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Friday 1 July 2016

ℚ The Purse - Julie A. Burns

Today we have the pleasure of meeting up with author to talk about The Purse (, Rambunctious Ramblings Publishing Inc., 278 pages), a LBGT Mystery Thriller.

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A very warm welcome to Julie Burns; thank you for joining us on BooksChatter!

What was the inspiration for The Purse?

"A silver antique purse was what intrigued me; I wondered about its history and where it had been.  I was also inspired by my close friend whose mother had passed when she was only three.  It was all of the “what ifs” in life: what if she were alive somewhere and there were deep secrets?  What if you found her and there were even more secrets?  The possibilities were endless."
How much of yourself is reflected in this book, and how?
"There is a lot of me in this book: personality, humor, and things that I wished to happen in real life.  It’s all the things I love about fiction!"
The first thing that draws me to a book is its cover.  Can you tell us about your cover for The Purse - why you chose that concept and who the artist is.
"I love the cover!  It is an antique-looking purse with bullet holes through it.  The artist is Mike Finch who is with my publisher Rambunctious Ramblings Publishing Inc. (RRPI).

I was not sure about the concept in the beginning because it didn’t seem to jive with the purse I saw in my head, but once I saw it completed, I was in love with it.  I have had several compliments on it."

I do like Mike Finch's work, and it is good to see that RRPI are showing it off!

Why should we read The Purse and what sets it apart from the rest? What makes your book unique?

"My book is an LBGT mystery.  The main characters are lesbian and a couple of minor characters are gay, but I think it is unique because it is really a mixture of people—people that you would see in everyday life.  Lesbian, gay, straight, African American, and even a character with Down syndrome."
Can you tell us something quirky about The Purse, its story and characters?
"There is a character who has Down syndrome whom I patterned after an individual I worked with years ago.  She was always so upbeat and clapped her hands all the time and was the epitome of why I loved working with the developmentally disabled.  They just get to your soul."
Who would you recommend The Purse to and what should readers be aware of (any warnings or disclaimers)?
"I would recommend this to anyone who loves a mystery and I personally like the fact that there are people of all sorts, not just LGBT, who can identify with the characters.

There is minor violence and sexual situations."
If you could / wished to turn The Purse into a movie, who would be your dream team?
"The book takes place in Chicago and, in parts, Wyoming.  

I would love a director like Jodie Foster; it should be a woman director.  Someone like Jennifer Lawrence as Lydia, and I see Pierce Brosnan as Joel, the mob guy who is after the purse, and Jessica Lange as Lydia’s long lost mother."
What do you like to write and read about? Do you stick to a particular genre or do you like to explore different ones?
"I like to write about real people and places; I see people and imagine stories in my head about perfect strangers!  I really love mysteries and psychological thrillers to write, but for reading, I love mysteries and thrillers, and also autobiographies."
What is your writing process?
"I tend to get out a pad of paper and a pen to jot down names of characters (using a phone book) and figure ages and characteristics/personalities.  I also use a dry erase board once I start writing to keep facts together. "
What is in store next?
"I have a second novel due in February 2017 with RRPI.  It is called Dreamers and Thieves and is more of a psychological thriller with a hint of romance (straight).  This is a departure from The Purse in so many ways."
The book's description and an excerpt for Dreamers and Thieves is available on the RRPI website - do have a look!

And as a final quirky thing, to get to know you a little bit better... do you have a pet or something that is special to you that you could share with us?

"I have two dogs; a Boston terrier, Bella, and a shih tzu, Ellie."

Hello Ellie and Bella!  Head scratches all around! :-D
Julie, we hope you had a great tour, and hope to see you again soon!

The Purse
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