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Monday 29 January 2018

☀ Beyond Jerusalem: Nicolina Fabiani [7] - Yvonne Crowe

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for Beyond Jerusalem, an International Thriller by (, Yvonne Ellen, 295 pages).

This is the seventh book in the Nicolina Fabiani series.

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis and the Kindle Cloud Reader Preview below. Beyond Jerusalem is FREE on Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owner's Lending Library.

Author Yvonne Crowe will be awarding a $20 Amazon/BN gift card to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.   Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read other excerpts (☀).

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The Institute always brings home its own.

Being an Israeli Katsa is a dangerous occupation. The tight knit teams form a bond as strong as that of a marriage. When one of David Baron’s unit is captured by Hamas operating inside Syria, he is faced with an impossible choice.

Risk his own life to bring Ari home; or play it safe now his wife Lina is pregnant with their first child?

Duty on the one hand, love on the other.

From Tunisia to the Golan Heights and Damascus. Lebanon to Yazidi Iraq in the Eternal struggle for Palestine and the Golden City on the Hill, Jerusalem. Their lives crisscross as David wages war, and Lina the journalist, covers it.

What choice will he make?

The Series: Nicolina Fabiani

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**Books 3 to 8 are FREE on Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owner's Lending Library.**

The Magdalene Conspiracy [1]

A Progressive Pope cuts down the powerful Knights of Malta.

Read this riveting story about a forbidden relationship and the intrigue and corruption deeply embedded in Vatican politics.

In the history of the world there has been no more controversial figure than Mary Magdalene, the Apostle that Jesus Christ loved.

The Roman Catholic Church branded her a prostitute, attempting to erase her from history yet her legend lives on. Was she Jesus’ wife who traveled with him throughout Judea, spreading b’sartha (the good news), alongside him? As an Italian journalist, Nicolina Fabiani explores a horrific murder in Rome with her friend from the Vatican, Monsignor Edoardos Guiliani, a window into the times Jesus and Mary lived in opens up.

A woman is crucified on the Aventine Hill and it appears to have a link to the Vatican and other Catholic Orders. As she delves deeper and deeper, Lina risks her life to uncover the truth about a Magdalene Sect called Donne in Azzuro (The Women in Blue).

This plays out alongside the election of a reformist Pope Callixtus IV, whom the hardline traditionalists in the Roman Curia do not approve of. The intrigue and corruption of Vatican politics grind into gear as one of their own attempts to remove the new Ponti

Will Lina and Edoardos be able to protect the Pope from harm and save the women who are being sacrificed in the name of Mary Magdalene?

[First Published 12 November 2012; this second edition 21 November 2016, 446 pages]

The Eternal Madonna [2]

As Pulitzer Prize winning Italian journalist covers the war in Syria, she is saved from certain death by a stranger she met on the flight to Damascus.

With a fatwa placed on her by a militant mullah she joins forces with David Baron, a Professor of Ancient Languages and Archaeology at the American University in Beirut, whom she suspects is more than he appears.

As she stays one step ahead of jihadists, they travel across ancient Mesopotamia in their search for an ancient small statue that will unlock the secrets of the Garden of Eden.

This enthralling mystery/thriller is one for fans of Dan Brown, Steve Berry and Tom Haase.

[Published 11 June 2014, 542 pages]

Nazi's Dark Secrets [3]

Did Hitler die in a bunker in Berlin? Why was his body burned along with Eva Braun's? To cover up his favorite body double being killed in his place while the Fuehrer was spirited out of the country to South America by his favorite commando Otto Skorzeny?

Lina and David's association has deepened into a romantic relationship despite their hair raising careers. When Lina wasn't haring off to Iraq or some other war torn country, David was fulfilling missions for Metsada, the Operations branch of Mossad, while maintaining a cover as a Professor of Ancient Languages and Archaeology at the American University of Beirut.

The couple are drawn into the mystery of Hitler's death when the Israeli Intelligence Agent's grandparents who are Auschwitz survivors, are murdered in Tel Avi by a Nazi assassin. Determined to avenge their deaths the couple follow the trail of Hitler's obsession with German mythology which leads them to an ancestral castle on the Rhine owned by a prominent German politician, where a clique are determined to resurrect the specter of the Third Reich.

Can Lina and David stop them before the world is engulfed in this madness again?

