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Thursday 22 September 2016

☀✉ By Design: Alphas Unleashed Collection [6] - BA Tortuga

Thank you for joining us on the fourth day of Bewitching Book Tours Haunted Halloween Spooktacular which will run every week day until the end of October and will showcase 26 different authors!

Today we are featuring By Design, a Paranormal Gay Erotic Romance with Shifters by (, OmniLit / All Romance eBooks, LLC, 117 pages).

This is the sixt novella in the Alphas Unleashed Collection series.

Don't miss the Spooktacular Guest Post by BA Tortuga.

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis and excerpt below. Read the first chapter with Amazon Look Inside.

The authors will be awarding a Kindle Fire, Amazon Gift Cards, Books and More to randomly drawn winners via Rafflecopter during the tour.   Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read flash fiction (⚡), and guest blog posts (✉).

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When the boss is away, the cats will play.

When Robin heads to North Carolina with his boss to help design and build a new conference center, he has a bunch of surprises in store for him. The building site is in the middle of nowhere, his boss is being weirder than usual, and he meets not one, but two of the hottest men he’s ever seen in his life. If he can just get his boss Terry to leave him alone with them, Robin knows Casey and Travis could rock his world.

Casey and Travis might play, but they’ve never thought of mating with a third man. Their immediate need for Robin is something they don’t question, though. What they do want to know is how Robin can possibly be unaware he’s a cat shifter. Can they help Robin find the other half of himself and convince him he’s what’s missing in their relationship at the same time?


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Spooktacular Guest Blog

     Hey y’all! I’m BA Tortuga, resident redneck and lover of all things spooky.
     What? It’s true.
     I am a Halloween JUNKIE. Thank God I married a woman who’s as into it as I am.
     We decorate the yard -- lights and pumpkins, skeletons and witches, spider webs and spooky, goofy signs. Yes, we’re that house.

     We spend the entire month of October drowning in every available scary movie known to man -- we watch the 31 days of Halloween, AMCs horror fest, everything from Poltergeist to the Gingerdead Man (if you haven't seen this one, OMG -- run. Go watch. You will pee yourself laughing).

     Then there’s the actual Halloween night part. See, we live in an extremely impoverished part of the country, so a house that has ‘the good candy’ is a thing to tell folks about. Our first year here, we had 10 trick or treaters. The next? 50.
     Last year? They were bringing kids from the reservations by the truckloads. We had over 200 little ones and we had a BLAST! FYI, in this part of the world, Almond Joys are the candy bar of choice. (In Texas it was Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, go figure).
     We (my wife, my mom and me) sit on the front porch in our rockers, wearing our witch hats, and passing out candy. People come in for a hug, for a cup of hot cider (from the Crockpot plugged in on the porch -- did y’all know there are places where it’s COLD at Halloween? I grew up where Halloween is still in the 90s, temperature wise and this has been a learning curve!), and to see the weird dolls that cover the porch.
     Then, once the kids have slowed to a trickle, we have the same thing every year.
     Cornbread, chili, and chocolate chip spider cookies.
     I’ve been making the same meal for...lord...29 years now?
     Now, I won’t share my chili recipe, because I haven’t even given it to my best friend from high school, and my cornbread and cookies are gluten free out of necessity these days (Celiacs is a bitch, my friends), but I’ll share the neat link to show how to do the spider cookies.
     Now, if y’all are in the Sandia area at Halloween, please stop by and get your cider and your Almond Joy. If you ask nice, I’ll even give you a bowl of chili. Just don’t expect the recipe.
     Some things I get scary about. ;-)

     Much love, y’all.

By Design
Pre-order NOW! Out 1 October 2016

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The Series: Alphas Unleashed Collection

Eight hot titles from eight different authors, all releasing on 1 October 2016!

About the Author

B.A. Tortuga Texan to the bone and an unrepentant Daddy's Girl, BA Tortuga spends her days with her basset hounds, getting tattooed, texting her sisters, and eating Mexican food. When she's not doing that, she's writing. She spends her days off watching rodeo, knitting, and surfing Pinterest in the name of research. BA's personal saviors include her wife, Julia Talbot, her best friend, Sean Michael, and coffee. Lots of coffee. Really good coffee.

Having written everything from fist-fighting rednecks to hard-core cowboys to werewolves, BA does her damnedest to tell the stories of her heart, which was raised in Northeast Texas, but has heard the call of the high desert and lives in the Sandias. With books ranging from hard-hitting GLBT romance, to fiery menages, to the most traditional of love stories, BA refuses to be pigeon-holed by anyone but the voices in her head.

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