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Friday 29 May 2015

ℝℂ Netgalley Reading Challenge 2015

We once again continue to catch up with this year's reading challenges; this time it's the turn of the Netgalley Reading Challenge, organised by
According to Netgalley, the ideal feedback ratio should be around 80%... ours is currently around 13% ... there are simply too many interesting books and too little time!

The Netgalley Reading Challenge is the perfect opportunity to try and push that ratio a bit higher!

There are various challenge levels available:

  • Easy: 5 to 10 books
  • Medium: 11 to 20 books
  • Hard: 21 to 30 books
  • Difficult: 31 to 40 books
  • Hardcore 41 books and over
Hardcore is our chosen level!
The organisers hold quarterly updates and giveaways.  Do check out their site and take part if you can!

Below you can find a list of all of those who are taking part in this challenge.


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