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Thursday 31 May 2018

☀ Ruby: Smoky Blues [8] - Emily Mims

Thank you for joining us on the Release Celebrations for Ruby, a Romantic Suspense by (, Boroughs Publishing Group, 166 pages).

This is the eight book in the Smoky Blues series.

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis and the Kindle Cloud Reader Preview below.

Author Emily Mims will be awarding digital copies of books one and two in the Smoky Blues series, Mist and Smoke to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.   Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read other excerpts (☀), and reviews (✍).

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Forty years ago Lexi Barstow and Collins Wentworth thought they had made the biggest mistakes of their lives. Heartbreaking choices and bitter tears cemented a pact that would shape who they were and what they would be. But now so much has changed...except the passion they share and the differences between them.

But some things are fixable, and with forever staring them hard in the face, they learn all their decisions brought them to this ever after filled with love.

Teaser: KCR Preview

A lifetime of memories and regret culminate when Lexi Barstow and Collins Wentworth reunite, and this time it might be forever.

Available NOW!

The Series: Smoky Blues

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Mist [1]

The widow of a lying drug dealer, dulcimer-player Kylie Barstow Richards finds herself struggling to see through the mists of the Smokey Mountains to the truth—about her life, about the nightclub where she works, and about the bluegrass-playing musician who has arrived to steal her heart.


Someone is distributing drugs out of the nightclub Acoustics, and undercover DEA operative Reynolds Navarro has come to Bristol, Tennessee, to find out who. His prime suspect? The beautiful and deceitful dulcimer player Kylie Barstow Richards, whose drug-dealing husband was gunned down and who now has illicit funds feeding into an offshore account in her name. To complete his investigation, Ren must gain her trust and access to her home. What better way than with a kiss?

Kylie hates liars. She has been lied to all her life, and Ren Campbell seems too good to be true. Handsome, sexy and talented, the bluegrass guitar player is everything she’d wished of her first husband. And suddenly he’s her protector, too. But as danger encroaches like the morning mists of the Smokey Mountains, Kylie must soon learn whom she can trust—and whom she can love.

[Published 28 September 2016, 208 pages]

Smoke [2]

Witness to a murder, concert violinist Francesca Giordano flees to Bristol, TN, and finds bluegrass singer Cooper Barstow is an even greater danger—to her heart.


A concert violinist and musical prodigy, Francesca Giordano is internationally acclaimed and always in the spotlight—right where she doesn’t want to be. Not after she’s witnessed a murder. Suddenly on the run, she finds her way to Bristol, Tennessee, and to the music club Acoustics. There, as “ Chessie Hope,” she can hide out in the open. But with this newest gig comes a different kind of danger. Older and impossibly sexy, bluegrass singer Cooper Barstow is everything she’s ever wanted in a man, and his daughters are just as easy to love. Yet Francesca cannot enjoy the luxury of such a relationship, not even if he could protect her from the men on her trail or if she could be honest with him about who she is. Cooper is as wounded as he is strong, and he needs someone who will stay by his side for the rest of his life. Just as Francesca does. And the smoke on the mountains and the haze of desire almost make her believe that could happen.

[Published 21 November 2016, 180 pages]

Evergreen [3]

Tennessee bluegrass player Bradley Barstow holds not just the key to the cure for ukulele-player Leilani Mahuiki’s sick daughter, but to Leilani’s heart.


Thirty-year-old musician Leilani Mahuiki is in Tennessee to find Joe Barstow, the birth father whose bone marrow might save her daughter’s life. She finds Bradley, too, Joe’s adopted son. Against all odds, she and Bradley make wonderful music together, she on the ukulele, he on the banjo. And Bradley is everything else she’s ever wanted in a man.

Bradley wants her, too. But is that enough? He needs a family of his own. Having grown up an outsider, he’s always dreamt of something simple and old-fashioned. No entanglements. No complications. Just mom, dad, and the kids. Not something Leilani can ever offer. She already has the very complications and entanglements that he so desperately wants to avoid, and that are not going away any time soon. And yet, as he and Leilani pull out all the stops to save her daughter’s life, he knows Leilani is the only woman for him. The most beautiful music in the world can sometimes happen when disharmony resolves—and a lonely Tennessee winter can become a tropical.

