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Tuesday 5 April 2016

☀ Steamsworn: Steamborn [3] - Eric R. Asher

Thank you for joining us on the Release Day Celebration for Steamsworn, a Young Adult Steampunk novel by (Published 22 March 2016 iBooks only; all other platforms on , Eric R. Asher, 301 pages).

This is the third and final book in the Steamborn series.

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis and excerpt below, as well as details of the other two books in the series.
Read the first five chapters with Amazon Look Inside.

Author Eric R. Asher will be awarding a SIGNED copy of any book in the Steamborn Series to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.

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The world dies in war only to be reborn. It is the way of things, and always will be.

Forged in the Deadlands crucible, and armed with the knowledge of their true enemy, Jacob, Alice, and their allies bring the fight back to Ancora. They'll liberate their homeland, or die trying.

The wounds cut deep in their darkest hour, but in the end, vengeance will light their path.

Teaser: Excerpt


     Jacob watched the desert sands drift by as the crawler’s treads pulled them over dunes and rocks alike. The grains of sand in the gusts of hot wind stung his face, but the ride was far smoother than that of a Walker. Here, on the northwest edge of the Burning Forest, the cacti towered higher than any he’d seen before.
      A halo of fire erupted from the stone trees in the distance. It looked like the world burned, and the cacti shimmered and danced in the waves of heat. The place bore an apt name.
      “Do you really think stopping the army in Dauschen will be enough?” Jacob asked, his thoughts trailing from the fiery landscape to the flames of war.
      Charles scratched his wide gray beard. “I know what Archibald said, and he’s not entirely wrong, but strapping all of his forces down to protect Bollwerk is a fool’s gambit. We don’t have the manpower to attack Fel directly. Destroying their army—not just stopping it, but destroying it in Dauschen—should be enough to force a retreat.”
      Jacob nodded. He wished Smith had traveled with them, but Jacob knew Mary needed the tinker more. Smith had helped build the bombs, and that was more than most anyone could do.
      Jacob was going to miss Alice, too. She’d stayed behind with Gladys and George to train, so if something like Rana’s abduction happened again, they’d be ready. The royal guard from Midstream had signed on with Archibald to help prepare the city for the worst.Jacob thought it was probably unnecessary, with the two giant warships docked in Bollwerk, but he knew enough to know he didn’t know much about preparing for war. If all went well, it wouldn’t be long until he saw her again. Until then, he at least had the memory of her lips on his cheek and the warmth of their parting hugs.
      Jacob frowned and studied his hands for a moment.
      “I’ve seen that look on a dozen soldiers,” Samuel said, shifting in the front seat of the crawler to look back at Jacob.
      “What?” Jacob said as his brain registered that Samuel had been speaking to him.
      “You’re either sick about not getting Cocoa Crunch until this little campaign is over, or you miss her.”
      “No,” Jacob said. He gave Samuel a half frown. “That’s not …” Jacob sighed and rubbed his head. “Yeah, I miss her. It’s dumb, I guess, but I didn’t really realize it until Rana. After she killed him? I just wanted to take it away.”
      “Take what away?” Charles asked.
      Jacob glanced at Charles and Samuel in turn. Drakkar stayed silent behind the levers of the crawler. Jacob took a deep breath and a small crease deepened between his eyebrows. “I didn’t want her to have that memory.”
      Charles wore a gentle smile as he turned back to the landscape.“You’re a good man, Jacob. You don’t need to worry about Alice.She has a fire in her that will weather any storm.”
      Samuel propped his arm up on the back of his seat. The crawler jerked and bounced over a small, nearly dry creek, and the Spider Knight grinned at Jacob before turning around. The mountains soared into the sky beyond the Burning Forest. Beyond them lay the meadows, and then Dauschen.
      It was there, below the streets of that fallen place, they would launch the first counterstrike.

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The Series: Steamborn

|| [1] || [2] ||

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Steamborn [1]

Jacob, a tinker’s apprentice and sometime thief, has lived his entire life in the mountain city of Ancora, protected by the city walls. These towering barriers keep the Deadlands creatures at bay, but the monsters move higher into the peaks every year. More and more, they breach the defenses of the Lowlands while the Highlands rest easy.

A swarm overruns the walls and wreaks utter devastation on the Lowlands. Charles, the old tinker, suspects the attack may not be natural. With help from Jacob’s closest friend, Alice, and Samuel, one of the city’s elite spider knights, Jacob and Charles will uncover a terrible darkness at the heart of their city.

[Published 19 November 2015, exclusively on iBooks; available on all other platforms on 1 December 2015, 325 pages]

Steamforged [2]

There are old wounds in the forgotten places of the world, and some are soaked in blood.

Jacob and his allies flee into the Deadlands after the fall of Ancora. Charles, the enigmatic smith, hopes to find answers in the desert city of Bollwerk that could prevent a war.

Their enemies are many, and here Jacob will learn the cost of life in the Deadlands.

[Published 19 January 2016, exclusively on iBooks; available on all other platforms on 2 February 2016, 264 pages]

About the Author

Eric is a former bookseller, guitarist, and comic seller currently living in Saint Louis, Missouri.

A lifelong enthusiast of books, music, toys, and games, he discovered a love for the written word after being dragged to the library by his parents at a young age.

When he is not writing, you can usually find him reading, gaming, or buried beneath a small avalanche of Transformers.

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