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Friday 13 November 2015

ℚ Flashpoint: Cam Fraser Mysteries [1] - Felicity Young

Today we have the pleasure of meeting up with author to talk about Flashpoint (, AUS Impulse, 209 pages), a Contemporary Thriller, book one of the Cam Fraser Mysteries series.

When Sergeant Cam Fraser thinks the gang who murdered his wife and son are targeting his daughter, he re-locates to the other side of Australia, not expecting trouble in the small country town in which he was raised. But a violent and puzzling murder plunges him straight into a baffling a deadly investigation - and raises menacing ghosts from his past...

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Hello Felicity, welcome to BooksChatter.

What was the inspiration for Flashpoint and how much of yourself is reflected in this book?
"When we first moved to the country town where we live now, it was like moving to another world.  At that time it was the marijuana capital of Western Australia.  It had a worrying bikie problem and associated crimes, and a host of eccentric characters.  I mixed many of these characters together with my own adventures to form the groundwork of my first novel, Flashpoint.  This book contains more of my own personal experiences than any other book I have written, from my work with the volunteer bushfire brigade to my capture of an underwear thief (or snow dropper, as it is referred to in the book) in the house of a friend."
Can you tell us something quirky about Flashpoint, its story and characters?
"I’ve already told you about the underwear thief, but there are other real life happenings that influenced the writing of Flashpoint eg the character who painted her car with ceiling matt, a murder that occurred on our property, marron (freshwater crayfish) theft and a character scattering her ‘beloved’s’ ashes to the chickens."

If you could / wished to turn Flashpoint and the Cam Fraser Mysteries series into a movie, who would be your dream team?

"My choice for the lead role of Cam Fraser would be Australia actor Craig McLachlan. He looks very like my hero and I think he would bring the necessary sensitivity to the role.

My choice of director would have to be my talented son, Ben Young, a script writer/ director whose first feature film, The Hounds of Love, is to be released internationally next year."
You must be a very proud mum! :-)
You can find Ben Young on Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr.

What is your writing process?

"I like to do my creative writing first thing in the morning when I am at my best.  I start off writing in bed and then slither to the desk (also in my bedroom) once my back starts to protest.  For the sake of my health I try not to sit at my desk in the afternoon, busying myself outside with farm chores and gardening . This does not mean I am not ‘writing’ in the afternoon, though.  It is often then that I am able to sort out tricky plot points.  Sometimes I even find myself going through future character dialogues in my mind, talking aloud to the vegetables in my veg patch!"
What do you like to write and read about?  Do you stick to a particular genre or do you like to explore different ones?
"Flashpoint was my first book, first published in 2005 as A Certain Malice.

After Flashpoint I wrote three more contemporary crime novels and then switched to writing historical crime fiction.  These books are set in Edwardian London and beyond and feature the first (fictitious) female autopsy surgeon, Dody McCleland.  The first book in the series is called A Dissection of Murder [a.k.a. The Anatomy of Death].  I am writing book number five as we speak – or should I say as soon I finish writing this!"
We actually run a feature about the fourth book in that series, The Insanity of Murder, which also includes details about the other previous titles, so do have a look!

And as a final quirky thing, to get to know you a little bit better... do you have a pet or something that is special to you that you could share with us?

"Sure! Please find attached a recent pic of my darling little precious-pie, ‘Edie’, named after a character in one of my historical books.  My kids gave Edie to me for my birthday this year . I adore dogs and in the past few years have downsized from the bigger to the smaller variety."

Hello Eddie!  What a lovely little girl :-)  Thank you for sharing her with us, and thank you for being with us today!

"Thank you for the interview and for the variety of fun questions!"

Flashpoint - available NOW!

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