[First Published 2014; this third edition 21 November 2016, 342 pages]

Hitler's Prodigy [4]

Neo-Nazis have not given up on the dream of the Fourth Reich ruling the world as Hitler reaches out from his grave in the form of an elusive assassin. Protected by The Consortium, combined International Intelligence Agencies are powerless to stop him as he murders hi profile targets.

The Head of the International Monetary Fund is murdered at a swank soiree in Paris. Next to her body is The Raven's calling card, a small black feather.

Lina Fabiani, the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist discovers The Raven is the survivor of a neo-Nazi occult cabal, The Black Sun, she and David Barron, a covert Mossad agent, believed they had eliminated.

As they unravel The Raven’s cover they place themselves in the path of the powerful New World Order group,The Consortium who protect the assassin.

Their love comes at a high cost as David tries to protect the impetuous Lina from this dangerous killer.

Will they succeed in exposing the ruthless Raven as the killer of Therese Vauclain and his other victims?

Can they bring him to justice with the help of the DGSE, the French External Intelligence Agency?

[Published 13 October 2015, 265 pages]

Saitn Peter's Keys [5]

The hardliner Traditionalists in the Vatican are at it again and will stop at nothing to unseat Callixtus IV, the ‘do gooder’ pope from St Peter’s Chair.

The murder of the Papal Sacristan sets the world wondering what’s afoot in the echoing halls of the Vatican.

The Augustinian Order of friars have filled the role of Papal Sacristan for over 700 years. Who would want to kill him? And why?

What significance does a medal of St Augustine hold?

Who are the Brotherhood of the Order of the Last Times?

Once more Nicolina and David must outrun the forces allied against them as they find themselves once again plunging into the cloak-and-dagger world of opposing forces in Papal politics.

An explosive international thriller, St Peter’s Keys weaves through enlightening revelations to dark truths.

[Published 13 June 2016), 300 pages]

St Mary's Secret [6]

A Vatican priest is murdered by a resident priest from the religious community at St Mary’s House on Nightingale Mountain in Ephesus, Turkey.

Lina and David are asked to investigate the killing by her good friend, the Pope’s private secretary Edoardos Guilianini. The mystery takes them to the ancient city on the Aegean Coast where Christians from the 1st century fled to escape persecution from the Roman Empire.

A rogue Cardinal from the disgraced Legion of Christ is determined the secret of St Mary’s House will remain hidden. He send his assassin to stop Lina and David as they dig for the truth?

Why did the Catholic Church suppress St Mary’s life after Christ’s death, claiming she ascended bodily into Heaven in Jerusalem? Yet a stigmatic German nun, Sister Catherine Emmerich had visions of St Mary living in Ephesus with St John, and her burial on the mountain.

Can Lina and David stay one step ahead of the murderous Father Jorge Gutterrez to uncover the secret which will shake the Catholic Church to its foundations?

[Published 17 September 2016, 329 pages]

La Vecchia Religione [8]

A piercing scream in the night.

Nicolina Fabiani, intrepid journalist is woken from a deep sleep.

Downstairs beside the Fontana degli Artisti she finds the up and latest popstar sensation Mia Tessuto.

Ispettore De Fazio from Rome's Central Police is on hand to investigate the crime.

Finding an ancient silver Etruscan coin Lina wonders if the murder is the result of bizarre ritual ? Or must she look elsewhere, perhaps among Mia's jealous rivals in the music industry?

She will not rest until she brings Mia's killer to justice.

[Published 25 July 2017, 64 pages]

About the Author

I am a successful writer who enjoys writing provocative mystery/thriller novels including the popular Nicolina Fabiani series.

When I am not living out little princesses' fantasies and puzzling over teenage boys' take on life I create fantasies for adults, armed with nothing more than an active imagination, a great deal of research and a burning interest in other people's cultures and their countries

Living in New Zealand, which is about as far away from the world's hubs as one can get, I love travelling to places to find ideas and characters for my novels.

Please open your minds and hearts to events we don't understand and are currently overwhelming us. Check out my latest topical novel: BEYOND JERUSALEM

HELP SOMEONE WITH CANCER. Check out my story of how I beat this dreadful disease which kills hundreds of thousands of women worldwide every year.

I had a run in with Stage 4 breast cancer, but chose to treat this successfully with a natural therapy. No surgery and no chemotherapy. I have been cancer free now for five years.

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