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Monday 27 July 2015

✉ The Reaper’s Daughter Dream Cast - K.M. Randall

Today author takes over our blog to tell us about her Dream Cast for her latest novel The Reaper's Daughter (, Booktrope, 251 pages) a supernatural dark fantasy which kicks off the series The Reaper’s Daughter.

In the words of the author, The Reaper's Daughter is "
about a girl who finds out her mother is the Grim Reaper and what that means for her.

There is a lot of death deity based mythology threaded throughout the novel, as well as romance and adventure.

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The Reaper’s Daughter Dream Cast

I love seeing books that I’ve read get made into movies.  Are they always good?  Definitely not.  But it’s one of my favorite parts to see who gets cast to play the roles.

I love to daydream, and in my dreams, this would be my dream cast for The Reaper’s Daughter.
Pay particular attention to Avan Jogia.  I was thinking of him when I created Rishi.  Meanwhile, I always have loved Grace Phipps’s amazing blue eyes, much like Blake’s, and the attitude I know she can pull off.

The imagination is always the best casting director, but it’s fun to imagine who could pull the parts off in looks and talent from the pool of amazing actors out there.
"The Reaper's Daughter"

The Reaper needs her and the dead want her...

Grace Phipps

Shane Harper

Josh Brolin

Avan Jogia
"Santa Muerte, aka, Sebastiana"

Salma Hayek

Britt Robertson
K.M. Randall

The Reaper’s Daughter - available NOW!

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