rollercoaster. She doesn’t think she’ll ever be good enough to truly deserve Mama’s love. But when Lacey enters college and meets Walker, everything starts to change. Suddenly, Lacey is face to face with the realization that maybe what she’s always seen as normal really isn’t. Her entire life—and everything she’s ever believed about herself and her family—is abruptly hanging in midair.

Lacey is left facing two paths, and she has to make a choice. The first means walking away from everything she’s ever known. The other means never really knowing the truth.

The Truth She Knew offers an honest and powerful glimpse into mental illness, the meaning of true love, and the psychological waltz that a daughter dances as she endures her mother’s unpredictable emotions, manipulation, and abuse.

*** Ages 17+ Contains language, sex, and violence

Teaser: Excerpt

     I leaned on the table and propped my chin on my hand.
     “I’m dating someone.” I couldn’t control the grin that spread across my face. The Joker had nothing on me.
     “Whaaat? Who? When? Where? Fill me in!” she squealed as she set her sandwich down, picked up her drink, and situated herself to hear the full story.
     “Well, there’s not a lot to tell, but his name is Walker. I met him at Joss’s party last month and we’ve gone out for three weeks, and . . . he’s gorgeous, Emma!”
     She leaned farther across the table and her eyes widened as I told her how we met at the party, Tammy’s rude attempt to distract him, the repercussions of Walker calling after 9 p.m., and our first few dates.
     “First of all, Lacey Anne Beaumont, you’re in big trouble for holding out on me,” she said, waving her finger at me.
     “I’m sorry, I just didn’t want to say anything until I knew it was real. And, I haven’t seen you to tell you,” I said.
     Emma leaned back in her chair and bolted upright again.
     “Holy crap, Lacey, your mom doesn’t have any idea?”
     “No! Dammit, Emma, what am I going to do?” I asked and slumped in my chair.
     “Well, so far he sounds acceptable, but in order to fully support this relationship I need to meet this Walker Farren. Second, I do not want to be anywhere close by when you tell your mom you’re dating him. She does not respond well to you dating. Granted, your last choice was complete gutter material, but maybe this one’s different.” She took a sip of her iced tea.
     “Emma, I’m in trouble. I shouldn’t be with him, but I like him, and I mean really like him. He’s different—there’s something special about him.”
     “Well, good grief, don’t knock it. Who cares why as long as he’s good to you? And who says you’re in trouble? Because your mom says you make bad choices? Well, the last one wasn’t a hit by any means, but that doesn’t mean you’re not capable of having a good boyfriend in your life. Besides, everyone knows she hates men.”
     “Emma! I don’t want to talk about this again,” I said. A frown crept across my face at how quickly the conversation had turned in an uncomfortable direction.

The Truth She Knew
Available NOW!

About the Author

J. A. Owenby lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband and two cats.

She’s a published author of six short stories and is beginning her first full length novel. J.A. doesn’t mess around when it comes to working with a professional team in order to present her best writing.

She also runs her own business and helps people find jobs they love as a professional resume writer.

She is an avid reader of thrillers, romance, new adult and young adult novels. She loves music, movies, and pop tarts. Her downtime consists of a beautiful summer evening, snuggling with her hubby outside underneath the stars. If it’s winter, listening to the rain and watching NFL football.

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