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Wednesday 23 November 2016

☀ The Naughty List: Red Moon Anthologies [2] - edited by Cori Vidae

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for The Naughty List, a sweet to erotic Romance anthology by (, World Weaver Press, 201 pages).

This is the second book in the Red Moon Anthologies series, and it is on sale for ONLY .99!

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis and KCR Preview below.

The authors will be awarding a Christmas present to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour. Like any good Christmas present its contents are a surprise but it will include at least one signed book, something homemade, and a bunch of other fun goodies.  

Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read other excerpts (☀), and reviews (✍).

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Six holiday romances, from sexy to sweet, prove love is better on the Naughty List.

The Stories

|| A Christmas Maggie || Christmassy || My Midnight Cowboy || In the Doghouse || Winter’s Daughter || Stealing Time ||

A Christmas Maggie by Tiffany Reisz

All Daniel wanted for Christmas was to spoil his new girlfriend, Anya, make love under the tree, and ignore all his old heartaches. But the ghosts of Christmas past aren’t so easily forgotten, especially when Maggie, his late wife, shows up to remind him why the past should stay in the past, and why his Christmases-future could be the best of his life . . . if he can finally let himself live and love in this Christmas present. (A Christmas Maggie is the final story in the Daniel trio from the Original Sinners series, beginning with The Gift and followed by Daniel Part Two.)

Christmassy by Alexa Piper

When taotien Valerian and witchling Cora get together, sparks fly. But on the way to visit Cora’s family for Christmas, they encounter a supernatural predator that will not only test their individual powers and abilities, but also their connection to one another.

My Midnight Cowboy by Pumpkin Spice

If chocolate is the way to a man’s heart, then pastry chef Lucy Baker has the recipe for success. But will her culinary skills melt the most hard-hearted bachelor in Wyoming? A chance encounter on a New Year’s Eve flight leaves two strangers to discover unbounded pleasure and a hunger for sexual discovery.

In the Doghouse by Elizabeth Black

Nicky and Angela had just begun to add a little kink to their lives when, caught up in the influence of his dudebros, he forgot their anniversary and broke Angela’s heart. Angela wants Nicky’s strong arms around her again, but first she wants him to fight for her. Can one night, a paddle, and some restraints bridge the gap between them?

Winter’s Daughter by Doug Blakeslee

A child of the Fae—bound to winter and a promise given to her chosen mate. She must claim him before time runs out and all she loves in the world falls to ruin. A child of mortals—forgotten and discarded by the world, then torn from the most amazing woman he’s ever met. Trapped in the sort of fae-tale that rarely ends in happily ever after, are they strong enough to defy the odds and find love?

Stealing Time by Wendy Sparrow

As Father Time’s son, Zeit must sacrifice a mortal’s lifetime to the Fates each New Year’s Eve. Last year—inexplicably, really—he made an 11:59 substitution. The Fates are pissed and they’re after his mortal, Hannah. With the year ending, he ought to figure out why he saved her—and why he keeps doing it. Following an unlucky year, Hannah needs a week’s holiday in a lodge to unwind. What she gets are near-death experiences and a sexy immortal who can’t avoid kissing her, but might have to kill her. After all, even Zeit can’t hold back time indefinitely.

Teaser: KCR Preview

The Naughty List
ONLY .99!

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The Series: Red Moon Anthologies

Click on the book cover to Look Inside the book on Amazon and read an excerpt.

Demons Imps and Incubi [1]

Demons, Imps, Incubi: dark, powerful, and forbidden. Only the foolish would seek one out for seduction, and yet . . . deals are struck. Souls are ensnared.

But must a demon's agenda always be demonic? Can he be redeemed? Or does being bad feel too good to bother with redemption? Long ago, imps were more mischievous and playful—naughty, perhaps?—and perceptions of them have only grown more sinister over the centuries. The incubus craves sex, but what makes us crave him?

Explore dark and sensual worlds with eight brand new stories of magic and seduction that will set you aflame by Cori Vidae, Alexa Piper, Erzabet Bishop, Mark Greenmill, Nicole Blackwood, J. C. G. Goelz, Jeffery Armadillo, and M. Arbroath.

[Published June 22, 2015, 242 pages]

Circles Within Circle by Cori Vidae

Mary never believed the rumors about her mother being a witch, but when a mirror inexplicably connects her to her twin brother Michael, stationed half a world away on a WWI battlefield, she reconsiders. To protect him from a battle he has reason to believe will be his last, Mary sets out to uncover any magic left on her isolated farm.

Cairn wakes from centuries of banishment to a cramped basement and a sensual, albeit surprised, woman. Perhaps she didn’t intend to summon him, but since she did, perhaps he could help… for a price.

Measures of Greed by Alexa Piper

Valerian wants a distraction, but the witchling he meets at a crossroads turns out to be far more than that. Toying with her might be his undoing, but he can’t help himself.

Cora wants to unravel a mystery, and Valerian’s sensual enticements keep getting in her way. He draws her into a world of strange darkness and even stranger light. Trickery twists her fate, but not even Valerian can hope to twist her will.

Pomegranate Cupcake by Erzabet Bishop

There’s nothing like a party in the Underworld… especially when you’re a goddess in a really bad mood.

