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Friday 15 July 2016

☀ Griff Montgomery, Quarterback : First & Ten [1] - Jean C. Joachim

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for Griff Montgomery, Quarterback , a Contemporary Romance by (, Moonlight Books, 298 pages).

This is the first book in the First & Ten series; find details of all of the other books in the series below.

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis and excerpt below.  Read the first two chapters with Amazon Look Inside.

Author Jean C. Joachim will be awarding a $25 Amazon/BN gift card to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.   Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read other exclusive excerpts (☀), and reviews (✍).

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Two people, two tragedies, two deep, devastating secrets…

Griff Montgomery is the headline-making, heart-breaking star quarterback of the Kings – a 6’4”, 33 year old womanizer. Lauren Farraday is a beautiful young interior designer, bitterly scarred by divorce, whose life is falling apart. Though they violently oppose one another in court over her beloved pug (she thinks he’s arrogant and conceited, and he thinks she’s a bitch on wheels), something happens....

These are the bare bones of this sizzling romance, riddled with passion -- the first in a brand new series that’ll tantalize football fans and have readers glued to every page and on the edge of their seats!

Griff looks like a super hero with his tousled, mahogany hair, dazzling smile, dark, sexy eyes, and a body that does something indescribable to a tight pair of jeans. Though Lauren’s sworn off men forever, one look sends shivers down her spine, making her feel lonelier than ever before. Her lustrous, long hair, sparkling green eyes, and nonstop curves make his fingers tingle at the thought of touching her. How do they deal with their cataclysmic attraction? Will they be able to drop their protective facades – his to camouflage his grief over his sister and her family, for whom he was a surrogate father, moving 3000 miles away…. And hers’ to shield her from the incalculable loss of her husband and hoped for child?

For Griff, the thought of falling in love is as foreign as toe shoes and a tutu. For Lauren, it’s like putting on cleats and a helmet and running 50 yards…. Can they, will they, risk it?

Teaser: Excerpt

     It was four o’clock when she rolled into her driveway. Feeling buoyed by her decision to become a workaholic, Lauren stopped on the threshold of the house. She put her suitcase down and took a deep breath. It’s empty. Bob said he’d leave the bed and the couch. Be prepared. Warm summer air caressed her face. Why rush in? There’s no one there, anyway.
     She sank down into a wicker chair and propped her feet up on the small table. Moving her dad had been exhausting, draining her emotional, as well as physically.
     Picking up her cell, she dialed Canine Condo, where her Zander had been staying. Thank God Bob agreed to let me keep him. Maybe it’s not too late to get him tonight.
     “No, Lauren. Zander’s not here.”
     “What? You sure? Bob was supposed to drop him off.”
     “Nope. We have room. Is he coming now?”
     “No, thanks. I’m home.” She closed the phone. Tears pricked at her eyes. He lied. He took Zander. Why am I surprised? She pulled out a tissue. Don’t be a wimp. Call him. Get your dog back!
     “What’s up?” Bob sounded preoccupied.
     “Why did you take Zander? Was telling me I could have him just another lie?”
     “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t have the dog. You dropped him at Canine Condo.”
     “What? You were supposed to do that. It was on the list, remember?”
     “What list?”
     “The one I gave you. That you balled up and refused to read.”
     “Well, if you saw I didn’t read it, why didn’t you drop him there?”
     “I couldn’t do everything, Bob.”
     “He’s your problem now.” Her ex-husband hung up.
     Her heart beat quickened. Adrenaline pumped through her veins. She opened the front door and called the dog’s name. No answer. She ran outside and repeated the action. No answer. Panic rose in her chest, her pulse thumping in her ear. No whimpers or barking broke the quiet of the summer day. He’s gone. A sob broke from her throat as tears cascaded down her cheeks. Zander, where are you?

Griff Montgomery, Quarterback
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The Series: First & Ten

CAUTION: These books contain locker room language.

|| [2] || [3] || [4] || [5] || [6] || [7] ||

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Buddy Carruthers, Wide Receiver [2]

Known for his record-breaking stats and womanizing ways, wide receiver, Buddy Carruthers, would give it all up for one chance to win the only woman he ever wanted, Emmy Meacham. Hard-won games, and traveling half the season kept Buddy from pursuing his secret passion. Even if he managed to corner her for a moment, would she still care?

Now a rock star known as Emerald, Emmy lived her life on the road with no time for love. In her dreams, she longed to turn back the clock and spend another night with Buddy. But lies and deceit had kept them apart for five years.

Would a chance meeting wash away those years or cause old wounds to resurface? Could two lives traveling in opposite directions make room for love or would they continue to spin, out of sync, and always alone?

