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Friday 7 October 2016

☀ Timeless Hearts - Lori Landis

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for Timeless Hearts, a Paranormal Romantic Suspense by (, Take Me Away Books, a division of Winged Publications, 288 pages).

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis and excerpt below. Read the Prelude and the first two chapters with Amazon Look Inside.

Timeless Hearts
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Author Lori Landis will be awarding a $25 Amazon/BN gift card to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.   Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read other excerpts (☀).

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Would you go back in time to find your love of a lifetime?

Homicide Investigator, Sergeant Amelia Hall, has been playing a cat and mouse game with serial killer Tom Willis. Willis murdered her sister, many other women, and tried to kill her. As they finally face each other for a final stand they are transported back in time to 1836 during the battle of the Alamo.

Jeremy Saunders, Texas Ranger, finds himself in the heat of battle at the Alamo as he meets Amelia Hall who pretends to be a nun. They make their way eastward to warn of Santa Anna's defeat of the Alamo, while hunted by Willis.

In a series of events, both harrowing and comical, Amelia and Jeremy find themselves thrust into a search for Willis and into each others arms. Even as they fight their attraction, they begin to understand what is truly important in life. The question is: Are they running out of time? Is it all a mad dream or a reality they never knew they wanted? Only time will tell...

Teaser: Excerpt


San Antonio, Texas
Police Headquarters
Two days earlier

Another body. Another innocent and decent human dehumanized by Tom Willis. Amelia Hall glanced around the crime scene with objective eyes. She noted the blood splatter on the floor, the display of his signature modus operandi of raping and killing his victim preceded writing his name in their blood across the wall of the room where he brutalized them. Vengeance competed with sadness in her heart for the most recent victim, yet she remained resolute and controlled as she organized the scene with her partner, Harry Spencer, in conjunction with the FBI. She and Harry had been homicide detectives and partners for five years. They had seen a lot of unbelievable things together. But more recent, they had witnessed many of these crime scenes produced by Tom Willis in the past two years. The most personal one of these crimes weighed like a heavy boulder upon her conscience.
      "Are we ever going to get a break with this guy?" Harry grumbled.
      Harry wouldn't get an answer from her. He seldom did. Every time they worked a crime scene involving serial killer Tom Willis, Amelia didn't speak. She remained rigid, controlled, focused, and determined. It was clear in the set of her jaw, the coldness of her calm green gaze. They both knew every single one of these crimes were personal to her.

After several hours of questioning neighbors they debriefed with the FBI agents before heading back to the office to start writing up the new case for their department. After over a dozen murders committed by Willis it was routine. There were no witnesses. The evidence was critical but played secondary to the scope of crimes as Willis was consistent when he left his signature in the victim's blood on the wall. If they could just get a break to catch this guy before he struck again.
      But Harry knew why Amelia was so driven.
      Everyone in the department knew.
      Heck, even the FBI knew. Willis had raped and killed Amelia's younger sister - his first victim. Amelia and Harry worked well into the wee hours of the morning until they were the last detectives left in the office. A few detectives were on-call if another murder occurred during the night, but they were thankful it wasn't their turn. They trudged towards their cars in the secured employee parking lot, the dark of night just beginning to lighten before the sun would present itself over the eastern horizon.

"Late dinner/ early breakfast?" Harry asked as he rubbed the back of his neck.
      "Yeah. Sounds good before I drop into bed and crash." Amelia offered a tired smile. "Usual diner?"
      "Oh yeah. Heart attack on a plate is what we both need right now." He grinned and rubbed his hands with excitement as he slid into his new black corvette.
      Amelia chuckled at his analogy of the high-calorie, greasy food, but man, it was so worth it. She slid into her black jeep and followed him to the nearby all-night diner. It was quiet for a Saturday at four o'clock in the morning. Not even the usual drunks. Maybe their luck was looking up.
      "Hey, welcome. How are my two favorite detectives? Haven't seen you guys in over a month," a chipper, familiar voice cheered as they walked into the bright diner that housed windows along two sides of the building. Easy to see out and easy to see inside. Good safety for a place known to attract drunks, drug users who liked to overdose in the bathrooms, and even the homeless looking for a handout, not to mention the truckers who came off the highway in droves all day and all night long.
      "Hi, Alice. How are you, doll?" Harry flashed a smile and winked at the young college student who had been waiting on them for the past few years.
      "I'm great. The usual for you both?"
      "Yes, please," Amelia flashed a genuine smile at the waitress as they settled into the booth at the far end of the diner so that they could see anyone coming or going, as well as the parking lot.
      Within minutes Alice set steaming coffee and food before them. They dug in with zeal, enjoying the meal since they hadn't eaten in the past twelve hours. After their plates were cleared away Alice kept their mugs filled as they chatted in low murmurs.

Amelia gazed at the nearby coffee pot and spoke so soft it was as if she was talking to herself. "I've been trying to think like Willis, trying to get into what I believe is his mindset, and for the life of me I can't figure it out. There is no rhyme or reason to the people he chooses to kill. No set profile for the victims as they all range in age, race and nationality. The one thing that is a constant is that they are women."
      "I just pray somebody puts a bullet in his brain before he can strike again," Harry whispered with passion as he drank his coffee.
      "Well, Dirty Harry," Amelia began with a chuckle, using their long-time joke of his name as she glanced at him. She had her own set agenda for Willis that gleamed like a fire in her big green eyes as she continued, "Perhaps it will be you, if you are lucky.

Timeless Hearts
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About the Author

Lori was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, but lived most of her young life in Twin Branch, WV. At the age of 17 she joined the US Army Reserve, serving for several years. Her diverse employment background includes having served in law enforcement for over 10 years. Currently, she has a Master of Science in Nursing Administration degree and works as a manager for a healthcare plan.

Lori has three grown sons who constantly make her laugh and bring her great joy with their families. She is married, has a cat and dog, and looks forward to more grandchildren.

Her interests include reading, music, traveling, enjoying time with family and friends. And, of course, writing.

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Unknown said...

Good Morning! I would like to thank Books Chatter for hosting my tour stop today for Timeless Hearts. This paranormal romantic suspense was fun to write, especially as I threw in bouts of good humor. I hope you enjoy the excerpt. I look forward to your questions :-)

Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thanks for hosting!

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congrats on the tour and thanks for the chance to win :)

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Enjoying your book tour. The excerpt sound good. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

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