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Tuesday 19 July 2016

☀ Somniare: Somniare [1] - D.T. Dyllin

Thank you for joining us for the Release Day Celebrations for  Somniare, a Young Adult Fantasy Romance by (, Tik Tok Press, 234 pages).

This is the first book in the Somniare series.

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis and excerpt below.  Read the first chapter with Amazon Look Inside.

Author D.T. Dyllin will be awarding a signed paperback copy of Somniare, with a set of the character illustrations (4x6) to three randomly drawn winners via Rafflecopter during the tour.

Synopsis | Teaser | The Series | About the Author | Giveaway


Remy Novem was murdered…
But she didn’t die.

Forced to escape to Somniare, a dream landscape, Remy must somehow survive living nightmares, and endless torment without using her magic. Her only hope for freedom is to hitch a ride with a human back into reality, tricking the poor creature into believing no harm will befall them.

Remy isn’t troubled by the fact that she must kill to live…

Until love changes everything.

Teaser: Excerpt


I’d always thought my life would end with a roar—me waging battle with death itself.
      It didn’t happen that way.
      One moment I was alive—vibrant—on the verge of greatness.And then it all slipped away … silently, like whispered words of regret on the wind.
      Or maybe I simply didn’t remember parts of my murder. That was a distinct possibility.
      Now in Somniare, hanging onto quasi-life by a thread, one-by-one my memories were being siphoned from my mind … and there was nothing I could do about it.
      I grunted with displeasure as I fell on my ass, more annoyed than afraid. “Go away! Die! Be vanquished already!”
      Hovering a few feet above me, nothing but a dark shadowy mass, was a larua. This particularly nasty kind was one indigenous to Somniare. It targeted beings that didn’t belong in the dreaming landscape, like me, sucking away one memory from my life at a time.
      I shuddered when I thought about what would happen if I lost everything. I’d become one of them—a larua. I’d have no emotions, and no memories of my own, so I’d crave those things, stealing them from others whenever I could.
      I screamed as dark tentacles swirled towards me, fear finally taking hold, freezing me in place. Once I could have stopped it with a simple command or motion. Magic. My magic threaded by intent through my words or actions would have enforced my will over the larua, but not now. No, now I was weak, my magic used up to keep me in Somniare until I could find a way out. If I let my resolve waver for even a moment, using any energy to ward off the larua, there was a chance I’d be dead for good.
      “Just go away,” I gritted out, squeezing my eyes shut. I despised how helpless I felt. Nothing—and I do mean nothing—makes you feel more powerless than knowing you can’t fight something.
      Warmth washed over me; pleasant, almost reassuring, and completely at odds with what was about to happen to me. My breath hitched as I waited to see what memory I would experience before it was lost to me forever.
      “Leave her alone!” a deep voice rumbled, seemingly from all around me.
      Frost filled my lungs and I gasped for air, clawing at my chest. I was held in pitch-blackness, unable to see anything. My thoughts were scattered, and unfocused. The larua had touched me, that much I was sure of, but… but was it still? What’s happening?
      “I said, you need to be leavin’ her alone! Now!”
      Bright colors exploded into existence, chasing away the darkness with ferocity. My heart thrashed against my ribcage as my lungs fully expanded with oxygen. I fell onto my back, staring at—
      “Hey. You alright?”
      A slow smile curled my lips upward, even as I struggled to regain my composure. An astoundingly attractive man was peering down at me, his baby blues filled with concern.
      Why, hello there. Aren’t you just cute enough to die for me?
      I offered my hand to the dashing stranger, grinning widely as I got a better look at him. He appeared to be in his early to mid-twenties, his face a study in masculinity, all hard lines and sharp angles. Dark blond scruff shaded his jaw, matching his short-cropped hair. Wearing nothing but a T-shirt and military-style fatigues, his muscular body was on display for me to drink in.
      Oh, yes, he’s definitely what I need.
I’d been beginning to fear never finding a human, let alone one up to my standards, who I could use to get me the hell out of Somniare. Call me picky. After all, in the end, the human would end up dead, so it shouldn’t have mattered, but it did to me. If I was going to bond with someone on any level, I wanted it to be enjoyable.
      I frowned when the man backed up a few steps, careful not to touch me. My hand hung limply in the air for a second before I let it drop into my lap. How embarrassing.
      A soft shimmer wavered around him, and then a bright flash of pink caused me to turn my head for a moment. When I looked back, a little girl stood in his place, smiling at me mischievously.
      “Hey! Where did he …” Realization kicked in. I narrowed my eyes. “What are you?” I so don’t have time for this—so much for my ticket out of Somniare. Disappointment nettled me.
      The girl fluffed her shoulder-length white hair, studying me with odd pink-tinged eyes. Her features were sharp, lupine somehow.“I’m your hero.” She tilted her head to look down at her body. “Or I guess heroine now.” She giggled, the sound tinkling through the air.
      I staggered to my feet, pushing my annoyance aside. After all, the—whatever it was—had saved me from the larua. “Thank—” I swallowed my words, internally chastising myself for the near slip up.One should never thank a creature of unknown origins. Some seemingly simple words hold more power than most fathom. I wasn’t about to risk owing a debt that could put me in a worse situation than I was already in, however slim the chance. “Your assistance was greatly appreciated.” I forced a smile. “Now get lost.” I didn’t need the complication of a new friend.
      The girl’s delicate hands shifted to her hips. “I don’t think so, Aremidalia Novem, next Grand Witch of Domus Novem. You’re not getting rid of me that easily. In fact, you’re kind of stuck with me.”

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About the Author

D.T. Dyllin is a bestselling author who writes both paranormal and contemporary romance. Anything with a love story is her kryptonite. Her obsession with affairs-of-the-heart is what first drove her to begin twisting her own tales of scorching romance.

D.T. was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Black & Gold for life, baby!) She now lives in Little Rock, Arkansas with her husband and two spoiled German Shepherds.

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