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Sunday 21 August 2016

☀ Midnight Sky: Dark Sky [2] - Amy Braun

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for Midnight Sky, a Young Adult Dystopian Fantasy by (, Amy Braun, 223 pages).

This is the second book in the Dark Sky series.

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis and excerpt below. Read the first two chapters with Amazon Look Inside.

Author Amy Braun will be awarding one ebook of Crimson Sky, a signed paperback of Midnight Sky, and various book swag to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.

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There are secrets, there are betrayals, and there are sacrifices...

The anticipated sequel to CRIMSON SKY, where secrets will lead to choices that will shatter the lives of those struggling to survive and stop the bloodshed...

The Behemoth has been destroyed, and the bloodthirsty Hellions seem to have left Westraven. But Claire Abernathy’s mind is not at ease. A terrible disease plagues her sister, appearing to have been brought on the Vesper, the leader of the Hellions beyond the tear between worlds– the Breach.

To save Abby and stop the Hellions for good, Claire must find the machine her parents built before the attacks, and fix it before the monsters return. To do so, she needs the help of her crew, and must ignore the secrets and rivalries between her captain and the man she saved.

Because the Hellions are not the only dangers following Claire. Twisted humans and old enemies surface to stop her and destroy all she loves. While she is determined to endure the trials, a single betrayal could shatter the hope of a better world, and force Claire to make a choice that will cost her dearly...

Teaser: Snippets

Abby nodded again and pulled away from me, moving with painful sloweness until she was stretched out on the bed and almost smothered by the blankets. I clutched her hand and pressed a small kiss on her head. Then I slid to my feet and turned for the door.
I paused when I reached it, glancing over my shoulder.
"Abby? what did you mean when you said the food didn't taste right?" Her back was to me so I didn't really hear what she said.
But I must have misunderstood, because it sounded like, "It doesn't taste alive."
"The Vesper wasn't lying when he sad you were smart," Davin growled at me against the aggressive storm. "Thought you had some sense, though." He tilted his head, looked over my shoulder, and smirked.

Somewhere behind me, Sawyer was shouting and cursing. "Wonder how brilliance tastes."

When Davin opened his jaws, I saw death. It was a black cavern filled with swords and smelled like blood.

The moment those jaws clamped onto my throat, I felt that death.

Sadness sparked in his eyes. "I don't want you to get hurt because of me. Is that such a bad thing?"

It was a good excuse. He'd been trying to clear his family's name, restore its honor, for years. He didn't want to be known as the son and brother of two savages for the rest of his life. He wanted to be better than that. I couldn't begrudge him for it. But I also knew that he was locking himself up again. I'd seen how he looked at me, felt the way he held me and kissed me.

I knew he was scared.

"You're a terrible liar," I said.


Another Hellion screamed below me, grabbing the metal rungs and trying to catch up to me. I kicked down, driving my foot into its face three times before it let go. I kept climbing, moving as fast as I could with the blowtorch weighing on me.

After making it up ten rungs, I needed to stop for a breath. My shoulders screamed in pain, threatening to dislocate if I moved any higher. Breathing heavily, I risked a glance over my shoulder to view what I missed when I was running across the hall.

It was worse than I thought.


"You can't stand their screams, can you? Knowing it's your fault?" His smile grew, and my blood turned cold. "I imagine your parents felt the same way."

I held back my shock as much as I could. Ryland was definitely old enough to have been alive when my parents were, but had he really seen them? Had all of Westraven seen them? Or did they just hear rumors and remember failures?

The worst part was that he was right. I couldn't keep up this act much longer. Not with the terrible sound around me. So much pain, all of it being caused by me. I couldn't let it go on.

"A true Abernathy," he condescended. "I should have known it from your looks, but this?" He chuckled. "This proves it."


"Missed me, darling?" He took his time walking toward me. "Because I missed you. But I've been biding my time. Watching you cozy up with my brother . What a love story you two have; the arrogant young pirate, and the irritating engineer."

I pushed to my feet, raising my hands, only to learn too late that I was missing my pocketknife.

Davin's grin widened. "Let me give you some advice, darling. Don't fight." He raised the satchel. "I got most of what I need. You're the last piece.

I'm not supposed to bring you back in pieces, but..." he shrugged, "other accidents can happen."

Midnight Sky
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The Series: Dark Sky

Click on the book cover to Look Inside the book on Amazon and read an excerpt.

Crimson Sky [1]

They’re always watching. They’re always waiting.

They’re always starving...

Ten years ago, the sky shattered and the Hellions emerged. No one was able to keep them from destroying the city of Westraven. Now that the bloodthirsty monsters rule the skies and have forced the few remaining humans underground, Claire Abernathy lives in a nightmare. She survives by using her skills as an engineer for a ruthless tyrant connected to her mother and father’s past failure.

Then Claire’s world is torn apart when her sister Abby is kidnapped by the Hellions, and Claire herself is taken by dangerous sky pirates known as marauders. But Claire will not be intimidated by them while her sister’s life hangs by a thread, and so she strikes a deal with them: If they help rescue Abby, she will fix their ship and give them the chance to take the revenge they desperately seek.

As Claire fights for her sister’s life, she begins to realize that the Hellions are not the only dangers she’ll face. Burdensome secrets and devastating betrayals threaten her at every turn, and if she loses herself to them, it won’t just be her life that is destroyed...

[Published 2 February 2016, 282 pages]

About the Author

Amy is a Canadian urban fantasy and horror author.  Her work revolves around monsters, magic, mythology, and mayhem.

She started writing in her early teens, and never stopped.  She loves building unique worlds filled with fun characters and intense action.

She is the recipient of April Moon Books Editor Award for "author voice, world-building and general bad-assery," and the One Book Two Standout Award in 2015 for her Cursed trilogy.  She has been featured on various author blogs and publishing websites, and is an active member of the Writing GIAM and Weekend Writing Warrior communities.

When she isn't writing, she's reading, watching movies, taking photos, gaming, and struggling with chocoholism and ice cream addiction.

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