[Published 13 December 2016, 178 pages]

Indigo [4]


Widow Timberlynn Barstow is pregnant—not by her beloved husband, but by the man she holds responsible for his death. Big, blond, infuriating Sawyer Ellison has returned, demanding to be part of the baby’s life and hers. But he is still consumed by his war on drugs, ruthlessly disregarding anything that gets in the path of his quest, including those around him. Timberlynn’s uncharacteristic surrender to that beautiful stone-carved face and rock-hard body means much less than her child’s safety.

Sawyer Ellison harbors a deep hatred of drugs...and an even deeper secret. He wants to make Timberlynn his, yet his personal crusade is everything. It drove him to decisions he regrets, mistakes that haunt him unto this day. Yet he cannot grieve over being with Timberlynn. The banjo-playing beauty—and now their child—is everything he never dreamed he could have. Now it’s just a matter of paying the piper.

[Published 10 June 2017, 184 pages]

Emerald [5]


Asher Ellison and Trish McClellan are united in the fight against drug abuse, and Asher, an ex-con turned minister, thinks he’s found the successful businesswoman of his dreams. But Trish’s businesses are intimate shops and a strip club—and she herself occasionally takes to the pole. Fury is his first reaction upon finding out who she really is. Then desire, always desire.

Asher’s surprise is no match for his attraction to this brash beauty, and then his devotion. And hers to him. Not the consternation of his congregation or the church’s board of deacons, not the threat to take away his ministry, not even the unknown and murderous enemy who’s about to zero in on Trish. His scarred, powerful arms will draw her close and keep her safe. As those who seek shall find, true love is eternal and divine.

[Published 9 September 2017, 204 pages]

Mistletoe [6]


Aspiring songwriter Caitlyn Murphy is tired of sister’s hand-me-downs. From toys and bicycles to men, it seemed like everything in Caitlyn’s life first belonged to her late sister. Roped into doing Christmas for motherless nieces, and entering into a pretend romance with their dangerously attractive father, Caitlyn soon finds herself falling in love with the girls, and the enigmatic Tanner Dyson. She resists the temptation and Tanner’s insistence that they make their pretend relationship real. She wants her own family, not the one her sister had first.


Tanner Dyson doesn't get why he is so attracted to his overweight, opinionated sister-in-law. She wants love and the whole romance thing, emotions that died with his late wife. He wants a woman who is nice to have around, and he can't understand why that isn’t that enough for Caitlyn. Worried their pretend relationship will wither and die come the new year, Tanner is surprised to find the magic of the holiday season gives them the gift of a new love neither expected, but both need.

[Published 17 November 2017, 204 pages]

Violet [7]

Karen Gregory’s dream of the ideal man changed when she met Gary Jeffries, but Deke, her ex, the original ideal guy, isn’t ready to let her go.

Karen Gregory has always been into big, take-charge, brooding alpha males. Not small, cute, second grade schoolteachers. Even though her marriage to Deke Gregory failed, she still thinks his type of man is what she wants. Or does she? When she returns to her hometown with the son her ex all but abandoned, she meets fellow teacher and singer Gary Jeffries, and finds herself falling for a man who is the antithesis of everything she thought she ever wanted. When Deke dramatically re-enters her life, Karen is faced with an impossible choice. Go back to her romantic ideal, and the father of her son, or stay with Gary?

Gary Jefferies knows he’s not what smokin’ hot, talented teacher and singer Karen Gregory wants. But he also knows that he is, by far, the better man for her and her son. Especially after meeting her arrogant, obnoxious ex. But shared history and a ten-year old child are strong ties to sever. Gary fears he’ll he lose Karen to her romantic ideal, even though Gary is the man she hasn’t yet realized she needs.

[Published 28 January 2018, 234 pages]

About the Author

The author of over thirty romance novels, Emily Mims combined her writing career with a career in public education until leaving the classroom to write full time.

The mother of two sons, she and her husband split their time between central Texas, eastern Tennessee, and Georgia visiting their kids and grandchildren.

For relaxation Emily plays the piano, organ, dulcimer, and ukulele for two different performing groups, and even sings a little.

She says, “I love to write romances because I believe in them. Romance happened to me and it can happen to any woman—if she’ll just let it.”

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Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thanks for hosting!

emilym said...

Thank you so much for having me today! I am very proud of 'Ruby', my first foray into love at a 'certain age'. I firmly believe that love can happen to a woman at any point in her life, if she'll just open herself to the possibilities.
Best. Emily