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Monday 16 November 2015

☀ Hidden: Five Fates [1] - Amy McKinley

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for Hidden, a Paranormal Romance by début author  (, Champagne Books, 243 pages).

This is the first book in the Five Fates series.  The second instalment, Taken, will be available in Spring 2016.

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis and Chapter One excerpt below, as well as our Q&A with author Amy McKinley.  Read the first four chapters with Amazon Look Inside.

Also look out for our review on 4 December 2015.

Author Amy McKinley is hosting two giveaways: one will  award a $50 Amazon/BN gift card to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour, and the other a $20
Amazon/BN gift card.  Make sure to enter both!!!  Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read other excerpts (☀), interviews (ℚ), reviews (✍) and guest blog posts (✉).

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Cursed since birth, hunted by gods, and desperate for love—Jade never stood a chance.

Half-demon, half-goddess, Jade’s fate makes her a pawn in an epic battle among the gods. Hidden on Earth with her sisters, she successfully avoids the Oneiroi—the dream gods—bent on her destruction until the prophecy, long dormant, awakens a dark shadow within her.

Roen, a reclusive Worr demon known for his battles against the Oneiroi, is called to protect Jade. Together they must unlock their mysterious connection and find a way to beat back destiny. Can she outsmart the prophecy, change her fate, and find love—even when she learns who is connected to her destruction?

Teaser: Excerpt


Jade froze, her paintbrush hanging mid-air above her palette. The light streaming in diagonally through the bay window cast an eerie, surreal frame over the room.
      Whispers seduced and coerced.
      She scanned the painting. Buildings cast long, ominous shadows, stalking the pedestrians as they made their way to and fro, huddled against the misery of the evening. A man lay sprawled, his lifeblood staining the sidewalk crimson. Half in a deserted alley, he was yet to be discovered. This was the detail Jade concentrated on. She blended a burnt red and used careful brush strokes to complete the scene as the portrait fell prey to the darkness that burned inside her.
      Without meaning to, her gaze was once again drawn to the slain man. She reached up and touched the blood seeping from his body, her fingers coming away wet. Bringing her hand to her nose she closed her eyes and inhaled.
      Instead of the cloying scent of her oils, she inhaled the coppery twang of blood.
      Stunned, her mouth parted on a silent scream. No! Darkness bubbled to the surface, invading her senses with a roar. Unable to fight the invasion, her heart beat an increasing crescendo. Part of her didn’t want to struggle, not with the temptation of death on her hand.
      Deep inside, a macabre shadow stretched. Hungry for more, its long arms clawed for purchase with each breath. Changing her, as part of her argued for the better. The other part—the one that gloried in her fire-kissed hair and shimmering eyes—cried against this crime and screamed for redemption.
      She crouched to welcome the demonic strength as the parasitic monster grew inside her. Evolving into a fierce predator, she was able to taste, weigh, and measure the souls who sifted through her fingers.
      Still, she fought for space in her own body. For control.
      But with the scent of blood, of death, of prey teasing the monster—she was losing fast. It’s happening. Unshed tears burned her eyes. Finally. The curse of the three Fates had begun. With her.
      Slowly Jade stood, bit down on her lip and welcomed the pain. The distraction would help fight the transformation. Dipping the brush into the Caribbean blue, she swirled then began to paint a shimmering cove. The vision soothed the beast that lurked just beneath, but it was temporary, and Jade knew its evil would soon mutiny. The Fates’ curse would change her over time, unleashing an unstoppable power within her to annihilate the gods who created her and anyone who got in her path.
      Including her family.
      Succumbing to a surge of menace, Jade dropped the blue-tipped brush as her back snapped straight and her mouth opened on a silent scream as she lost control. Every cell stretched to accommodate the new presence. Shivering from the effects of her altered state, she briefly shut her eyes, adjusting. When she opened them, her painting was before her, and she viewed the scene anew. Cocking her head, she closely observed a woman who tightly clutched her rain slicker about her body.
      This one will not make it home tonight.

