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Wednesday 27 January 2016

☀☄ The Sugarspear Chronicles: The Complete Collection: The Sadie Sugarspear Chronicles [1-26] - Nicole Arlyn

Thank you for joining us for the Release Day Party for The Sugarspear Chronicles: The Complete Collection, a Fantasy by (, Full Fathom Five Digital, 1,000 pages).

This collection includes all novellas, 1 to 26, in The Sadie Sugarspear Chronicles series.

"This book is to the literary world now what Wes Anderson films are in a world full of Magic Mikemovies. It will challenge you…But if you open your mind and stretch back to the bygone era of literary symbolism that was Faulkner's As I Lay Dying, you will appreciate the shining jewel that is this book." —A.D. Marrow, author of Chaos and Moonlight, Book One of the Order of the Nines series

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis, trailer and excerpt below, as well as full details of the 11 individual books that make up this collection.

In honor of the 26 stories that make up the collection, author Nicole Arlyn will be awarding a $26 Amazon/BN gift card to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.   Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read other excerpts (☀).

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The Sugarspear Chronicles, the incredible twenty-six-novella saga that started with a little girl and her willow tree, is finally available in one complete collection.

The Sugarspear Chronicles: The Complete Collection is the story of young Sadie Sugarspear, a girl who endures intolerable abuse by reading about a fantasy world filled with incredible sights and outlandish people—a place she’s only ever encountered through her real father’s storybook.

One day, when the cruelty becomes too much to bear, Sadie runs away and hides inside her beloved willow tree. To her surprise, the tree opens, sending Sadie down into the abyss, into a land she’s only ever read about—where she must being a long, terrifying, and heartbreaking journey home.

Readers can now enjoy the entirety of author Nicole Arlyn’s dark fantasy saga in one complete book. This complete collection also includes a note from the author detailing the inspiration and events that led to The Sugarspear Chronicles.

This book is intended for mature audiences and contains disturbing content that may cause the reader to delve into his or her own land of fantasy…just like Sadie.

Teaser: Excerpt

     She spread herself wider, her arms and legs out to the sides of her as far as they would go. She let him see her like that, let him cover her like that, and the shadow felt moonlike without moonbeams or star-shine or blue or white light. Moonlike, like when the moon is far away or gone and now she wanted it badly, as a guide through the night. Moon comes with crickets and dust and the end and the beginning of eve and dawn. It divides the night. Giving up sleep now, fever living through daylight—she forgot she was sick but the sick never forgot her. Wider she took herself, sprawled to touch the trees and climb them, snatch hold of a branch and ride it up. She reached her arms high and lured Orphano’s shadow into her. Her legs above her as they fell open.
      “Yours. For one night.”
      His shadow sped into hardness. His shadow sweat. Her face burned red.
      “And Sam comes home,” she said.

The Sugarspear Chronicles:
The Complete Collection

Available NOW!

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The Series: The Sadie Sugarspear Chronicles

|| [1] || [2] || [3] || [4-6] || [7-9] || [10-12] || [13-15] || [16-18] || [19-21] || [22-23] || [24-26] ||

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Sadie Sugarspear and the Weeping Willow [1]

**FREE download**

In a small town called Muddlewoods, young Sadie Sugarspear endures intolerable cruelty at the hands of her brutal stepfather. Sadie finds solace in the one thing her real father, Sam Sugarspear, left behind: a book about an imaginary land, ruled by a king who grants wishes.

One day, when her stepfather’s cruelty reaches unimaginable depths, Sadie runs away and hides inside a crevice in her beloved willow tree. To her surprise, the tree opens up, sending Sadie falling down into the abyss, into a land she’s only ever read about—where she must begin a long, terrifying, and heartbreaking journey home.

[Published 31 December 2014, 53 pages]

Sadie Sugarspear and the Terrible Stream [2]

Having escaped the murderous grip of Princess Faegria (for now), Sadie finds herself lost once more. Determined as always, she continues on her journey to find King Orphanos.

