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Wednesday 7 September 2016

✉ Victoria at Sea: Destiny's Detour [1] - M. Kate Quinn

Today author takes over our blog to tell us about The Story Behind The Story of her latest novel, Victoria at Sea (, Soul Mate Publishing, LLC, 162 pages), a Paranormal Romantic Comedy, book one of Destiny's Detour series.

"Victoria at Sea is a story to be enjoyed. It is told with humor, wit and dreams. The characters are just that, characters to like and remember. I smiled, I cried, I remembered ...I believed. And so will you." - Barbara Kinnecom (Amazon Verified Purchase) 
Amazing book.

"I finished it in one day- I couldn't put it down. The characters touched my heart and the story sucked me in."Rachel D. 
(Amazon Verified Purchase)

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Victoria at Sea: The Story Behind the Story

My newest release, Victoria at Sea, is a contemporary romance with a light paranormal twist. The story revolves around Victoria Gliden, a runaway bride who decides to take her honeymoon cruise anyway only to discover that Owen, the man she ditched, has had the same idea. It’s a six-day voyage to Cancun, but for Victoria it’s a journey of self discovery.

      Each one of my novels has a special place in my heart but Victoria at Sea is the one that had to be written. It started as a dream. I dreamed the premise of how a woman ditches her wedding because she has major “daddy issues.” The jilted fiancé shows up. I dreamed about a quirky old man that befriends her. When I woke the next morning I dashed to my computer and wrote it all down.
      Then life took a dive off a cliff. One of my dearest friends, Judy, was diagnosed with late-stage pancreatic cancer. Despite herculean efforts to save her life, the disease won that battle. I had known Judy all my life, having grown up together in the same small town. Her younger brother was in my class. It wasn’t until we’d married and had kids that we became friends, though, when we involved ourselves in PTA. There were a group of us women that became friends. We had fun. Over the years the group branched out, broke apart, but there were four of us that remained friends-Judy, Barbara, my sister Beth and me. We called ourselves “The Yaya’s” after that book, The Divine Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood.
      Over the years our friendship stayed strong despite crazy changes in our personal worlds. We lived through one of us divorcing, one of us becoming a young widow, all kinds of kid drama, losing parents, losing siblings, new marriages. Through all of life’s stuff we remained friends.
      Our one dream was to go away together and although we’d planned vacations many a time, for one reason or another we just never got the chance to do it.
      So, when I was writing Victoria at Sea, I seized the opportunity to write in a fun foursome of women who were travelling together. I named them “The Cosmo Crew,” because those potent pink martinis have played a part in our true-life foursome. Creating this group of women who love and champion each other was my way of having my friends and I take that vacation we’d always planned. “The Cosmo Crew” befriends Victoria and their interaction is unabashed fun, but poignant, too.
      I hope you’ll take a chance on reading Victoria at Sea, and if you do, I’d love to hear your reaction to the tale and, too, how you liked the four fun ladies that finally got their chance at vacation.

      Mary Kate Quinn

Victoria at Sea
Available NOW!

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