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Wednesday 14 September 2016

☀ Sins That Haunt: Women of Vegas [4] - Lucy Farago

Thank you for joining us on the Release Celebrations Virtual Book Tour for Sins That Haunt, a Romantic Suspense by (, Lyrical Press, 304 pages).

This is the fourth book in the Women of Vegas series.

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis and excerpt below. Read the first chapter with Amazon Look Inside.

Author Lucy Farago will be awarding a digital copy of Sins that Haunt to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.   Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read other excerpts (☀).

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The glitz and glamour of Las Vegas hide a multitude of sins. And in Lucy Farago’s show-stopping series, a lawyer and an FBI agent take a walk on the seedy side, where greed breeds a deadly desperation...

Civil attorney Shannon Joyce walks the line of law and order, but she learned from day one how to put up a good front—thanks to her con man father. Thirteen years ago, she left the east coast and her life of crime behind. Her high school sweetheart, Noah, was collateral damage, but some things can’t be helped. But now there’s no escape when her past comes roaring down the Strip—in the oh-so-tempting form of the man she left behind...

Special Agent Noah Monroe has Shannon exactly where he wants her—in the back of his car in handcuffs. Her grifter father has been murdered, and the FBI needs Shannon to keep one of his scams in play to bag the big bad guy who was financing him. Once again a pawn in someone’s else game, Shannon will have to trust her instincts to survive both the peril threatening her—and the passion Noah reignites…

Teaser: Excerpt

Chapter One

      If Shannon Joyce had learned anything in life, it was never to argue with the guy who’d just slapped handcuffs on your wrists. But this wasn’t just any guy and these weren’t those kinds of handcuffs.
     “Are you crazy?” she hissed. “I haven’t seen you in thirteen years and the first thing you say to me is ‘you’re under arrest’?”
     The asshole said nothing.
     She kicked the back of his car seat. “Noah Monroe, don’t ignore me.”
     “Stop that,” he tossed her over his shoulder. “Or I’ll add damaging federal property to the list.”
     He was toying with her. “I’m so scared,” she said with a snort.“Even if I did kill JJ, which I didn’t, what do the feds have to do with it?” How could this be happening to her? The career she’d worked her butt off to have—the clients who needed her—would go down the toilet with this bogus charge.
     After she’d gotten over the initial shock of Noah calling her this morning, she’d had to deal with him telling her that her father was dead. Was she supposed to mourn his loss? JJ Lewis was scum.Lower than scum. Her father swindled people. Good, honest people, and he’d dragged her sorry ass into his schemes one too many times. She’d considered killing him herself, would even shake the hand of whoever had done it, but it wasn’t her. She’d left that degenerate behind when she was sixteen, and only recently had she discovered he wasn’t in jail, where he belonged. She wasn’t sorry to hear someone had finally given him what he deserved—a one-way ticket to a wicked bonfire.
     “Evidence says different,” Noah said, not bothering to answer her question.
     If stares could kill, he’d have a hundred daggers sticking out of his head. “What evidence?” When he didn’t answer again, she went on the defensive. Later she’d panic. “I know my rights.”
     “You should also know to wait for an attorney.”
     “I am an attorney.” One who was going to sue someone’s ass off if word of this got out. He was lucky she’d decided to work late or she wouldn’t have been alone when the dumbass had taken out his handcuffs. She’d worked too hard to have her reputation ruined by the death of a man whose one good deed in life was leaving her alone for thirteen years. Not that he’d done it voluntarily. She’d made damn sure that bastard couldn’t find her.At least not until three months ago.
     “You’re a civil attorney. Murder is a crime, and if you didn’t already know, it’s not wise to defend yourself.”

Sins That Haunt
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The Series: Women of Vegas

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Sin on the Strip [1]

What happens in Las Vegas always burns bright, especially after hours. In this sizzling new series, the city's 24/7 glitz hides one woman's darkest nightmares—and one investigator's seductive secrets...

Control is everything to gorgeous Maggie Anderson. Her exclusive club gives abused and troubled women a refuge from Vegas's merciless streets—and helps her reclaim her shattered sense of freedom. But now someone is brutally murdering those she fights so hard to save. And baring her deepest fears to the one man who insists on protecting her could be the one move she won't survive…

Elite private investigator Christian Beck knows this particular serial killer's MO—and his own wrenching failure to find him—all too well. But staying two steps ahead of Maggie's determination to uncover the truth pushes his well-honed skills past the limit—and ignites his most naked instincts. Now every clue is a lie, each irresistible desire a lethal trap. And the closer he and Maggie get, their shattering secrets will either save them—or torch their lives to glittering ash…

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Sin and the Millionaire [2]

What happens in Vegas might stay in Vegas, but when an innocent woman is pinned with someone else’s lethal mistake, the bright lights of Sin City threaten to dim for good…

At seventeen, Lizzy’s first love swindled her out of a small fortune in lottery winnings, and her own small business—forcing her to strip to keep loan sharks at bay. That’s what led her to Vegas. Now she’s agreed to cater a Valentine's Day party for her friend and soon-to-be business partner, Duncan. What she doesn’t know is that the shy, wealthy tech wiz is secretly in love with her. Lizzy also doesn’t expect to be hauled in by the cops when the two of them are accused of murdering Duncan’s gold-digging (almost) ex-wife…

Lizzie should have learned the first time that mixing business with pleasure isn’t a good idea. For the record, she doesn’t sleep with friends. But as she and Duncan race to clear their names and find a killer, might they also discover they’re more than friends—just in time for the most romantic day of the year?....

[Published 2 February 2016, 86 pages]

Sin on the Run [3]

There are some secrets even Las Vegas's 24/7 glitter can't hide. Lucy Farago's dazzling new series ups the ante as a fiery stripper fights to protect an elite detective from danger--and both their killer pasts…

Living in the red-hot now is how Rhonda Deagan survives. Onstage, this sexy Goth stripper always stays on top, no matter how much her real-life dreams shatter. So why not risk a scorching fling with a gorgeous groomsman after her best friend's wedding? Too bad Blake Cameron is in someone's lethal sights. And saving this cool-headed investigator's life just put Rhonda on the run with him--and on his personal, oh-so-seductive hit list…

For Blake, figuring out who doesn't want him dead is easier than keeping his new raven-haired friend safe. The only way he can buy time to out-think their pursuers is to hide them both in the aristocratic world he thought he'd escaped. But there's no escaping the incendiary attraction between him and Rhonda. Walking the knife-edge between desire, lies, and naked truth may be their best chance to live--if it doesn't cut too deep to survive…

[Published 26 April 2016, 292 pages]

About the Author

Lucy Farago knows there is nothing like a happy sigh at the end of a good book. With the encouragement of her loving husband, she wrote her first manuscript. An unpublished historical, it sits in a file on her computer, there to remind her how much fun she had learning the craft and becoming part of an industry whose books make you believe anything is possible. A big fan of Agatha Christie, she set out to write her first romantic suspense novel. Thrilled to be a published author, Lucy also teaches yoga, enjoys cooking, and saying what other people are thinking. In her fantasy world, her beautiful Siberian husky, Loki, doesn’t shed and her three kids clean up after themselves. Alas, that fantasy will never see fruition.

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