On her way, Sadie encounters a mysterious boy named Joseph who tells her of the dangers that await if she is to continue on to her destination. He pulls her into a deep forest against her will and to the tree that can take her back home to Muddlewoods.

But as Sadie protests her need to see King Orphanos, she loses Joseph and finds herself in the grasp of a much more sinister force: Gismania Twylight and the many monsters of the Terrible Stream. Sadie is terrified to learn that she is also being hunted by unumbered and unknown forces from kingdoms all around.

Will Joseph return in time to save her? Will Sadie give up and return home with his help? Or, will she risk everything to find King Orphanos and make her wishes come true?

[Published 14 January 2015, 45 pages]

Sadie Sugarspear and Alasdair Astigan [3]

The child inside Sadie has begun to break…

After her battle with Gismania Twilight and the monsters of the Terrible Stream, a banged-up Sadie unexpectedly awakens in what appears to be a familiar landscape: Muddlewoods. But when she finds herself inside a mysterious church and comes face to face with Sam Sugarspear, the one person she has always longed for, something still doesn’t feel right—and Sadie loses Sam into the darkness once again.

But Sadie will forget about Sam and the King of Wishes when she discovers something much more powerful coming alive inside her:

Lust. Desire. Passion.

[Published 28 January 2015, 46 pages]

Sadie Sugarspear and The Mystery of the Map, A Visit Home, and The Princess of Revelathia [4-6]

Disillusioned and alone once again, Sadie Sugarspear must travel through the Land of the Forgotten. With some unexpected help, she makes it all the way up Snow Mountain, where she finds new purpose caring for an abandoned baby she names “Dream.”

But Sadie’s journey is never peaceful for long, and new dangers arise in the forms of gypsies, vampire giants, mudmen, and her vicious stepfather Ralph, who is back in Muddlewoods.

In order to stay alive, Sadie must remember how to love, and how to hope— or fall into a pit of eternal darkness…

[Published 4 March 2015, 141 pages]

Sadie Sugarspear and The Scarlet Road, The Keys to the Castle, and La Serpythia of Vulserpia [7-9]

More desperate than ever, Sadie Sugarspear continues her journey to King Orphanos’ castle.

Holding Alasdair’s treasured love letter in her hands, she battles through through the clutches of Raebos and Faegria. But once she reaches the castle, all she finds are dark hallways, closed doors, and empty rooms.

A broken-hearted man named Hugo and a mysterious stranger named Marcel promise to lead Sadie to the man sitting on the throne, the one who will grant wishes. But in return, Orphanos will want what she holds most dear…

[Published 1 April 2015, 178 pages]

Sadie Sugarspear and the Search for the Grey Church, the Wild Blue Wolf, and the Three True Men [10-12]

After King Orphanos’ brutal attack, Sadie Sugarspear heads back to the Grey Church to retrieve something that will help her find justice–her sword.

On the way, Sadie battles through demons and dragons accompanied by a new friend, a wolf named Blue. Eventually, she reaches the sword, but before she can kill King Orphanos, she comes across something that she didn’t expect to ever find again: her one true love, Alasdair Astigan. Overwhelmed by emotion, Sadie is willing to give up on her journey to stay with Alasdair.

When Alasdair is attacked and his life hangs in the balance, Sadie must go in search of the Three True Men, believing they can help save Alasdair and lead her on her way. But by the time she returns, Alasdair is gone—and standing by a pool of his blood is the Dark King, who once again has come for her soul.

[Published 22 April 2015, 192 pages]

Sadie Sugarspear and Half Moon Half Sun, the Impossible Home, and a Beautiful Triumph [13-15]

As her journey continues, Sadie boards a ship guided by a pirate called Half Moon. He leads her through treacherous waters and tells her stories of how the map to Revelathia came to be.

With his help, Sadie finds the key to a treasure chest that contains treasures beyond jewels, but soon after she is swept away by fierce tides to a fairy-tale island with a mysterious angel. Once Sadie returns to the ship, she is reunited with the orphans who escaped the clutches of Princess Faegeria, but when they hit rough storms, she falls off, plunging for miles until she lands in…Muddlewoods.

