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Thursday, 3 September 2015

☀ Hypton 14 [1] - Morgan Hadley

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for Hypton 14  by (, Morgan Hadley, 286 pages).

PREVIEW: Read the first ten chapters with Amazon Look Inside.

Check out the book's synopsis and the excerpt below.

**Hypton 14 will be ON SALE for ONLY 99 pence / cents until 4 September 2015**

Author Morgan Hadley will be awarding a $15 Amazon/BN gift card to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour, and one digital copy of Hypton 14 to our readers.   Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read other excerpts (☀).

Synopsis | Teaser #1 | Teaser #2 | About the Author | Giveaways


…The hungry ones want in...

It’s 9012, and inside the life-sustaining bio-dome, human men have been extinct for thousands of years. The women have replaced them with sexy robotic male companions, programmed to cook, clean, and satisfy their owners’ most intimate personal requirements.

But there are more creatures left alive outside than anyone ever thought possible.
And some of them want to come in.

Teaser #1: Excerpt

A long workbench dominated the low-ceilinged area, and Amy was leaning over it, melting the serial number off a shoulder blade.

"Oh hell," said Tina, "How are you going to get the skin back on that?"

Amy lifted her visor. "There's a patch of skin growing in that tank over there." She nodded toward the corner. "It should take. He's not for show anyway, he's being sold to one of the restaurants."

Tina nodded. The restaurants were usually staffed with underground-market bots. While a handsome Hypton served the main course, it was often prepared behind the scenes by a stripped-down man-bot who'd had his face removed and his numbers melted away to avoid identification.

"I saw something interesting today," said Tina.

"Mmm?" Tina watched as Amy smoothed the melted area where the serial number had been. Serial chips on the newer Hyptons were holographically embedded, and it wouldn't be long before they'd have to come up with new procedures for erasing them.

"A really different bot. Short. Hairy."

"A Hypton?"

"I'm thinking no. Maybe he's an antique?"

"Can you get him?"

"He belongs to a friend."

"No, then." Amy had a rule about not stealing from people you knew.

"She might sell him. For less than he's worth, I mean. She doesn't like him."

"Find out what he is first. I'll take him if there's a profit in it. I do have some clients with unusual tastes."

"I think he's cute."


"Yeah. I mean, he's not hideous or anything. He's just not perfect."

Amy put down the tool she'd been using to smooth out the metal, and pulled an envelope from the pocket of her apron. "Now I'm really curious."

Tina reached out and took the envelope. "She's taking him to the dealership tomorrow. I'm meeting her there. If I can get him alone, I'll try to scan him."

"Good. Pay attention to any new security features they mention. And try to get a tour of the assembly area."

Tina stuffed the envelope down into her boot and let herself out. She didn't need to count it; Amy always paid what they'd agreed on.

She headed home to start going through her clothes. She needed to find something decent to wear to Hypton, Inc. with Lyssa tomorrow.

She needed to look like she belonged there.

Teaser #2: Meet The Characters



As a member of the elite guard that protects the dome and all those inside it, Janie enjoys a life of luxury with her penthouse apartment and her brand new, fully loaded man-bot.

But her job is about to get more difficult; Will she be able to cope when she's sent on a high-risk mission into the wild lands?


17 yo Lyssa is tired of being jealous of her older cousin Janie. With her glamorous job and her grown-up apartment, Janie seems to have everything Lyssa is so tired of waiting for. When Janie comes home with a sexy new man-bot, it's the last straw for Lyssa.

Her jealousy sends straight to the bad side of town, where she'll make a dangerous purchase of her own.


Infinite wealth and an army of Hyptons can't begin to satisfy Connie while her soul is still haunted by the man she can't forget.

She's searched him out for years, and now the race is on to bring him back inside to safety, before it's too late.



Things are getting worse every day. It's getting hotter and the bugs are getting bigger...and hungrier.

In order to protect his wife, Jack is determined to get inside the dome and carve out a life for them there...but will his wild plan succeed in time?


It's been a decade, and Cole has worked hard to resurrect the shattered northern dome. Thanks to his constant mental vigilance and the potent output of his stills, Cole has almost forgotten: the hunger of her kiss, the heat of her eyes, the silken whisper of her skin against his.

But a chance encounter with some refugees from a destroyed civilization threatens to put him right back into the fire.


She's the kind of woman a man would do anything to keep hold of....even if it means leaving his world behind and crawling straight into Hell.

But while her husband Jack is living a nightmare to secure her safety, she finds her feelings for him fading away, at the same time she's heating up for a rugged, still tending drifter from the northern dome.

Hypton 14 - available NOW!

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About the Author

I am the author of the futuristic thriller Hypton 14, and I'm writing the sequel next. Find out when my new books are coming out by following me on Amazon, or stop by my website at to sign up for the e-mail list. Thank you for your interest!

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