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Tuesday 9 January 2018

☀ Dream Waters: Dream Waters [1] - Erin A. Jensen

Thank you for joining us on the Virtual Book Tour for Dream Waters, a Contemporary Fantasy by (, Dream Waters Publishing LLC, 440 pages).

This is the first book in the Dream Waters series.

Don't miss our Guest Post by author Erin A. Jensen: "Ten Random Things Most People Don’t Know About Me.

PREVIEW: Check out the book's synopsis and the Kindle Cloud Reader Preview below.

**Dream Waters is on sale for ONLY 0.99!**

Author Erin A. Jensen will be awarding a $50 Amazon/BN gift card to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.   Please do take part: comment on our post and follow the tour where you will be able to read other excerpts (☀), interviews (ℚ), reviews (✍) and guest blog posts (✉).

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A tale that blurs the lines between dream and reality, fairy tale and history, love and obsession.

All his life, Charlie Oliver has watched the people around him morph into creatures that no one else sees. Unlike the rest of the world, Charlie remembers the Waters that transport him to the Dream World each night. And he sees glimpses of people’s Dream forms in the waking world. Condemned to spend his waking hours in a psychiatric facility because of his Dream Sight, Charlie doesn’t expect anything to change. But everything starts changing the day Emma Talbot walks through the door in the middle of a group therapy session.

Haunted by memories of the events that led to her admission, Emma plans to end her life the first chance she gets. But something about Charlie stops her. From the moment they shake hands, his friendship feels safe and familiar. As Emma begins to let down her guard, Charlie catches a glimpse of the fiery-eyed dragon that lurks behind her Dream form. Each night, as Emma dreams of the man who’s been banned from visiting, Charlie searches the Dream World for the monster that shadows her. But when Emma’s suppressed memories begin to surface, Charlie finds more monsters than he bargained for.

The Series: Dream Waters

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Dream World [2]

You waded into the Waters and caught a glimpse of the Dream World. Now immerse yourself and discover what lies beyond the trees.

Recently released from a psychiatric facility after learning that his Dream Sight is not a delusion but a gift, Charlie Oliver sets off to accept an invitation extended by a powerful Dark creature and potential mentor to join his “family” of Sighted individuals. As his demon guides begin to instruct him, Charlie quickly discovers just how little he actually knows about the Dream World and the creatures who inhabit it.

While Charlie stumbles through his lessons and struggles to harness his natural abilities, Emma Talbot has her own struggles to deal with now that she’s been taken from the facility and placed under house arrest. Imprisoned within the same walls as the man she suspects of being an adulterer and a murderer, Emma grows weaker while her world continues to crumble around her.

As Charlie begins to tap into his dormant instincts, he learns more about Emma’s past and becomes increasingly convinced that he needs to save her. But what if the very prison that binds her is the only thing protecting her from what lurks beyond?

[Published 31 October 2016, 491 pages]

Dream Sight [3]


Damn the boundaries. Damn the innocents. All the rules have changed.

The clock is ticking for Emma Talbot—if her dormant memories don’t resurface soon, her past will be forever lost to her—but that’s the least of her worries. Abducted from her home by her husband’s worst enemy, Emma is running out of time in more ways than one.

No longer bound by any limits—moral or physical—the Dragon King sets off on a rampage to discover the whereabouts of his missing wife and retrieve her from the monster who took her. And any creature who is fool enough to stand in his way may well condemn himself to a fate worse than death.

As the royal family’s crisis escalates, Charlie has his own struggles to deal with. The weight of the world now rests on his shoulders and although he is physically capable of shouldering the burden in his emergent form, his ability to control the bestial urges that accompany his newfound power might be another story.

