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Tuesday 19 February 2019

☀ The Mage Tales Prequels: The Mage Tales [0-02] - Ilana Waters

Thank you for joining us on the Release Celebrations for The Mage Tales Prequels box set, an Urban Fantasy by (, Ilana Waters, 648 pages).

These are the three prequels in the The Mage Tales series.

PREVIEW: Check out the books' synopsis and the Kindle Cloud Reader Preview below, as well as full details of the series.

The Mage Tales Prequels
is FREE on Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owner's Lending Library.

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Author Ilana Waters will be awarding a digital copy of Blood and Magic, and a $75 Amazon/BN gift card to randomly drawn winners via Rafflecopter during the tour.  

Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read other excerpts (☀).

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Vampire. Witch. Hero. Monster.

Titus Aurelius is all of these things. Ever since he rose from the ashes of ancient Pompeii, this former Roman general has fought for survival.

A few millennia later, bloodseeker Titus isn’t looking for trouble—just a quick meal. But when his path crosses the witch Abigail’s, that plan gets shot to Hades. They find out the Paranormal Investigation Agency (PIA) is plotting something monstrous—something that involves exploding gas mains, lethal bird-shifters, and sadistic vampire minions. Will they uncover the PIA’s murderous secret before every supernatural in its path is destroyed?

And what is Titus and Abigail’s connection to the mage who, almost twenty years later, is exiled to a paranormal boarding school? Can this mage solve a mystery concerning a stolen potion and ghostly figure before students—including him—wind up dead?

Together for the first time, the Mage Tales Prequels: Books 0-2 are action-packed, edge-of-your-seat suspense stories shot through with a megadose of snark. If you love authors like Kevin Hearne, Lev Grossman, and Ilona Andrews, give these a try!

This box set contains one novella and two full-length novels:

When Darkness Falls
Blood and Magic
Mage Lessons

Teaser: KCR Preview

Action. Supsense. Snark.

The Mage Tales Prequels
Available NOW!

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The Series: The Mage Tales

The Mage Tales comprise of a main series (books 1 to 3.5) and a prequel series (books 00 to 02).
All books in the series can be read as stand-alone, and they are all FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

|| [0] || [01] || [02] || [1] || [2] || [3] || [3.5] || [1-3] ||

Click on the book cover to Look Inside the book on Amazon and read an excerpt.

When Darkness Falls [0]

A bloodthirsty general. A witch with a secret. And a cataclysmic force that threatens to destroy them both.

Rome, AD 79. Pompeii is burning. But out of the ashes, what will arise—hero or monster?

My name is Titus Aurelius, and I do not want to tell you this story.

But a certain mage I am acquainted with feels otherwise. He insists there is some merit to my tale, though I doubt anyone is ready to bear the weight of it. To hear how I came to be both witch and vampire. How nothing in my life turned out quite as I expected. I did not intend to have a son. I did not intend to fall in love.

I did not intend to die.

[Published 2 April 2017, 101 pages]

Blood and Magic [01]

An ancient, ruthless vampire. A fearless witch hippie. Both walk into a bar.

And all hell breaks loose.

Bloodseeker Titus isn’t looking for trouble—just a quick meal. But when his path crosses the witch Abigail’s, that plan gets shot to Hades.

Abigail is a member of the Paranormal Investigation Agency (PIA), a secret organization that can spell death to supernaturals. Titus vows to stay as far away from her as possible. But when Abigail suspects a high-ranking PIA member of a monstrous plot, she vows to investigate. For that, she needs Titus’s special skills.

Against his will, Titus is swept into a world of exploding gas mains, lethal bird-shifters, and sadistic vampire minions. The only way out? Uncover the PIA’s murderous secret. Which means going up against the powerful figure at the center of it all. The only problem is, that person will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Even if it means destroying every supernatural in their path.

[Published 25 May 2017, 271 pages]

Mage Lessons [02]

A supernatural boarding school. A missing potion. A ghostly figure. A mage who might one day save the world . . . if he can survive.

My father lied. This wasn’t high school. This was hell.

Still grieved over his witch mother’s disappearance, Joshua the mage is shipped off to a paranormal boarding school by his cold vampire father. Mistrusted as a supernatural freak, all Joshua wants to do is lay low until graduation. But when vandalism, thefts, and other crimes start plaguing the school, all fingers point to him. And when one crime takes a turn for the deadly, it’s up to Joshua to clear his name. If he doesn’t, he risks more than expulsion.

He risks paying the ultimate penalty.

