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Thursday 15 December 2016

✉ Five Steps to Self-Publishing VIP Masterclass - E. Van Lowe

CREATE YOUR OWN FUTURE.  Learn The Five Simple Steps to Start Publishing Your Own Books & eBooks.  Click Here to Get Instant Access.

Learn The Five Simple Steps to Start Publishing Your Own Books & eBooks

E.Van Lowe's webinar and video training series is 100% flexible, and you can fit this around your own schedule
  • Simple Step by Step Process
    There are five simple steps to becoming a self-published author.
  • Learn At Your Own Pace
    Study the video modules as slowly or as quickly as you like.
  • Take Control of Your Writing Career
    Anyone can become a published author watching the videos and following E.Van Lowe's step-by-step formula.
|| Who is E. Van Lowe? || Why is E. Offering This Course? || Testimonials || Course Content || Join the Webinar ||

Join the FREE Live Webinar presented by E. Van Lowe: Five Reasons Writers Won't Have Publishing Success in 2017 and how not to be one of them (a compelling look at the book market today and how writers can earn big during the crash ahead).
Here's your chance to peel back the curtain, and get an insider's, behind the scenes look at how to successfully self-publish for free.  

This IS the exact system he used to become a self-published success, earning a living from his books that have been bought by fans around the world.

Who Is E. Van. Lowe?

Ehrich Van Lowe, a.k.a. Sal Conte, is an author, television writer/producer who has worked on such TV shows as The Cosby Show, Even Stevens, Homeboys In Outer Space and the semi-autobiographical Where I Live.

He has been nominated for both an Emmy, for his work on Even Stevens, and an Academy Award for a short film, Cadillac Dreams, which he co-wrote.

E. Van Lowe holds an MFA in Professional Writing from the University of Southern California, where he taught various forms of writing for eleven years. He started his career as an author using traditional book publishers (MacMillan, White Whiskers Books), and took the plunge to become self-published in 2015.

Check out two of his latest titles that we have featured on this blog, Baad Dog and Moondancers, as well as our interview with him in March 2016, where he spoke to us about his latest young adult series, The Beautiful Creatures of Beverly Hills.

Ehrich Van Lowe 

Ehrich Van Lowe began his television writing career with a bang, writing for the successful television series “Charles in Charge” and “227”, and immediately segueing to staff positions with “He’s the Mayor,” “Knight Rider,” and “The Robert Guillaume Show.” While in the midst of an accomplished career in television, Ehrich also made a successful leap into the feature film world, writing the short film “Cadillac Dreams,” the first ever ‘hood’ movie, which garnered him an Academy Award nomination.

The bang then turned into an explosion. Ehrich was invited to join the staff of the Emmy Award-winning series “The Cosby Show”, where he wrote and ultimately produced the hit show for three seasons. During that time his screenwriting career also continued to blossom, with “Stompin’ at the Savoy” for Lou Gossett Jr. and LoGo Entertainment, “Car Wash II” for Thom Mount and Universal Pictures, and “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” for Paramount.

From there Warner Bros. came knocking and Ehrich entered into an overall writing and producing deal with the studio. While at Warner’s, Ehrich wrote and executive produced “Roc” for the Fox network, co-created and executive produced “Where I Live” for ABC, and wrote pilots for CBS and FBC.

Ehrich’s ability to create family programming soon caught the eye of Walt Disney Studios, and the Academy Award nominee ushered his Sweet Lorraine Productions into an exclusive agreement to create and develop long and short form television programming for the studio. During his first year with Disney, Ehrich developed “On Our Own” with rap sensations Salt n’ Pepa, and wrote and sold pilots to ABC, the WB, and UPN, culminating in the critically acclaimed camp sci-fi series “Homeboys in Outer Space.”

In 1998 Ehrich decided to leave the Disney fold to join the realm of the independents. In 2000 Ehrich returned to Disney as an independent producer, developing the Disney Channel’s first hit comedy series “Even Stevens.” In 2001 Ehrich and the series were nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Children’s Series. The series has gone on to garner numerous Emmy nominations.

