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Tuesday 26 May 2015

ℬℋ Blog Blitz 2.0

Blog Blitz 2015 Welcome to the Blog Blitz 2.0 Blog Hop, organised by D.L. Hammons  and based on an idea inspired by the game Tag... where someone would be tagged as IT and everyone would try to get to them...

And this is kind of the purpose of the Blog Blitz... from time to time a particular blog is selected and the entire comunity focuses on them and posts supportive comments on their latest post.

Sounds like fun?

You can find out more on  D.L. Hammons' site, alternative you can just join in by checking out all of the blogs that are taking part!   You never know what you might discover!

Have fun!

BTW We are n. 166


DL Hammons said...

That reminds me...time to organize the next attack! :) Thank you for helping to spread the word!!

BooksChatter said...

My pleasure - I am very much a newbie and am just now starting to join blog hops and reading challenges :-) Scary and exciting!!!!