[Published 2 December 2016, 294 pages]

The Age of Mages [1]

Mages. Mayhem. Murder. Someone’s not getting out alive.

Forget what you know about magic. The creatures, the rules, everything. That’s all about to change.

Mage Joshua Alderman has a serious problem with supernaturals in his life. It doesn’t help that he needs a vampire to track down a cult of paranormal kidnappers. Or that the all-powerful Witch Council is threatening them both with death.

But the sitch really hits the fan when their rescue mission explodes a secret so big, it could spell the end of the human race.

Can this magic-slinging duo keep off each other’s throats long enough to stop a ruthless immortal from destroying humanity?

The Age of Mages is an action-packed, edge-of-your seat suspense story shot through with a megadose of snark. Behold the illicit love child of Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, and Lev Grossman.

Grab your copy today. Because if this mage dies, the world—including you—might be next.

[First published 3 October 2014; this second edition 26 September 2015, 207 pages]

The Mage's Trick [2]

Ancient vampires. Treacherous beheadings. Bomb-filled body bags. This mage is on a course that’s set to explode.

Ah, Rome. The city of Raphael . . . Bernini . . . Caravaggio. And an ancient and evil vampire who’s recently come out of a deep sleep.

The mage known as Joshua is finally reunited with the mother who disappeared when he was a teen, but there’s little time to celebrate. His mother’s kidnappers may be dead, but their master—a merciless vampire who wants to rule humanity—is very much alive. And he grows more powerful every night, making followers and plotting overthrows.

The only hope Joshua has of stopping this tyrant is a daring scheme that puts him in the belly of the beast—a beast that includes treachery, gas attacks, fake corpses, beheadings, and bombs.

Can a few witches, a possibly-repentant blood-seeker, and a lone mage save the world? Or is the whole situation about to explode?


[Published 26 September 2015, 217 pages]

The Last Mage [3]

Grudge-wielding assassins. Body-snatching demons. Portal-opening crystals. These are tales only a mage could tell . . . if he lives long enough.

I do hope it won’t be the last time we speak, dear readers, for this could be a mage’s greatest battle yet. Even if I do survive it in some form, the Joshua you know may be gone forever.

When a demon takes over your body, there’s nowhere you can run.

The good news is that Joshua and company defeated a 2,000-year-old vampire who sought to rule the human race. The bad news? The demon the vampire wanted to call up is already here—and it’s inside Joshua. If he and his allies don’t rid the world of this scourge, it will cause more horror and suffering than their previous foes combined. Unfortunately, the only apparent solution is as brutal as it is simple:

Kill Joshua, of course.

[Published 7 January 2016, 199 pages]

All in a Night's Work [3.5]

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Kidnapped supernaturals. Mysterious statues. Fiendish firefights. A mage who can’t stay out of trouble . . . even for one night.

Oh dear. I think I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a fix again.

It’s been a tough couple of months for Joshua, a mage. After battling vampires, despots, and demons, he heads to Chicago for some downtime, maybe even a little romance. Unfortunately, fate has other plans.

Joshua and his would-be lover are kidnapped by two vampires and threatened with death. The vampires agree to spare them, but only if Joshua helps find an ancient statue . . . by dawn. But he and his kidnappers aren’t alone in their search. Three other vampires want the statue as well, and not only do they kill those who get in their way, they enjoy the killing.

It seems this mage just can’t stay out of trouble, even for one night.

[Published 26 September 2015, 66 pages]

The Mage Tales [1-3]

A good mage should be able to handle anything. But all hell breaks loose if he can’t.

Meet Joshua Alderman. When this mage has to enlist a vampire to help him hunt down some paranormal kidnappers, you know it’s gonna get ugly. Ignoring threats from the all-powerful Council of Witches, the magic-slinging duo set out on a deadly rescue mission. Their search explodes a Pandora’s Box of supernatural secrets—and a ruthless immortal plotting to rule humanity.

Can one mage survive a hostile vampire partner, bombs, beheadings, and more to save the world? If he can’t, we’re all going to hell.


Together at last, the Mage Tales: Books 1-3 are action-packed, edge-of-your-seat suspense stories shot through with a megadose of snark.

[Published 7 January 2016, 604 pages]

About the Author

Hi! I'm Ilana Waters, USA Today bestselling author of the Mage Tales.

I write urban fantasy for those who like it fast, funny, and fierce. If you're into cross-blended creatures (think witch-vampire hybrids and half-breed mages) and supernatural ass-kicking, I'm all over that. Ditto if your book turn-ons are equal parts creepy and action-packed (think ancient cities and crypts combined with beheadings and bombs).

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