In 1999 Ehrich joined forces with Marcela Davison Aviles to take Blackboard Entertainment (formerly a children’s DVD distributor) into the new millennia, turning Blackboard Entertainment into the first children’s multi-media company. Ehrich was instrumental in sealing strategic deals with Magic Johnson, United Talent Agency and Silicon Valley Ventures.

In the unique world of Standup comedy Ehrich and his Sweet Lorraine Productions have financed, produced and own three comedy concerts currently in DVD distribution: Jamie Foxx’s 2002 HBO Special, I Might Need Security, Jamie Foxx’s underground comedy concert, Unleashedand Craig Shoemaker’s concert DVD, That’s A True Story.

In 2003 Ehrich joined Ardustry Entertainment, a Hollywood film and distribution company, as VP of Production. During his short stint at the company Ehrich brought in the Queen Latifah starrer “Tall Dark And Handsome.” He also raised the funds for and launched one feature film, “Customer Of The Week,” as well as completing the feature film “The Orphan King,” starring Chris Evans, Alexis Bledel and Bill Pullman.

In 2005 Ehrich helped create and Executive Produced “The Tom Joyner Show,” a comedy/variety show starring radio celebrity host, Tom Joyner, for Reach Media which aired in late night syndication.

Grab your copy of Boyfriend from Hell FREE from Amazon!! or sign up to E. Van Lowe's Newletter and also get the second book in the series, Earth Angel, FREE! As a novelist, Ehrich has written two classic 80s horror novels under the Pseudonym, Sal Conte: “Child’s Play” and “The Power.” As E. Van Lowe, he has launched a new career writing novels for teens, employing a unique style of combining horror with humor. His first teen novel, “Never Slow Dance With A Zombie” was published by TOR/Teen, September 2009. The hit novel was chosen as a selection of the Scholastic Book Club. It has also garnered an ALA Award and Cybils Award nomination.

E’s YA paranormal novel, “Boyfriend From Hell,”(White Whisker Books) entered the Best Seller list in January of 2012, and in March entered the top 10, ranking as high as #7 in Children’s and YA Ebook Bestsellers. The sequel, “Earth Angel,” also topped the list, ranking as high as #8.

Ehrich holds an MFA in Professional Writing from the University of Southern California. In 1997 he became a proud member of the faculty where he taught various forms of writing for eleven years.

Ehrich has been nominated for numerous prestigious awards including: The DGA Diversity Award, The Academy Award, The Emmy Award, The NAACP Image Award, and the American Library Association Award.

E. Van Lowe Explains Why He Has Created This Course

"In 2009 when I started my novel writing career with Never Slow Dance With A Zombie, I couldn't have been more excited. I had a hot book, and a publisher who loved my ideas. Unfortunately, they loved their own ideas better. Before I knew it, they were asking me to write books I didn't want to write. Soon after that, our honeymoon, and then our marriage ended."

"I'd heard of self-publishing at the time. It was the early days of self-publishing, and while there were already a few self-publishing successes, I was too afraid to go out on a limb, so I sought a new publisher. Now, after many years, I am finally self-published, and I can tell you the things I feared were all in my head." 

"There are lots of writers out there, young and old, published and unpublished, who have also thought about self-publishing, but for whatever reason haven't made the leap. This course is for them. The purpose of this course is to free writers from the restraints they've put on themselves. I know these people because I am one of them. If I had known the secrets of self-publishing, I would have taken the plunge a lot sooner." 

"Don't spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on an indie publisher or a scammy publishing service. Don't waste years of your life piling up rejection slips from traditional publishers. My free video training teaches you step-by-step how to get your book published now for little or no money."

See what some of E. Van Lowe's Amazing Students have to say

"E. Van Lowe is a master at teaching the fundamentals of self-publishing! When I self-published my debut novel, it was a steep learning curve, but E. guided me through the process with invaluable insight."