…Or at least she thinks it’s Muddlewoods. Some things seem a bit different, but some things haven’t changed at all. Soon enough, Sadie wants an escape from Muddlewoods, but also from her childhood and from her life. Relying on her willow tree once more for help, can Sadie outlast death and disappointment long enough to get to the Promised Land?

[Published 13 May 2015, 196 pages]

Sadie Sugarspear and the Long-Lost Book, The Would-Be Princess, and The Very Long Engagement [16-18]

At long last, Sadie Sugarspear has entered the City of Revelathia.

At a local bookstore, she mysteriously finds a copy of Travelers of the Dust, the very book that has followed her all her life. Its words, stories, and characters take her back to her past, but as Sadie tries to find a quiet place to read, a voice calls for her.

It turns out that the voice belongs to Joseph, who Sadie believed dead. Sadie is confused, but happy to see him, and realizes that he owns a part of her heart—the part that does not belong to Alasdair. Joseph gifts Sadie a very special stone before sending her on her way to the City of Revelathia’s inner circle: the Kingdom. There, she finds a palace more magnificent than anything she’s ever known and is immediately greeted and cared for like a princess.

Now, she must wait for the king to grant her wishes…

[Published 3 June 2015, 198 pages]

Sadie Sugarspear and the Cave of the Swords, The Garden of In Between, and Alasadair's Betrayal [19-21]

After losing both her wedding dress and herself during the never-ending search for the sword, a lost Sadie must summon more courage than ever before as she continues toward her destiny…

Her journey quickly takes a turn for the worse when she is attacked and thrown into the Land of Death. There, she must crawl and claw her way through death itself until she comes face-to-face with none other than: Alasdair.

Alasdair takes Sadie back to his cave and they promise each other eternity. But, like all good things in Sadie’s journey, it too ends when Alasdair wakes up one morning confused and storms away without explanation. Sadie is left alone in the cave that once held all her desires, questioning whether she will ever see Alasdair again. She begins to break down, losing herself in all the ugliness and darkness that is left.

[Published 17 June 2015, 221 pages]

Sadie Sugarspear and the Forgotten Waters, and The Journey Through the Serpent [22-23]

Safety is not meant for Sadie: After the Forgotten Waters wash her away, she finds her way to shore, travels through a burnt forest, and finds refuge in a small cabin. That is, she finds refuge until the angry Queen of Ashthoreth, determined to destroy Sadie, drags her down through the Valley of Mud. With unexpected help from a trusted friend, Sadie manages to escape, but soon finds herself in front of yet another enemy: Serpythia.

In one final act of resistance, Stadie stabs the serpent. Before it perishes, though, it swallows her. She travels through Serpythia’s belly and finds an entire world inside, containing all those who were swallowed over the years and were never able to leave.

Is this Sadie’s final journey? Is this where her road comes to an end? Or is there something more to discover, something hidden within the living walls that now contain her?

[Published 22 July 2015, 151 pages]

Sadie Sugarspear and the Secret Dreams of the King, the Origin of Her Story, and the Beginning of Life [24-26]

As Sadie awaits her marriage to Joseph, she suddenly experiences a peace, calm, and beauty like she never has before. But in this same silence, Sadie is also reminded of the losses, struggles, and tears of her painful past.

Finally at the ending of her difficult journey, Sadie must listen to and learn from the message in yesterday’s cries as they grow louder and louder—but in order to do this she must dive back into it all, far enough back until she returns home.

Readers can finally join Sadie as her epic journey concludes in this final installment of The Sugarspear Chronicles.

[Published 19 August 2015, 182 pages]

About the Author

Nicole is a writer and an actress born in Brooklyn, New York. She has worked in films such as Clay Pigeons, opposite Joaquin Phoenix; The Wedding Planner; and Brooklyn Bound, among many others. She has performed, written and directed theater productions in New York, Los Angeles, and Europe. She has also read her poems in many poetry lounges in Europe and America, and is a song lyricist for musicians.

After living in Rome, Italy, for the past several years, Nicole has returned to New York City where she lives with her husband and son.

She is at work on more novels.

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