[Published 10 April 2015 , 258 pages]

Pete Sebastian, Coach [3]

Pete Sebastian, Coach Bass to his team, thought he had his life under control until smart, alluring Jo Parker sashayed into a front office job with the Connecticut Kings. He locks horns with the beautiful female when she implements new ideas to clean-up the team’s rep. Was she there just to push him around or was she the one woman he’s been seeking?

Struggling toward success in the man’s-man world of the NFL, Jo Parker has relied on her brains and determination to get ahead. But her new job at the Kings has one hurdle she hadn’t counted on – a sexy coach standing in her way. How can she keep her mind on her job when all she wants is to get closer, much closer, to the coach?

Can Coach Bass handle a woman in the boardroom and the bedroom? Can he keep his heart safe or will the revelation of a secret destroy his dreams, leaving him alone once more?

[Published 19 June 2015, 248 pages]

Devon Drake, Cornerback [4]

Devon Drake, star cornerback, has it all: hot super model girlfriend and pro football career, or does he? A childhood friend wanders back into his life, upsetting his ideal existence. Is it finally time to tell her the truth about what happened fifteen years ago?

Stormy Gregory is on the run from an abusive man. Her best friend offers her a safe place at the shelter for abused women and children. Grateful to be out of harm’s way, Stormy helps with a charitable event, not expecting to run into Devon Drake, her friend’s brother. Will she run again rather than face rejection?

Cracks in his perfect world threaten the cornerback’s starting lineup status. An unwelcome surprise short-circuits Stormy’s attempt to build a new life. Can they pull together or will the secret that separates the former friends keep them on a downward spiral?

[Published 24 August 2015, 252 pages]

Sly "Bullhorn" Brodsky, Offensive Line [5]

Sly “Bullhorn” Brodsky wished winning the heart of Samantha Drake was as easy as protecting his quarterback. A top offensive lineman in the NFL, Bull tried to live down his rep as a womanizer. Locker room chatter had elevated him to the level of “player” in more than football. But Samantha Drake, dark-haired, stunning sister of a teammate, didn’t want to have anything to do with him. Or did she?

On his best behavior, Bull pulled out all the stops to woo the reluctant beauty. He was making progress until a woman from his past reappeared. Tiffany, the one woman who broke his heart, is in trouble. Is Bull the only man who can help?

Samantha is overcoming her doubts about Bull until Tiffany arrives. Is the blonde really in hot water or does she just want another chance with the man she discarded? Enjoy the return of your favorite First & Ten characters in this book, too. Surprises, twists, and football action scenes will keep you turning the pages.

[Published 14 November 2015, 248 pages]

Al "Trunk" Mahoney, Defensive Line [6]

When his wife walked out on him, Al “Trunk” Mahoney’s plans for the family he’d never had went up in smoke. A top-ranked defenseman in the NFL, Trunk’s success on the gridiron didn’t translate to the rest of his life. Hooking up with women was easy for the sexy lineman, but Trunk’s secret closed the door to marriage. Would the happiness he yearned for always be just beyond his reach?

Beautiful Carla Ricci, bar owner and independent woman had her choice of men. A love-‘em and leave-‘em lady, she’d made a decision that ruled out 99.9% of men for marriage. She didn’t care. Then Trunk Mahoney came along. Carla resolved to remain true to herself. Could her willpower hold indefinitely, or would she settle for an affair that would break her heart?

[Published 9 January 2016, 225 pages]

Harley Brennan, Running Back [7]

Harley Brennan and Shyla Hollings agreed to part company to follow their careers. It was a mutual decision. The star running back had no problem getting dates, but never the right dates. After one year trying to replace the only woman he’d ever loved, he declared defeat. Until the reality TV show, Marriage Minded, approached him.

Harley flew to L.A. after the Super Bowl, ready to find his new soul mate. Bumping into Shyla at the airport didn’t give him a clue that she’d be behind the scenes, designing the sets for the program. And she didn’t tell him. Was Fate playing a hand, bringing them together? If so, Harley had to admit, Fate had lousy timing.

Convinced his life was heading for a touchdown, Harley’s confidence was high, until his luck ran out. Would the running back get knocked out of the game or sprint to victory? A unique combination of reality TV show surprises, football action, humor, and steamy love scenes, HARLEY BRENNAN, RUNNING BACK, will keep you guessing until the last scene.

[Published 5 March 2016, 225 pages]

About the Author

Jean Joachim, wife and mother of two sons, is owned by a rescued pug, named Homer.  She’d been writing non-fiction for what seemed like forever until she got up the nerve to try fiction.  It was love.  Now she spends her days in New York City in the company of her characters, with a cup of tea and a secret stash of black licorice.

Jean Joachim is a best-selling romance fiction author, with books hitting the Amazon Top 100 list since 2012.  She writes mostly contemporary romance, which includes sports romance and romantic suspense.

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