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Sunday 31 May 2015

ℝℂ Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge 2015

The 2015 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge is hosted by The Book Vixen.

The aim of this challenge is to push you to read more than you did last year.

Any work over 17500 words counts; this means that novellas and novels are in but short fiction under 7500 words and novelettes between 7500 to 17500 words are not.

Any book format and genre counts.

There are the following levels available:
  • Getting My Heart Rate Up: read 1–5 more books (or 250–1,499 more pages)
  • Out of Breath: read 6–10 more books (or 1,500–2,749 more pages)
  • Breaking a Sweat: read 11–15 more books (or 2,750–3,999 more pages)
  • I’m on Fire!: read 16+ more books (or 4,000+ more pages)
We are going quite hardcore on this one, as last year we read only read 21 qualifying books, out of 38 total titles.  Our target is to read 90 qualifying titles this year, i.e. 69 more than last year. We have gone supernova!

Visit the organisers' blog to find out the full details of this challenge and sign up - you have until the end of May 2015.  All reviews should be posted on the review link-up page on the host's blog.

Below you can find a list of all of those who are taking part in this challenge.


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Anonymous said...

Good luck and I hope you outdo yourself :)