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Wednesday 20 January 2016

☀☄ Grace After the Storm: Laci and Mitch [2] - Sandy Sinnett

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for the newly released Grace After the Storm, a Women's Fiction by (, 5 Prince Publishing, 212 pages).

This is the second book in the Laci and Mitch series.

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis and excerpt below, as well as our Q&A with author Sandy Sinnett.
Read the first chapter with Kobo preview.

Sandy Sinnett will be awarding a $25 Total Wine GC, a bookmark/key chain set, along with a free eBook of her new book, and an autographed copy of her  first one, “Hope in the Rain", to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.   Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read other excerpts (☀), interviews (ℚ), reviews (✍) and guest blog posts (✉).

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Brad’s brother recently found the love of his life, and now he too longs to find his one. No one seems to compare to his first love from years ago, though - the woman he left behind for money and a career. To remind him of her love, though, on what would have been their wedding anniversary, Brad writes her a letter. Never mailed. Never read…until this year, after the storm ends.

Hannah’s estate is in foreclosure - unable to keep her family’s estate after her parents’ death. Sparks begin to fly however after the estate is purchased and the new owner arrives. Not only was Brad the love of her life, but he’s also the man who walked out on her eight years ago. At first sight, Hannah’s grandmother believes their love still exists, and even as her health fades she works to help Hannah see the good in Brad.

Hannah must deal with painful memories from her past as she is forced to work with Brad and save her estate, but will her stubborn pride cause her to lose him again?

She begins to see Brad in a new light, and the love she felt for him long ago is reborn. When Hannah’s ‘little sister’ Clare discovers Brad’s secret, though, a storm of events will begin that may destroy their only chance for love, and may risk Hannah’s life in the process. Brad and Hannah will face both tragedy and loss as they rekindle their love, remembering that grace always follows the storm.

Teaser: Excerpt



      Hannah watched from her porch as the ‘suit’ pounded the foreclosure sign into the cold, hard ground next to the edge of the road. Every blow of the mallet rang in her ears and the reality of her situation could no longer be ignored. It signified the end of her family’s legacy. Of course it was nothing for the man in the suit, as he drove the sign farther and farther into the ground, but for Hannah it meant losing her family’s estate. The final nail being driven into her virtual coffin.
      She’d lost so much in the last ten years – everything worth living for had managed to slip through her fingers one by one. The love of her life had walked away from her eight years ago and although she hated to admit it, her soul still cried out for him even today. Then the boating accident took her parents away just six short years ago, leaving her to care for the family winery and bed and breakfast – Foxhead Estates. Her choice to move back to Washington and run her family’s estate sent her then husband on his merry way. His investment in their marriage had been minimal to say the least. It was hard to admit that she was now a divorcée, but she now realized that she’d only married him to make herself feel safe and secure.
      Hannah’s 89 year-old ailing grandmother was the only family she had left now and lived with her at the estate. It was only a matter of time before she would lose her too. She watched as the ‘suit’ climbed back into his fancy car and went hopefully on his way back in to whatever hole he had crawled out of, then she collapsed onto the porch floor. Her insides ached and it was hard to breathe, so she wrapped her arms around her stomach and forced one deep breath at a time, each one like a needle piercing her lung all the way through to her spine. She sobbed uncontrollably, heaving and gasping for air, and soaking the knees of her jeans. Her world was crashing down, and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Except… well, maybe God. In a last ditch effort to find some semblance of comfort, she calmed herself and lifted her tear-stained cheeks to the sky, silently waiting for the courage to make her petition known to the Almighty. She whispered.
      “Hey God? It’s… it’s me – Hannah. I know it’s been a while, but hopefully you can hear me. Do you remember me? Please God, please help me! I need your grace now more than ever. Is that still a thing – grace? I know I don’t deserve any, but if only for my grandmother’s sake, I hope you can send a little our way. We can use all the help we can get. Oh, and I’m sorry about that tantrum I threw at the church picnic last year. I hope you won’t hold that against me. Honestly, Ms. Rumple had it coming! She’s so snooty and….ugh! Sorry, Lord. So… thanks for listening and well… just thanks.”
      Hannah stood up and wiped her tears. The ‘suit’ had finally left and it began to rain. “Ugh… is how you answer me? You know how I hate the rain!”

Grace After the Storm
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The Series: Laci and Mitch

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Hope in the Rain [1]

"But as I stood there, feeling the pain of unfulfilled dreams, all I could do was cry harder and harder, inconsolable as I thought about the uncertain future in front of me. My hot tears mingled with the cold rain and I shouted up into the sky---calling out for him, praying he would hear me somehow. I'm so sorry I let you go---I'm sorry I didn't tell you! I love you!"

As a little girl, Laci Kramer always found hope in the rain and believes that good things will follow it. But after losing her husband, she has trouble seeing the good in anything except her four kids and her job...until one rainy day when she boards a plane and something good sits down beside her. Mitch is from North Carolina and lost his wife a few years ago. And on that short four-hour flight, Laci becomes an unexpected surprise that he can't resist. An old-fashioned courtship brings their love to life, but is it strong enough to last when threatened by her uncertain future?

Can Laci's faith help her overcome the fear of what lies ahead and give Mitch her whole heart? Or will she let him go to spare him from repeating a horrible pain from his past.

Laci will lose hope in love, and life...until it rains.

[Published 22 April 2014, 300 pages]

About the Author

Sandy recently moved back to her hometown of Mt. Vernon, IL and lives there with her two youngest kids. She currently works in Marketing for a local Children's Home and is busy working on another book.

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