Angry with her daughter’s annual trip to the Underworld, Demeter decides to crash Hades’ party at the Elysian Club, but she’s not as immune to the hot, writhing bodies as she’d thought. Or maybe it’s just one body that can entice her.

Nick is an incubus on Hades’ payroll. When he catches sight of a sexy goddess in the throng of night club goers, he knows this won’t be a night he’ll soon forget as two forces collide in a scorching interlude of fiendish passion.

Burning Edge by Mark Greenmill

When Celeste summons Santorava, the Demon Lord of Kraal, his heartbreaking story ignites a fire in her. She’ll risk everything to discover the secret of his world and, in turn, a secret she carries in her soul.

Dromtsiirin at the Tiki Lounge by Nicole Blackwood

At last, Benjiishnael’s long years of exile are at an end. All he has to do is keep his human ward safe until his master’s fiendish deal is done, and Benji can return home to Dromtsuul. But the deal unravels, and worst of all, Benji is becoming inexplicably… aware… of his ward.

Soul Mates by J. C. G. Goelz

Some nights can’t be forgotten. Some can’t be remembered—which may be for the best, unless there’s a strange woman in your bed. And she’s not breathing.

Setting off to retrace his steps and his whirlwind romance, he’s about to discover there’s more to romance than life and death.

Lilin and Irdo: Promettre by Jeffrey Armadillo

By Divine Dictate, incubi and succubi are forbidden from falling in love. Irdo knows his yearning for Lilin is doomed, but he can’t help wishing for what is out of reach.

Lilin fears life will only get more difficult for demons as the modern world leaves them behind. More than that, she fears losing Irdo forever. It’s bound to happen. Their affair won’t escape notice much longer, and paying the price might destroy them both…

Iron and Embers by M. Arbroath

Ember’s new client makes an offer she can’t refuse: enough gold to finally leave her stepmother’s household in the oppressive goblin-ruled lands. All she has to do is sneak into Duke Vertigren’s manor and swap a mystical artifact for a magic-leeching, iron fake without drawing the handsome Duke’s ire… or other attentions.

About the Authors

|| Cori Vidae || Tiffany Reisz || Alexa Piper || Pumpkin Spice || Elizabeth Black || Doug Blakeslee || Wendy Sparrow ||

In addition to being an Assistant Editor for World Weaver Press, Cori Vidae likes to write steamy stories and collect shiny things. And when she’s not on Twitter you can find her at her website.

Follow Cori Vidae:

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Tiffany Reisz is the author of the internationally bestselling and award-winning Original Sinners series for Mira Books (Harlequin/Mills & Boon). Tiffany's books inhabit a sexy shadowy world where romance, erotica and literature meet and do immoral and possibly illegal things to each other. She describes her genre as "literary friction," a term she stole from her main character, who gets in trouble almost as often as the author herself. She lives in Lexington, Kentucky with her husband, author Andrew Shaffer, and two cats. If she couldn't write, she would die.

Follow Tiffany Reisz:

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Alexa Piper writes paranormal romance. She likes what she is doing and hopes that you enjoy reading about her characters as much as she enjoys writing about them.

Follow Alexa Piper:

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Pumpkin Spice” is a pen name for author and weekly Casper Star-Tribune columnist Mary Billiter followed in the footsteps of her father, an award-winning journalist, by earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from California State University at Northridge. She earned her Master of Arts degree in Adult and Post-Secondary Education at the University of Wyoming.

Mary teaches fiction writing courses through the Life Enrichment program at Laramie County Community College. During the school year, she volunteers in her son, Cooper’s class every Friday. It’s probably her favorite day of the week. When school’s out, Mary can be found on a bike discovering new trails with her husband and children.

Mary resides in the Cowboy State with her unabashedly bald husband, Ron Gullberg, her four amazing children, two fantastic step-kids, and their runaway dog. She does her best writing (in her head) on her daily runs in wild, romantic, beautiful Wyoming.

Follow Pumpkin Spice:

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Elizabeth Black: If you like a hot and sexy read, intriguing characters, and a little humor to go with the erotica, than you will love my stories. I tend to write about what is amusing and unusual, so if off-the-beaten-track appeals to you, you've found the right author. Curl up with one of my books, and enjoy a different world full of amusing characters and enticing storylines.

I set my books where I live - on the coast of Massachusetts in a small town a few blocks from a churning Atlantic ocean. When it snows, this town looks like a Currier and Ives postcard.

I write paranormal erotic romance, contemporary erotic romance, and erotica. I've also written erotic fantasy, menage, f/f, bondage, and even erotic horror. No matter what you like, I have probably written it.

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Wendy Sparrow lives in the Pacific Northwest with two quirky kids and a wonderful, amazing, handsome, sexy husband who dotes on her and who did not write this bio. She's an autism advocate and was featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Raising Kids on the Spectrum. Wendy loves telling stories and has since she was a child--which is why she heard the "Boy Who Cried Wolf" so many times she could have written the screenplay at age five. She believes in the Oxford comma, the pursuit of cupcakes, and that every story deserves a happily ever after.

If she's not writing or wrangling kids, she's on Twitter-- @WendySparrow and she'll chat with anyone. Really.

Follow Wendy Sparrow:

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