Christopher Locke
Author of Persimmon Takes On Humanity
"E. Van Lowe helped demystify social media for me when I first became a novelist. He can do the same for you. E is a consummate professional who knows the publishing business from the ground up and is ready to share the hard earned secrets of his success."

John Lansing
Bestselling Author of the Jack Bertolino Series

The Course - What Do You Get?

The VIP Masterclass course contains:
Video tutorials  Bonus cheat sheets  Live online Masterclass training  Ninja Tips  Gamification  Lifetime Access to all Modules  Bonus software  Facebook Members Forum 

Video Lesson #1
No need to feel overwhelmed by technology. In video one E. Van Lowe removes the fear of technical difficulty while also dispelling the stigma attached to self-publishing. Then he walks you through the first two steps of the five step program, breaking it down, making it simple and easy to follow.

With E as your guide, your book is on its way to getting published.

Video Lesson #2
In module two’s mini-copyrighting class E. Van Lowe teaches you how to create your awesome sales page book description.

Video Lesson #3
People do judge books by their covers. A bad book cover can sabotage your sales. In video three E. Van Lowe shows his super secret formula for creating beautiful, eye catching book covers.

Once you know this secret you can create your own book covers that will attract avid readers for little or no cost.

Video Lessons #4 
E. Van Lowe tells you about Book Layout in preparation for publication.

Video Lessons  #5
In module 5 E. Van Lowe demystifies Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform. Here he walks you through the final steps of uploading your book for publication.

Once you've completed these steps you will be ready to step out into the world as a Self-Published Author. But that's not all, then I share my Ninja Tip for uploading your book to Barnes & Noble NOOK, iBooks, Kobo and all other platforms including e-libraries such as Oyster and Scribd, giving your self-published book massive distribution, just like the big boys.

Video Lessons  #6
This comprehensive module has cheat sheets and videos designed to empower you with the essential tools you will need to become a self-published success: lessons move from self-editing and choosing an editor, to how to setup your website, to building your all-important author platform. E. Van Lowe will even share a few of the book marketing strategies he uses to successfully sell books, and grow his audience.  If you want to be a self-published success, then The Essentials is essential.

Video Lessons  #7
Interrogation with Christopher Meeks (publisher/owner of White Whisker Books) on creating your print/paper books. While ebooks will represent more than 60% of any self-published author’s sales, many authors want more than an ebook presence.

In this one-on-one audio interview with the publisher of my bestselling novels, Boyfriend From Hell and Earth Angel, E. Van Lowe gets Chris to reveal his secrets on how he cost-effectively creates print books, and how he then gets the books into book stores, and gets book store readings for all his authors. He includes a cautionary tale of a publishing practice that can kill your business.

This interrogation is a must for anyone who wants to have more than an ebook presence.

Video Lessons  #8
In this module you will go deep into learning about keywords, and how to use them to market your new book. You'll also learn about paid and free book promotions along with all the marketing tools you will need to get started.

E. Van Lowe will also share his Ninja Tip for telling if a book promo website is worth your money.

Video Lessons  #9
In this module E. Van Lowe gives you his personal strategies, plus all the bells and whistles you will need to successfully launch your book into the marketplace.

The journey isn't over. This is just the beginning. This is where you start making MONEY.

Video Lessons  #10You can’t publish a book if you haven’t written one. This module is for those who need a writing boost.

Here E. Van Lowe gives you his foolproof tip for jump-starting your writing--the 30 DAYS OF WRITE challenge. You will learn to turn-up your writing output to amazing new heights with community support.

E. Van Lowe  will also send you two free digital booklets:
  • 10 Reasons You Should Skip Traditional Publishers and Publish Ebooks Instead
    This guide by bestselling author Robert Bindinotto is chock full of information traditional and indie publishers don't want you to know.
  • 10 Simple Ways To Edit Your Own Book
    Since the training will not cover editing, E. Van Lowe decided to give you this free guide written by editor Blake Atwood. "It’s a short piece, but it packs a punch. I wish I had a guide like this when I was starting out."

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