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Wednesday 27 July 2016

☀ Errors of Evaluation - Paola Pica

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for Errors of Evaluation, a Literary Women Fiction by (, Clink Street Publishing, 104 pages).

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Francesca’s presence pervades the lives of those she meets. She leaves an indelible mark, the true nature of her personality revealed through other people’s encounters with her. Her boldness as a spoilt child. Her temporary (and just) suffering as the victim of a shrink - an ambiguous and even more unscrupulous person than her in grasping anything graspable. And the more than explicit revelation of her blind egocentrism, because of which she ignores the one person who has tried tirelessly to help her.

Three very different characters tell the same story about the enigmatic woman who has entered their lives, each one illuminating who Francesca really is, from their own point of view. Each character has made an error of evaluation which they realise has prejudiced their lives and their relationships. An omniscient narrator will have the final say.

Absorbing and reflective, Errors of Evaluation by the Italian writer Paola Pica has been translated into English by Janice Burberry for the first time. An exquisite exploration of human behaviour and relationships, it forces readers to analyse their own decisions, questioning whether they are superficial or have a deeper rationale behind them. Pica’s psychologically astute portrayals of her characters and their interplay with the allusive Francesca are born from a lifetime of observing how people operate and interact; her writing encourages us to be vigilant when choosing the people we allow to enter - and remain - in our own lives. While it is tempting to base a life on beauty alone, especially in an age of constant obsession over image, Pica warns that this not the path to fulfilment.

The novel expertly depicts the social and daily mores of the Italian upper classes, revealing both the artifice and the truths that lie beneath it all. Lovers of intelligent women’s commercial fiction will be hooked by Pica's thought provoking, emotionally driven narratives, which ruminate on the important themes of wealth, beauty, betrayal and psychological ruin.

Teaser: Excerpt

from Elena's Error of Evaluation

      I don’t think that I have ever had an experience even remotely similar to that in which I found myself after getting together again with my cousin Francesca.
      I used the expression “get together with” rather than “get close to”, because our language can be subtle indeed, and this difference might never be noticed by even the most expert of foreign linguists.
      It’s true that we usually say “get together with” when we want to express the idea that two poles have moved closer to each other, whereas when we mean a reciprocal interest and the will to maintain contact, we would use “get close to”.
      It wasn’t like that, my cousin and I finding each other again. At the time, I underestimated her initial coolness when she answered the phone, mistaking it for astonishment. It was me who had wanted this — wanted her to hear my voice for the first time in ten years and on her new number as well, since she had never given me that phone number — yet she needed no persuading and demonstrated nothing more than genuine surprise.
      Not that she had ever tried to make herself unreachable. It was simply that she had erased me — “suppressed” me as she would explain later, using language more appropriate to her changed status.

Errors of Evaluation
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About the Author

Living just outside Rome, Italy, Paola Pica has studied and worked extensively in England and her homeland as a translator and interpreter.

Today she works for various embassies in Rome, as well as focusing on her writing.

She is the author of five novels and one short story collection.

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