~ * ~

      Jade’s parents’ castle was heavily warded so no one but family could trace directly inside. All others were re-routed to the perimeter walls. Safety was imperative to Xavior, King of the Trynd demons.
      Controlling the slight tremor in her hands, Jade strode forward in search of her mother.
      Moving a long strand of hair over her shoulder, she caught sight of its fiery color. What the hell is this? She tugged it closer into view and studied it. She’d always been able to maintain her glamour, something that was crucial to her disguise in the human realm and also as a further deterrent against those who hunted her. A small fang snuck out to nibble on her lower lip as unease settled deep in the pit of her stomach. She was sure gold shown in her eyes and her lips no longer were blush pink but a brilliant red with shimmering undertones of gold, having shed their camouflage as well. The loss of control was one more sign of the battle she faced.
      She strode through halls, lowering her eyelids to half-mast as she attempted to shield the worry she was sure was reflected in her eyes and nodded to the many residents she passed. Light filtered through the slitted windows placed high above, fashioned after arrow holes—the height of a seven-foot demon and a palm-width wide. Evenly spaced, ancient wall sconces set securely into red sandstone with black accent stones, glowed when darkness fell. She took in the familiar sights, the comforting smells, the laughter, and the banter of those who traveled the corridor.
      Nothing of her surroundings soothed her.
      The subtle squeak of her shoes increased and her vision wavered as anger and despair hit her like a brick wall. Smells assailed her senses and the walls of the corridor seemed to close in, making her want to accost anyone within arms’ reach. Her focus shifted to that of a predator. The door to her room drew closer as she dragged her claws along the stone wall. The grainy scrape music to her ears.
      Wait! No. She attempted to wrestle control from the beast that resided inside her. Jade rolled her shoulders and shuddered. The darkness expanded and slithered into dominance.
      Bending her head, she snarled as she neared her quarry, her instincts flaring. The other residents regarded her warily as they gave her a wide berth. With satisfaction, she felt the claws on her left hand sharpen to razor points. Rounding the corner, she spied her step-demon, Xavior, and several of his guard. And with them—her prey.
      “Jade?” Xavior greeted her. At over six feet tall, he had eyes that were pools of black and lacked their crimson shards as he was not in battle mode. Onyx horns with deep red tips curved out of his short, midnight hair.
      As the group neared, Jade growled low in the back of her throat, baring her fangs. One of the guard’s jaw dropped while another paused. They’d lost precious seconds with their mouths gaping before reaction set in.
      Using the advantage, she lunged to the side and attacked. Her left claws swiped at the jugular of the unadorned demon walking alongside her father’s guard. Blood spurted as the demon was unprepared for the attack. Still, countering her, he went for her head with fangs exposed and horns straight up—a clear sign of aggression.
      The closest guard reacted and grabbed the bleeding demon. It took two others to restrain Jade. “Lock him up and see to his wounds until we can straighten this out. Bring Jade with me.” Xavior’s commanding voice sliced through the hall. Several paces down the hall, Jade and Xavior entered her room. After he shut the door, he turned cool, onyx eyes to regard her likely enraged ones.
      “Release her.” Keeping his gaze on Jade, who paced like a caged animal, Xavior addressed his guard. “Leave us.”
      The door slammed shut with a thud, and Xavior’s deep voice wrapped around her. “Are you okay?”
      She whirled, working hard to regain full command over her body which vibrated with pent-up hostility. “No. I smell death on him, I see what he plans. He needs to be eradicated from this realm. Let Hades deal with his eternal rotting soul.” She sneered.
      “He’s from another clan and is requesting to join our ranks, but if you’re that opposed, we won’t let him in,” Xavior said calmly.
      Jade slowed her pacing and sat on the bed. Tossing her head back, she breathed in and out through her nose several times. She half turned to see Xavior observing her every move. Her stomach sank. “I’m in big trouble, aren’t I?” She fought the urge to bury her face in her hands.
      “It’s clear what’s going on.” His warm voice settled around her. “Have you told your mother?”
      In a slow side-to-side, she shook her head. “I was on my way to find her. I thought we could put our heads together with the prophecy and figure out what will create this blasted balance and fix this…situation.”
      Smiling sadly, he clasped her hand. “We’ll face your fate together, Jade. This one will be surmountable. You have the ability to overcome anything you set your mind to.”
      “Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I’m not so sure. It’s pretty powerful stuff.”
      “Have faith in yourself.” Xavior ruffled her hair before he headed out the door. “Your mother’s having breakfast; go to her and get started.”
      Flopping back on her bed, Jade pressed her palms into her closed eyelids and pushed out a breath, trying to stay the emotions swamping her before she found her mom. She would scour the heavens and every realm imaginable to find her balance, to stop the prophecy. She’d forced the darkness back in its shadowy box. It hadn’t been easy, but she managed. A chill crawled over her skin despite the heat.
      It was so much simpler when she and her sisters were young. At least then they were all together within the castle. As sisters, they’d vowed to do whatever necessary to avoid bringing death upon those they loved.
      For Jade, it had already begun.

Hidden - available NOW!

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About the Author

Amy McKinley is a freelance writer and author.

She lives in Illinois with her husband, their four talented teenagers, and three mischievous cats.

Hidden is her first novel in the Five Fates Series with Taken, the second, due to release in the spring of 2016.

She is excited to finish the series and begin the next that’s already demanding attention.

Connect with Amy:

Visit the author's blog Visit the author's website Visit the author on Facebook Visit the author on Twitter Visit the author on their Amazon page Visit the author on GoodReads Visit the author on Pinterest

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Enter to win a $50 Amazon/BN GC – a Rafflecopter giveaway
Remember to comment to win!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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