[Published 9 January 2018, 496 pages]


      I stepped inside, and every eye turned to me as a collective hush settled over the room. "Where is the owner of this establishment?" I roared both aloud and inside the heads of everyone present.
      Muffled whimpers and the scent of fresh urine were the only responses to my question.
      Every second these inebriated miscreants wasted with their silence further fueled my rage. Each squandered breath marked one less second I would have to reach Godric before my Princess succumbed to exhaustion and fell into his clutches. I fed my fury into the storm that raged outside the tavern walls. A deafening clap of thunder shook the floor beneath our feet, the lights flickered and the high-pitched squeals of gin-soaked fairies echoed through the room.
      The terrified patrons parted and knelt as I made my way toward the bar at the other end of the room. I stopped a few paces short of the bar where a fairy barmaid cowered behind two bartenders—a male shadow with a pasty complexion, greasy hair and Dark emotionless eyes and a female sorrow with a drool-soaked apron and a belly that bulged with the miseries of her drunken patrons.
      I locked eyes with the pale fellow. "Step out here and face me, shadow."
      His heart hammered in his chest as he stepped out from behind the bar and stopped several paces shy of meeting me face to face.
      "Are you the owner of this establishment?" I knew full well that he was because of Tristan, but I didn't intend to inform him of that.
      The shadow swallowed and took a trembling breath. "No, Sarrum."
      I took the remaining steps to close the gap between us, and cringed as I opened my mouth to speak. "Would you care to rethink your answer, Galen?"
      The shadow winced at the sound of his name. "Yes, my King, I am the owner."
      Another crack of thunder shook the floor so hard that several of the patrons' drinks toppled from their hands. "You waste precious time with your lies, shadow. If you have half a brain in that greasy head of yours, you will answer truthfully the first time I ask a question. Are we clear?"
      The shadow nodded without uttering a syllable.
      "Now, I want you to give me the names of the Purists who frequent this establishment and point out the ones who are present this evening."
      Behind me, several creatures bolted for the door. I mentally extended, slammed it shut and held it firmly in place, ignoring the shrieks from the troll who was unfortunate enough to have his hand in the doorway when I slammed it. Galen's eyes drifted in their direction, and I stepped a bit closer to regain his attention
      His Dark eyes widened as they locked with mine. "I swear, I don't know who the Purists are—"
      I gestured toward the bar with a slight flick of my wrist and four shelves' worth of decorative glass bottles exploded, filling the room with the echoes of shattering glass and startled screams. I narrowed my eyes at the shadow whose trousers were now soiled with a mix of liquor and piss. "I'm sorry. Did I disrupt your train of thought? I believe you were in the midst of signing your own death sentence."
      Tears dripped from the shadow's pitch black eyes as he cowered before me.
      Each tear that this pathetic creature shed marked another wasted second. I wrapped my fingers around his neck and lifted him off the floor by his throat. "I'm done with you." Pressed for time as I was, I had no intention of giving any creature multiple chances to cooperate. I tightened my grip till his wheezing stopped and blood gushed from his mouth and nose. Then I tossed him aside and sent him crashing headfirst into a table surrounded by red-faced dwarves. As the resulting gasps and screams subsided, I turned toward the door and a fresh rush of piss soured the air. The creatures I'd barred from exiting bolted to blend into the crowd as I stepped toward them, deserting the troll who was still frantically working to free his crushed hand. I allowed them to scurry just far enough to assume they were safe, then I snapped my fingers and drew them all back to the door. All but the hysterical troll dropped to their knees as I approached.
      "As you may have noticed, I am not feeling particularly patient this evening. My Princess was taken from me less than an hour ago, and I intend to burn as many souls as I have to in order to determine Godric's whereabouts. So, it's entirely up to you. Tell me what I want to know or burn."

About the Author

Erin Jensen is a part-time pharmacist and a full-time creator of imaginary worlds.

She lives in upstate NY with her incredibly supportive husband, two sons (who are both taller than her) and a Yorkshire terrier who thinks he’s the family bodyguard.

In the early days of her writing career, Erin vowed to get a dragon tattoo—once her books received a milestone number of reviews—but she won’t disclose that number any longer, for fear of actually reaching her goal and having to go through with it.

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