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Thursday 17 May 2018

☀☄ 30 Noodles: Raw Munchies [3] - Reut Barak

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for 30 Noodles: 30 easy raw vegan noodle recipes with delicious popular spaghetti and pasta dishes, a Cookbook by (, Reut Barak, 96 pages).

This is the third book in the Raw Munchies series.

The ebook version will launch on 18 May 2018 for only 2.99! 
Giveaways, free webinar and the launch blog answering the 14 pressing questions on the diet. 
Visit the launch page of 30 Noodles to find out what's on. It's going to be a blast.

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis, trailer and video recipes below.

Author Reut Barak will be awarding a $20 Amazon/BN gift card to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.   Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read other excerpts (☀), and reviews (✍).

|| Synopsis || Trailer + Video Recipes || The Series || About the Author || Giveaway & Tour Stops ||


Easy pasta and noodles, featuring some of the most popular pasta and spaghetti recipes. This book has both regular and ultra-detox recipes.

This book is all about the warm crunch: pesto, fettuccine, pad thai, and even coconut chicken, all in their raw vegan version. It’s a great way to have a quick, impressive healthy meal.

30 recipes for 30 days of a spiralizing adventure. It’s a whole new way of cooking!

A great way to eat healthy and easy plant based noodle recipes with raw vegan versions of popular dishes.

30 Noodles
Only 2.99 on 18 May 2018!

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Anyone purchasing the book on the launch date, May 18, 2018 will receive:
  • A free copy of the eBook 12 Vegetarian Sauces: A mini- cookbook
  • An easy organizer for daily and weekly meal plans and shopping lists
  • A cute fridge list 6 steps to RawVolutionize the Kitchen
  • 3 Free recipes from the next book in the series: 50 Salads
  • To participate: send the order number or copy of the receipt and the title "giveaway" to:
  • Join a free Webinar on Launch day, May 18 at 12:00 EST, with a Vip List;
  • Win a free signed copy of 30 Noodles!
  • Learn about the diet on the 5-18 of May blog

The Series: Raw Munchies

“It’s always great to share food with the people we love, and Raw Munchies book series is all about making something special to have together. It could be an exotic smoothie, a healthy spaghetti, or a portobello mushroom steak. It’s been my greatest challenge and joy to create this book series and open up to this new art: to bring popular and gourmet recipes from around the world to the raw vegan table.” Reut Barak

Join the fun!

|| Mission Raw || 100 Smoothies || 50 Salads ||

Click on the book cover to Look Inside the book on Amazon and read an excerpt.

Mission Raw [1]

Delicious raw vegan versions of popular recipes. For everyone who wants a healthier version of pizza, burgers, sushi, and gourmet recipes.

This book is all about cravings: burgers, pizza, ice cream, sushi, all in their raw vegan version. It’s a great way to have a guilt-free, gluten-free healthy meal.

30 recipes for 30 days of raw adventure. It’s a whole new way of cooking!

[Published 7 November 2017, 117 pages]

100 Smoothies [2]

Quick and easy, energetic and mouth- watering smoothies. This book is all about health and ultra-detox. Simple food combining and few ingredients.

This book is all about health: exotic fruit smoothies, savory vegetable smoothies, super detox smoothies, and even two color smoothies. It’s a great way to have a quick, delicious meal, full of energy and ready in seconds.

100 recipes for a colorful adventure. It’s a whole new way of cooking!

[Published 8 December 2017, 146 pages]

50 Salads [4]

Quick, easy, and healthy, with a touch of style and famous salads from world cuisine. This book has both regular and ultra-detox recipes.

This book is all about abundance: fruit salads, Greek salad, tabouli, coleslaw and even some sprouting. It’s a great way to have a large, delicious meal or side dish, full of healthy nutrients and ready in minutes.

50 recipes for a crunchy adventure. It’s a whole new way of cooking!

[Planned Release: Summer 2018]

About the Author

Raw is a raw vegan website dedicated to making healthy, gluten free recipes, that are delicious, easy and great for detox.

Reut Barak has been an online influencer in the Raw Vegan world since her transformation in 2015, “I started cooking when I was 7, on my own making Challah bread. I was brave. The result was what could only be described as beginners luck. I have since had every possible failure in the book (and some of my own).

But I always succeeded in the end, and over the 25 years in the kitchen I mastered cooking. I could make anything I wanted to make. Until I went raw.

A chance night of late Googling on May 25, 2015 exposed me to this new great challenge and I learn new things every single day. Join me! Love, Reut”

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Giveaway and Tour Stops

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