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Wednesday 13 May 2015

☀ Permanent Spring Showers - Scott D. Southard

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for Permanent Spring Showers (, 5 Prince Publishing) an outstanding, funny and extremely well written literary fiction novel by Scott D. Southard.  - Watch out for our full review which will be published here tomorrow.

The author will be awarding a $10 Amazon/BN gift card to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during this tour.  Please do take part and comment on our post and follow the tour - the more comments you leave the higher your chances of being a winner.

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Professor Rebecca Stanley-Wilson is having a very bad season. Her husband has just admitted to having an affair. And it was with one of her students.

Blame it on a desire for revenge (or way too much alcohol), she then has had one of her own. Unfortunately for her, her affair was with one of the great upcoming painters of his generation.  The ramifications of one torrid evening with one of the great upcoming painters of his generation, will not only be felt across her life but over the entire art world.

Sexy, funny, and very surprising, Permanent Spring Showers is the tale of one very memorable springtime and how it impacts a group of unique artists and dreamers.  From the hopeful Olympian with the failing marriage to the writer who is creating a new literary movement (through outright manipulation) to the romantic wondering what he did wrong to drive away the love of his life, each tale walks the line between reality and fantasy.  And waiting at the end of the line is a very important painting... and possibly the revolver used in the Lincoln Assassination.

Teaser: Excerpt

“You’re going to be fine, aren’t you, Steve?”  A male voice with a British accent said behind me as I scanned the restaurant for the person I once considered my soulmate.

“Like warm applesauce,” I mumbled in reply, not bothering to turn around and face Vince.

Vince is my age and has a resumé an arm’s length long, painter, poet, performance artist, etc.; and he looks the part for all of those roles, from his black trench coat with the collar up to the tight shirt with an obscure artistic expression on it to the jeans with the holes that are a little too perfect.  He has black hair, blue eyes, and from what every girl tells me, he is frightfully handsome.  Hanging out with him can make a person feel like a pre-destined wingman, chosen by a maker never to be the center of attention.  Oh, by coincidence, I met Vince at the creative writing course I mentioned earlier.  He spent the entire time correcting the teacher and even once he stood on his desk screaming about romantic literature (I still don’t understand half of what he said), the whole class was sure he came in drunk that day, but he might’ve been acting.  There is a lot of acting around Vince. Did I mention he’s pretending to be British right now?  And no, I don’t mean RIGHT now, I mean for the last four months right now.

“Applesauce?” His accent rising a little in confusion.

I didn’t bother to say anything more to him because I had found her; and, shit, she still looked like a fallen angel.

Permanent Spring Showers - available NOW!

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About the Author

Scott D. Southard is the author of "A Jane Austen Daydream", "Maximilian Standforth and the Case of the Dangerous Dare", "My Problem With Doors", "Megan", "3 Days in Rome" and "Me Stuff" in addition to his latest release, "Permanent Spring Showers".

His eclectic writing has also found its way into radio, as Scott was the creator of the radio comedy series The Dante Experience.  The production was honored with the Golden Headset Award for Best MultiCast Audio and the Silver Ogle Award for Best Fantasy Audio Production.

Scott received his Master's in writing from the University of Southern California.

Scott can be found on the internet via his writing blog "The Musings & Artful Blunders of Scott D. Southard" where he writes on topics ranging from writing, art, books, TV, writing, parenting, life, movies, and writing.  He even shares original fiction on the site.  

Scott is also the fiction book reviewer for WKAR's daily radio show Current State.

Find out more about Scott D Southard and Permanent Spring Showers in his Q&A with 5 Prince Publishing, and have a sneak peek at another excerpt from the book: Chapter 1 - The Argument.

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Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thanks for hosting! Readers, enter to win a $10 Amazon/BN GC - a Rafflecopter giveaway.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for having me on your site! I look forward to checking out your review of the work soon.

BooksChatter said...

Pleasure having you here. Really enjoying the book and the different POVs.
Best written book I have read in a very long time...

Unknown said...

Wow! That is awesome! Thanks!

BooksChatter said...
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BooksChatter said...

I am finally writing my thoughts on this book (many apologies for the lateness...) - it will be published shortly and advertised...
Currently reading the available Q&A on your publisher's site and can see your answers reflected in the book... I might yet have some more questions of my own.... ;-)