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Friday 10 July 2015

☀ Time Is Relative for a Knight of Time: Time Is Relative [1] - Brett Matthew Williams

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for Time Is Relative for a Knight of Time () a fantasy novel, in its third edition, which kicks off the "Time Is Relative" series.  

The series chronicles the origin story of the mythical figure Father Time.  All dates and events are historically accurate. The participants... maybe not.  The second part of this series is expected for publication later this year.

Time Is Relative for a Knight of Time has been described as “A blend of X-Men and Doctor Who with a side of historic fact” — Kirkus Review

Check out the book's synopsis and the excerpt below, as well as our Q&A with the author.

Brett Matthew Williams will be awarding a $50 Amazon/BN gift card to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour in July, 
$25 for the 1 June Blitz.  Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read other excerpts, also the more comments you leave the higher your chances of being a winner.

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Meet Rolland Wright - a seventeen year old orphan living out of his car in rural Woodland Hills, California.

Aside from grappling with the fact of being abandoned by his drunken father two years previous following his mothers mysterious murder, his life mostly revolves around finding a warm place to sleep at night.

When one day he is attacked by men claiming to have killed his father, Rolland discovers a strange ability to slow the flow of time around him, beginning a journey that takes him to places outside of time, space, and eventually to the early 19th century to fight the sinister General Andrew Jackson.

With the help of a rag-tag group of historical and mythical figures with various supernatural abilities of their own (Joan of Arc, Jesse James, etc) known as the Knights of Time, Rolland solves the mystery behind his mother's murder, falls in love, battles the evil Edward Vilthe - reaper of souls, and finds a home of his own in the paradise known as Eden.

Teaser: Excerpt

“What do you think, then?” came Judah’s voice, as Blaisey zoned back into their conversation.

Blaisey looked at him and saw him staring back at her. To her astonishment, Blaisey realized that Judah was asking for her opinion. Aside from his rather informal introduction, this was the first time that Judah had addressed her directly. Her surprise must have been evident to him, as Judah’s lips crept into a thin, lopsided smile around the cigarette.

“I knew a man once,” Blaisey said, in a calm, soothing voice. Her father, Nahoy – leader of the Nabawoo, had told her that white people prefer when natives speak in a calm, slow, relaxing tone. He believed that it goaded the white man into a false sense of superiority that their people could use as an advantage.

Blaisey had seen this as slightly sneaky and underhanded, but those were thoughts from before the days of Jackson’s terror, before the days of people falling out of the sky at daybreak and being kidnapped by American soldiers in the middle of the night.

“This man, he rolled and smoked his tobacco, like you,” Blaisey continued.

“Oh, yeah?” Judah asked, the cigarette in his mouth bobbing between his lips as he spoke. “What brand? I’m a Luckys man myself.” He sniffed and lifted his head proudly, his chin held high.

“This I do not know,” Blaisey said, smiling out of politeness. “And we cannot ask him, for he is dead.”

At this, Judah stopped his search for the lighter and looked at Blaisey head on, giving her his full attention for the first time. “From smoking tobacco, right?”

“No,” Blaisey said with vigor. “He was an ass like you, and somebody shot him.”

Time Is Relative for a Knight of Time
available NOW!

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About the Author

Brett Matthew grew up with a passion for both film and history.

He began his career fresh out of high school as a Production Assistant/ football player on NBC Universal’s television series Friday Night Lights (of which he can often be seen in the first two seasons as a member of the championship team – Go Panthers!).

He quickly moved on to serve as an Original Series intern with the USA Network in Studio City, California. Following work on shows like Monk, Psych, and Burn Notice, Brett returned home to Texas to continue his education, graduating with his degree in History from Texas State University.

A proud Master Freemason, Brett thoroughly enjoys fantasy fiction, watching Netflix, running, baseball, Shakespeare, and spending time with his family and critters.

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Blitz: 1 June 2015

Enter to win a $25 Amazon/BN GC – a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Mary Preston said...

Hi, I'm just curious. What do you mean by third edition?

Midu Hadi said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

BooksChatter said...

Hi Mary, this book was first published in 2012, and this is marked as a third edition (see info on Amazon). This could be the third time it has been reprinted or released. The cover is certainly different from what it was when it was first available in 2012.

The sequel to this book is due out later this year.

Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thanks for hosting!

Emerald Barnes said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

betsw said...

Loved this book. Great excerpt, Blaisey was my favorite character! Can't wait for #2!