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Wednesday 11 April 2018

✉ How I Keep Track of Characters - Charlotte Hubbard

Today author takes over our blog to tell us about how she keeps track of her characters.

Charlotte's latest novel is A Mother's Gift (, Kensington, 289 pages), a Inspirational Amish Romance.

“Hubbard writes Amish stories with style and grace.” —RT Book Reviews

“An endearing romance. . . . By making a space for determined women inside the Amish community and providing a satisfying conclusion to various familial hurts, Hubbard provides readers with a comforting tale of love and forgiveness.” --Publishers Weekly

Every time I read a book by Charlotte Hubbard, I swear it's the best she could ever write. Then comes a new book and it's even better than the last one. This is an author who knows her genre well, but continues to keep it fresh every single time.
~ Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer

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How I Keep Track of Characters

by Charlotte Hubbard

If you think I can get details about my characters confused as I write different Amish series, you’re right! That’s why I make a collage of character faces every time I propose a new series.

For years I’ve torn out magazine pictures of people who look interesting to me. Some of them are models or movie stars, but I don’t care if they’re famous! Something about their facial expression suggests they have a compelling personality—or a secret.

When I propose a new series, I choose faces that fit the characters I have in mind. I arrange these photos on a big piece of kraft paper, and I add more as new characters enter the series.

Ramona and me in my office when we lived in Missouri!
On the wall, you see my collage for the Seasons of the Heart series.
Right now, the people of Promise Lodge are looking at me from the wall behind my computer.

Preacher Amos is represented by Sean Connery, Truman Wickey looks like Johnny Depp, a photo of model Andie MacDowell is Christine, Clive Owen represents Preacher Marlin, and—my personal favorite—a really awesome shot of Tom Selleck stands in for Bishop Monroe Burkholder.

Preacher Amos Truman Wickey Christine Preacher Marlin Bishop Monroe Burkholder
Again, I don’t choose these photos because of characters these actors have played. Something about their facial expressions suggests the character this person plays in my books. None of these folks are Amish, so I have to imagine the women’s kapps and the men’s beards!

I also keep a written “bible” of details about series characters. I include eye color, ages, their kids, details I’ve included in previous books—even the names of their horses!

When I forget something about a character, I use the Search function on the document of a previous book s/he was in. The more books I write, the more I need these three writing tools!

Can a baby abandoned on their porch bring the Shetler family together?

A Mother's Gift
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