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Wednesday 6 April 2016

☀ Dragonfly - Alyssa Thiessen

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for Dragonfly, a Sweet Young Adult Paranormal Romance by (, Peasantry Press, 156 pages).

Don't miss our interview with author Alyssa Thiessen.

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis and random excerpts below.
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Author Alyssa Thiessen will be awarding a physical copy of Dragonfly and a $20 Amazon Gift Card (INT) to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.   Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read other excerpts (☀), interviews (ℚ), reviews (✍) and guest blog posts (✉).

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Eighteen-year-old Joshua Miller is great at being invisible, despite the four, large, insect-like wings protruding from his back and his knack for high-rise robberies. He can remember almost nothing of his life before Nik found him and taught him his trade. Now he’s alone, and he likes it that way.

When Joshua unexpectedly meets Lexi on a job, his simple, uncomplicated existence shifts. Although he intends to remain uninvolved, something about her captivates him and he begins to let her in. As he navigates the strange nuances of a relationship with a girl as desperate to be different as he is to be ordinary, he becomes increasingly aware that he is not who he wants to be for her.

Confronted by the past he’d forgotten and a family he didn’t know existed, Joshua must decide for himself where he belongs and who holds the key to his future.

Teaser: Random Excerpt

A date:

      “Have you seen this before?” I asked.
      “Yes.” Her reply was quick, a little too shrill. The popcorn sat warming me, but I couldn’t bring myself to move my hand to take any.
      I couldn’t remember ever being as aware of another human in my life – and I had spent my life being aware of other humans. I had no idea what was happening on the screen in front of me. I stopped breathing every time she shifted her weight, and I was struck with the distinct knowledge that my right hand, which was resting comfortably on the popcorn bowl, was also resting quite comfortably on her lap.
      I couldn’t think. I blinked rapidly, trying to get my bearings. I pulled my hand up quickly and reached into the popcorn bowl. The warm kernels gave me something concrete to do, as I focused now on the taste and the texture – anything other than my proximity to her. I suddenly realized, with horrified fascination, that I had turned to watch her bring the popcorn to her lips. I tore my gaze away, fighting to concentrate on the movie, to keep my mind from going places I was unprepared to go.

A goodbye:

      I led the way to the window and then turned, my back against the wall, with her standing just inches from me. I wondered what her lips would taste like. I’d called her innocent and naïve, but I’d never even kissed anyone before. I got the distinct impression she wouldn’t object. Instead though, I simply nodded and turned to leave.
      “Are you really going to call me this time?” she asked.
      “Of course.” As I disappeared into the darkness, I knew that should be the last lie I’d ever tell her.


      As I landed on the rooftop in front of her, she stepped forward and impulsively threw her arms around me. “Hey, Dragonfly,” she whispered into my shirt. I held her like that for a moment, close to me, feeling her heart pounding. I hardly recognized myself these days, although I felt more like myself than I had for a very long time. Thursdays had become ours now, and the nights in between, for me, shadows. Each time I came for her, she was waiting, with this same breathless anticipation.
      She finally pulled away and looked up at me expectantly. “So, Romeo,” she said lightly, changing my title to make me human again, “what’s the plan for tonight?”
      The Romeo reference wasn’t lost on me. Nik had had me read and read and read, to ensure I understood the world of which I was a hidden part. Romeo. Part of the thrill of the moment was lost for me. I fit the title of Romeo – love struck, impulsive, foolish. He hurt every person who loved him.

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About the Author

Alyssa Thiessen is a writer and a teacher hailing from the vibrant center of Canada - Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has published work in The Manitoban, Upword Magazine, and OHRMA Hosting Magazine.

When she's not donning her secret identity and saving the world, Thiessen keeps busy writing her next novel, reading something beautiful, teaching high school English, drinking coffee, cycling, and hanging out with her family - husband, kiddies, and miniature schnauzer.

She has also recently released her second novel, Dragonfly, which is a YA Urban Fantasy Romance. She highly recommends you read it.

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