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Wednesday 12 April 2017

ℚ♫ Waiting for a Girl Like You: Kissables [1] - Gina Conkle

Today we have the pleasure of meeting up with author to talk about Waiting for a Girl Like You (, Valkyrie Publishing, 181 pages), a HOT Contemporary Romance, book one in the Kissables series.

"As beautifully written as her other books and genres this is another winner. [...] Two different stories with two different plots but written with class and romance oozing throughout." - Ready Reader

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A very warm welcome to Gina Conkle; thank you for joining us on BooksChatter!

As we love music, Gina has shared with us her music playlist for Proper Care and Feeding of a Broken Heart (the first novella in the book) - enjoy!

"Thanks for hosting me on your blog. You'll know when Beast of Burden by the Rolling Stones shows up in the story!"
What was the inspiration for Waiting for a Girl Like You?
"The inspiration for the first novella, Proper Care and Feeding of a Broken Heart, came from a conversation with a friend many years ago. She revealed a wild, moonlighting job that she did on a call-in basis.

The other story, Anything But Safe, started from a mash-up of events. I was listening to a lecture of classic romance conflicts when a parking lot encounter from years back came to mind. I took that seed and started writing the story on a plane and finished it in three weeks. I tabled it and came back years later, revising it for publication."
The first thing that draws me to a book is its cover. Can you tell us about your cover for Waiting for a Girl Like You - why you chose that concept and who the artist is.
"Waiting for a Girl Like You is my first dive into self-publication. I wanted something to convey hot romance with strong storyline. Sometimes readers feel like heat level overtakes storytelling. Too many sexy times don’t make for a good story. I wanted to do both. So, I purposefully choose the whitewash, up close, couple kissing on a beach (the story takes place in Southern California).

Rebecca at Dreams2Media created the cover for me."
Who would you recommend Waiting for a Girl Like You to and what should readers be aware of (any warnings or disclaimers)?
"If you’re looking for the standard billionaire-BDSM book, this isn’t the one for you. It’s different. This snippet encapsulates what I mean (when Abbie first meets the hero, she doesn’t know his name, so she thinks of him as Surfer Man):
Surfer Man stepped within touching distance, his blue eyes on the verge of grey, lit with a strange mixture of hard shell and tender patience. A faint line traced the left side of his mouth like contempt came easy.
      “First rule,” he said evenly. “You only talk when spoken to.”
      “Then what am I supposed to call you?”
      The question startled us both. I was throwing out the no names rule and for good reason. Something dawned on me. With the closed door, it was just the two of us. This square room was my island. Control could go either way. Surfer Man’s mouth opened, but an adrenaline rush took over and my hip cocked sideways. In the world of fight or flight, my body tensed with its version of fight.
      “Oh, let me guess. You’re going to say Call me master or some crap like that. I work at a bookstore. I’ve read those please spank me Mr. Billionaire books.”"
What has been your greatest challenge as a writer?
"I write in three distinct romance subgenres: Viking, Georgian, and now in hot contemporary.

Juggling deadlines with my traditional publisher along with other projects (and proposals for future books) is a big challenge.

Thanks for hosting me on your website!"

Waiting for a Girl Like You
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