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Friday 23 June 2017

✉♫ Grunt: The SOS [3] - Kailee Reese Samuels

Today author takes over our blog to tell us about her latest novel, Grunt (, Kailee Reese Samuels , 266 pages), a Young Adult Erotic Romance, book two of The SOS series.

"Samuels has given us a wounded, tortured soul in the form of Salvatore Raniero who'd melt the pants of any female in a fifty mile radius of him without even really trying seriously he's that good, this was a bit of a slightly darker at times read with some twists that will keep you on your toes wondering exactly where Samuels is going to take you.

Samuels shows us her impeccable writing skills throughout this book you could really feel the power and emotion behind every word written and the character development was amazing, I can't wait to see what's in-store next from this talented author but not before I check out the first two books in the series." ~
Cheryl (reviewer)

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Let's start with my playlist for Grunt. I hope you enjoy it!

Grunt deals predominantly with the capture and imprisonment of main character Sal Raniero. From the first two books in The SOS Series, The Initiation and Tea for Two, the reader has taken a look at the “chapters” in his life before Juliet. Grunt serves as his internal struggle, answering numerous questions from the other books. In the undercurrent of Grunt, I deal with the reoccurring themes of trust and addiction.

Trust is all too often an elusive commodity in our day-to-day existences. Sal deals with his own trust issues from the debut book Juliet and throughout The SOS series. How much do you really trust someone? The varying levels become clearer throughout the books, but Grunt truly proves in solidifying those relationships. During his capture, he deals with love, loss, betrayal and ultimately, his trust comes into play in all of those issues.

The addiction issues are an underlying theme within my work as well. BDSM if not practiced safely and sanely can quickly become a dangerous addiction. Beyond that, I bridge the gap between the addictions of love and sex as well the power of being drugged without actual consent. With so many people struggling in their own addictions, I think the stories resonate with readers, recognizing those relatable concerns.

It isn’t an easy place to cross, but I am never a writer that chooses an easy path. I like to confront the issues of today within the context of this dynamic world of Juliet. I think the simple strokes add to the realism. While having a BDSM school such as Juliet is fictitious in scope, the issues they deal with are not. Grunt continues that tradition despite the setting change of a cell. Many characters – even a few surprise ones – make appearances in Grunt. Taking the characters and placing them in a different location was intriguing for me as a writer. Not only did I have to work up the details of this prison, but I had to deal with how the characters would behave in such an environment.

I enjoy writing smart, emotion filled books that leave the reader thinking and feeling. The issues of trust and addiction in Grunt don’t disappoint in fulfilling the standard that my readers have come to expect. In fact, I think the sheer rawness of Grunt serves a greater, broader appeal with Sal’s internal monologue running throughout the piece.

Thank you for the time! Have a splendid day! – Kailee XO

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