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Friday 17 February 2017

✉ Becoming Dragon: Dragon Point [1] - Eve Langlais

Today author takes over our blog to tell us about her latest novel, Becoming Dragon (, 250 pages), a Contemporary Romance, book one of Dragon Point series.

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Balancing life and writing

When it comes to writing, I am very structured. You might even call me rigid even in my schedule.

Even though a large number of my books are indie published, I adhere to a very strict schedule. Writing is a job for me and as such I treat it with the utmost respect. But will note that while I work 7 days a week, I only write Monday to Friday for about 3-5 hours a day. The rest of the time, and on weekends, I have to undertake more mundane tasks such as marketing, updating and editing.

When I do write, I set myself goals. I expect to write a minimum of fifteen to twenty thousand words a week, but often manage twenty five. It’s not easy, though. I’ve got 3 kids with active social lives. There are days I feel like I need a taxi hat. And did you know they expect to be fed? Then there’s hubby who seems to want my attention too! lol. The one thing they’ve all had to adjust to is the fact, just because mommy is at home, doesn’t mean she’s not busy.

Working from a home office takes discipline and respect from family members. That doesn’t mean I won’t bend my schedule if needed. My family always comes first. However, if you come running in to my office and ask me to make you a sandwich, I will more than likely spin my head, in a quite evil fashion and utter a very demonic, “Get out!”

Becoming Dragon
Available NOW!

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