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Monday 7 March 2016

☀ In His Keeping: The Dealer of Souls [1] - TJ Adams

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for In His Keeping, a Paranormal Romance by (, TJ Adams, 237 pages).

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis and exclusive excerpt below.  Read the first four chapters with Amazon Look Inside.

Author TJ Adams will be awarding a $20 Amazon/BN gift card to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.  

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At eighteen, Elise Duxten must end her life. Her younger sister, Marly, lies dead because of her. To pay for her crimes she sells her soul to the devil in exchange for her sister’s life.

Matrix, King of the crossroads, the Devil’s right hand man for the last twenty years, is willing to make the deal, eager for another pawn. To sweeten the exchange he gives her one year to mourn her decision before he takes her for good.

In that year he's determined to torment her, driven by envy at the strength in her soul. Though having lived years apart, the same heartless man, Manx Sloazan, destroyed their lives.

With her remaining life, Elise must teach her sister to live without her and find the courage to say goodbye. It won't be easy. Sloazan is determined to make Elise pay for a bungled drug sale and Matrix wants to torture her soul. Or does he?

With Elise, Matrix has discovered something he thought he'd lost. His heart. But he is the devil's, without the ability to choose. When the time comes, will he be prepared to let her go in order to save her soul? Or will the Devil make sure he gets what is his due?

Teaser: Exclusive Excerpt

     He didn’t falter or look behind, knowing I would follow. And I would because the consequences of not doing so terrified me.
     I moved forward. Not holding sway over the people like him, I soon became the source of everyone’s irritation, which didn’t matter. I ceased to hear their complaints or even see their faces.
     He crossed the street against the advice of the pedestrian crossing, which flashed red, a dire warning for any who ignored it. I couldn’t look, but I couldn’t look away as he marched straight ahead, clearing the curb on the other side without consequence. The signal turned green seconds later, and the bank up of people hurried across in the short allotment of time, making me scramble to catch the flow before the stream was halted by another red.
     He waited up ahead, hands in the pockets of his black coat, watching me come toward him. He smirked, perhaps at my human quality of fragility, or maybe my ducks, or maybe he did it because in this he was superior, like the smirk a bully gives his victim just before he plays.
     “You won’t feel so cold once we’re inside.”
     I glanced down and found goosebumps along my arms and hardened nipples, so flung my arms around me again as a shield. The cold of the paving finally registered in my brain. My feet ached from it, and I hadn’t noticed. I’d shut my body out, instead focusing on him, which seemed a betrayal. Why should he be so important that I should forsake myself?
     He continued to smirk, but this time he backed it with a shake of his head as if he couldn’t fathom me.
     “It won’t take long for you to learn. Until then you may have a painful journey.”
     “With you I don’t doubt it. Besides, I don’t get your meaning.”
     “I will always be your focus. When you’re with me in hell, you’ll know nothing but my thoughts.”
     “You never made that clear in the beginning.”
     “Would you have changed your mind?”
     I answered without hesitation. “No.”
     “So why ask for the semantics?”

In His Keeping
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About the Author

TJ Adams couldn’t decide what she wanted to be when she grew up and travelled instead. She returned from overseas with the thrill of adventure still inside, so decided to train as a commercial light aircraft pilot, flying out of the remote aboriginal communities of north Western Australia.

A badly damaged eardrum clipped her wings, and she returned to Perth to complete a BA of science. During this time she meet her husband halfway up a rock face, while engaging in one of her favorite past times, rock climbing.

Somewhat tamed, TJ Adams and hubby settled in the Perth Hills with their three children.

When her children were little, TJ Adams found her new passion—books. Countless books later and the idea of becoming an author emerged.

Her favorite genre is paranormal with her first novel Bound under contract with Eternal press. Unable to stop her fingers from tapping, TJ Adams has since formed a partners with another Perth author, Renee Hammond to complete the Hells Gate series. In His Keeping is her latest release.

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Really excellent and fascinating excerpt.

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