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Friday 29 May 2015

ℝℂ Around the World 2015

Today, here at BooksChatter we are joining the Around The World challenge for 2015, organised by It's All About The Books blog .

The idea behind this challenge is to try and read books that are set in more unusual and varied locations - we certainly noticed, as did the organisers, that most of our reads take place in the USA - and also to compare our final maps.

To take part in the challenge, as you read a book, you just need to pin onto a map all of the locations that you visit during its narration.
If a book is set in multiple geographical areas, they all count.

To help you expand your horizons, the organisers have also provided a list of optional mini-challenges.  Just pick the ones you fancy and, if you wish, set your own reading target for each one.  A book can count for any number of mini-challenges.

This is without a doubt the most complex challenge we have come across, but don't fear: the organisers provide full instructions on how you can set up a Google map to track your locations and road trips, as well as a Google Spreadsheet to log and monitor your mini-challenges, similar to the ones we embedded below.

Altough we are joining in late May, this particular challenge had caught our eye some time ago and as such we have been keeping track of the locations we have "visited".  We will be adding these to our map shortly!

You can sign up for this challenge and anytime, so join us and have fun!

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