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Monday 29 August 2016

☀☄ Joshua and the Arrow Realm: Joshua and the Lightning Road [2] - Donna Galanti

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for Joshua and the Arrow Realm, a Middle Grade Fiction Fantasy Adventure by (, Tantrum Books, 278 pages).

This is the second book in the Joshua and the Lightning Road series.

Don't miss our interview with author Donna Galanti.

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis, trailers and excerpt below.

Author Donna Galanti will be awarding a scrabble tile book cover charm (US ONLY) to a random winner, and a digital copy of Joshua and the Lightning Road AND Joshua and the Arrow Realm by Donna Galanti (INT) to five randomly drawn winners via Rafflecopter during the tour.  

Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read other interviews (ℚ), reviews (✍) and guest blog posts (✉).

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Joshua never thought he'd return to the world of Nostos so soon. But, when King Apollo needs his help in the Arrow Realm, Joshua's will and powers will be tested in order to save him.

With his loyalties divided between our world and theirs, Joshua wonders whether he alone can restore magic to the twelve powerless Olympian heirs, or whether he is being tricked into making the one mistake that might cost them all.

JOSHUA AND THE ARROW REALM is the exciting follow up to JOSHUA THE LIGHTNING ROAD which the Midwest Book Review called, "a heart-pounding thrill ride."

Teaser: Excerpt

Chapter One

      “On your mark. Get set. Go!” We hurtled down the crusty ice-covered slope under a midnight moon. Charlie raced the faster sled, but I knew every dip and bump of this hill. I veered toward a ramp I’d made the day before he arrived from France and launched off it. He yelled a French curse at me and I laughed, now in the lead. The trees and creek disappeared. The fort Finn and I built last summer, before we got kidnapped to another world, was a white blob. I zoomed past it, picking up speed, and headed for the frozen pond at the bottom of the hill, wishing Finn were here with us too, but he was visiting his grandparents for winter break.
      The star-studded sky hung over us, and the full moon reflected off the glittering snow before dashing behind rolling clouds. Light sleet slapped my cheeks. I skidded left and flipped over. Charlie grinned at me as he passed, his long legs trailing off the back of his sled. He rocketed to the pond, spraying my face with snow. “Au revoir, Joshua!”
      His black hair and red scarf flew up, a splash of color in the white tundra. I threw myself on my sled and raced after him. He was going to win! It was okay. I wanted to make every minute fun for Charlie because he was in a rough spot. His American dad got some fancy job in Boston and the whole family was moving here, but Charlie’s younger brother and mom stayed behind in France for a few months to pack the house. For now, Charlie had to deal with his dad, a new school, and a new country. At least his dad thought it’d be good for him to hang with his one American friend over winter break since they just moved here. If Charlie needed cheering, he came to the right place. He was like a brother and brothers let each other win, didn’t they?
      A faint rumble groaned through the whistling wind.
      Boom! Thunder ripped the sky overhead.
      Charlie reached the frozen pond, spinning across it. “Woohoo! I win! You Americans can’t beat us at speed!”
      Lightning flashed. It zinged across the pine trees like brilliant sunlight. A seed of terror flickered inside me.
      Boom! Boom!
      Another flash scorched the sky.
      Charlie’s smile fell to a frown as he raced across the ice, peering up into the swirling clouds.
      We both knew what lightning could do.
      Suddenly, sneaking outside for a moonlit sled ride before Bo Chez got home from his monthly poker game didn’t seem so smart.

      [Visit Donna Galanti's website to continue reading the first two Chapters, and see the map for the Arrow Realm!]

Joshua and the Arrow
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The Series: Joshua and the Lightning Road

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Joshua and the Lightning Road [1]

Stay away from the window, don’t go outside when it’s storming and whatever you do, do not touch the orb.

Twelve-year-old Joshua Cooper’s grandpa has always warned him about the dangers of lightning. But Joshua never put much stock in his grandpa’s rumblings as anything more than the ravings of an old man with a vast imagination.
Then one night, when Joshua and his best friend are home alone during a frightful storm, Joshua learns his grandpa was right. A bolt of lightning strikes his house and whisks away his best friend—possibly forever.

To get him back, Joshua must travel the Lightning Road to a dark place that steals children for energy. But getting back home and saving his friend won’t be easy, as Joshua must face the terrifying Child Collector and fend off ferocious and unnatural beasts intent on destroying him.

In this world, Joshua possesses powers he never knew he had, and soon, Joshua’s mission becomes more than a search for his friend. He means to send all the stolen children home—and doing so becomes the battle of his life.

[Published 19 May 2015, 278 pages]

About the Author

Donna is the author of the Joshua and The Lightning Road series and the Element Trilogy.

She is a contributing editor to International Thriller Writers the Big Thrill magazine and blogs at www.project-middle-grade-mayhem.blogs..., a cooperative of published middle grade authors. Visit her at and

Donna wanted to be a writer ever since she wrote a murder mystery screenplay at seven and acted it out with the neighborhood kids.  She attended an English school housed in a magical castle, where her wild imagination was held back only by her itchy uniform (bowler hat and tie included!).  There she fell in love with the worlds of C.S. Lewis and Roald Dahl, and wrote her first fantasy about Dodo birds, wizards, and a flying ship (and has been writing fantasy ever since).

She’s lived in other exotic locations, including her family-owned campground in New Hampshire and in Hawaii where she served as a U.S. Navy photographer.  She now lives with her family and two crazy cats in an old farmhouse and dreams of returning one day to a castle.

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