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Friday 8 February 2019

✉ Magnus Blackwell and The Dark Side of New Orleans - Alexandrea Weis

Today author takes over our blog to tell us about her series, Magnus Blackwell, and the dark side of New Orleans.

The series starts with the prequel Blackwell (, Vesuvian Books, 291 pages), an Historical Mystery with Supernatural Elements.

2018 Winner American Fiction Award for Horror: Supernatural/Paranormal

2018 Gold and Silver Medal Winner, Feathered Quill Book Awards

"I love the storyline and period of time (turn of the century). The author throws fire on many pages through vibrant dialogue and fantastic scene writing. The end is far from predictable, and so satisfying and rewarding. The care and attention to detail with cover art and layout is near perfect."
~ Feathered Quill Book Awards Judges' Comments

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Magnus Blackwell and The Dark Side of New Orleans

by Alexandra Weis

New Orleans has profited from its dark side like no other city on earth. With over three hundred years of history, the remnants of all that murder, intrigue, heartache, and run-ins with the supernatural leave their mark. Where else could a dastardly fiend such as Magnus Blackwell feel so at home.

The undercurrents of the city have run black for most of its existence. What started as a port and trading town grew into a thriving center for culture and a beacon for change in the New World. New Orleans has been at the center of war, occupation, economic dominance in the South, and an active participant in some of the most heinous traditions in America’s past.

All that left a mark, and it was that black pit Magnus Blackwell stumbled into.

His initiation into the voodoo culture opened the door for him. In New Orleans, he was able to act out on the suppressed anger of his Victorian upbringing. Amid the eerie bayou waters where voodoo rituals were held, he found a world tolerant of his hate. In the seedy brothels of Storyville, he discovered a way to express his anger.

The atrocities committed by Magnus were common in New Orleans before the turn of the twentieth century. Prostitution, poverty, and voodoo were everywhere, and the reason many men flocked to the shady mansions in the Storyville district—a place where they could indulge their fantasies without repercussions.

How many excesses went too far like Magnus’s dalliances in Madam Simone’s Mahogany House we may never know. But it is his venture into this den of inequity that changes his path. Without his fall, the world could not be saved by the likes of Lexie Arden who appears in the rest of the books in the series.

Magnus’s trip down a dark road eventually paves the way for his redemption. His sins mark a turning point for hope and light, highlighting the theme of the series—from everything bad something good comes. For Magnus Blackwell, his adventure into the darkest reaches of New Orleans will eventually change his destiny—and alter the lives of many for years to come.
"The gods of voodoo have plans for Lexie Arden. Big Plans." Seize: Book 3 in The Magnus Blackwell Series
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Hell has a new master

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CMash said...

This guest post has me intrigued. I need to read this one!!!

alexandrea weis said...

Thank you for sharing!!